Tonight (Wed): 500,000 Watts of Hal Turner Show!

Tonight (Wed):  500,000 Watts of Hal Turner Show!

I was just informed by radio station WBCQ that tonight, for the first time, "The Hal Turner Radio Show" will ALSO air on the "SuperStation WBCQ" on frequency 9.330 via their brand new FIVE-HUNDRED THOUSAND WATT transmitter! (antenna shown above)

This will be in addition to the normal WBCQ 50,000 watt transmitter on 7.490, another 50,000 watt transmitter on 5.130, and the facilities of WRMI and their 100,000 watt transmitter on 9.455.  As always, the show will also air on regular AM station KYAH 540-AM "Utah's Talk Authority" and will be simulcast right here on the web at using the LISTEN LIVE buttons in the menu bars above.

This is a stunning opportunity, to be broadcast on the single most powerful Global High Frequency station available.  With this new facility tonight, not only can the show be heard in every square inch of North America, all of the Caribbean, all of Mexico, much of central and South America, it will also be heard in the entire South Pacific, including all of Australia.   And, off the back-end of this magnificent BEAM antenna, much of western Europe will also be able to tune-in.

I hope all of you will take advantage of this unique - perhaps one-time only - opportunity, to tune-in to my show.

The streaming audio servers for the Internet simulcast are now up and streaming commercial-free music until my show begins at 9:00 PM eastern US time (GMT-0400) tonight.