I was awoken at about 4:00 AM by the screech of my encrypted SatCom system which I use to communicate globally with some of my former colleagues from my years with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force.  What I was told is trouble . . . coming today.

According to the former colleague who was calling, an "air incident" is going to take place today over or near the Strait of Hormuz. I was told "It's going to be MADE to happen."

After that, I'm also told, "it's all-bets-off" and fighting will allegedly commence with Iran.

I pressed him for further details, but none were forthcoming. He just told me "today is the day."

I do not know this person to be crazed or to make wild, unsubstantiated claims.  He works for a foreign military intelligence agency and his info has been reliably accurate for years.

I am attempting to get corroboration for this claim from other sources but have been unable to do so yet.

I do not like issuing news reports to my subscribers with broad-based claims like this, but given the activities taking place with ships in the Strait of Hormuz over the past 24 hours, with Iran taking several vessels, it could very well be an accurate assessment of what is about to take place over there.

So while I cannot personally say "today is the day" -- I have been told those exact words.

I guess we'll see. . .


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    Shalawam Yasharala · 3 months ago
    Where did this "incident" take place? It's now July 21st and you haven't even made an article of such incident that was supposed to have been "made" to happen yesterday.
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    Michele Schauer · 3 months ago
    They delivered the Alhambra yesterday and just found out Mt. Etna in Italy erupted this called Alhambra near Mt. Etna. Hopefully there won't be an earthquake in Alhambra CA and an event in Red Sea area too. 1/3 possibilities already happened.
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    Michele Schauer · 3 months ago
    These occultists who I am targeted by sometimes leave objects around my office before events happen. They left Alhambra water - there is no scheduled delivery of Alhambra. I looked it up, knowing they usually leave something before an event and found out that Alhambra means red, so red water could be the Red Sea. This may be correct Hal. Everytime they leave something it is accurate because they are connected to those who create the event.
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    Michele Schauer · 3 months ago
    Well, these occultists do like the number 77. See all the 77's in 911. Today is 7/20, 2 7's. Maybe!
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    byron alblas · 3 months ago
    I was thinking about the shortages that are being reported in stores, many people are reporting that specific canned goods are not on shelves or in warehouses. Most of the items are not long term storage but do seem to be moderate term canned foods. Just the kinda things governments would be buying up and storing for themselves in #10 size. I would almost think that production has been redirected. As well, corn meal is almost impossible to find in stores in a very large radius of me. You may find a 1lb bag here and there but nobody can get it in.
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      BriteRED · 3 months ago
      just ordered 25 lb of Organic for 58 bucks from ......Thanks for the reminder ....ha ha
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    His self · 3 months ago
    It appears that mbs has decided to eat crow............

    That will infuriate nuttyahoo.
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    Billy Williams · 3 months ago
    Its 9 am central time. It's not a matter of if. But when.
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    Martin Mills · 3 months ago

    I'm not surprised by this. Is this a false flag incident to start a conflict? Time will tell.

    Please time stamp your posts

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      Copperhead · 3 months ago
      I fully agree with Mr. Mills - nearly every day over the last several weeks we have seen an attempted false flag incident trying to goad Iran into firing the first shot so the US/Israel can justify attacking Iran without [maybe] involving their allies.

      Iran either holds a damn good hand (was that pair of M4+ earthquakes this week actually very successful nuke tests?) or Russia told the US hands-off, just like they did in Venezuela.

      Sadly, the US needs a war to keep the people distracted from the civil unrest, the suck-ass economy, the totally out of control immigration issues, the liberal shit-holes we have, the fag-freak-pedo problems, and most fearfully now, that Jew-pedo Mossad-asset Epstein might actually name-names of the elite before he can be Arankicided and they all get taken down by the people.

      The only solution for (((them))) now is a world-war. If you're not prepared for the shit-storm on the horizon, you better get up off your sorry asses and get it done.