WHITE HOUSE: Anyone who has left New York City should self-quarantine.

WHITE HOUSE: Anyone who has left New York City should self-quarantine.

Community-Spread is so terrible, and the virus concentrations in New York City are so high, that the Coronavirus Task Force at the White House today told anyone who's even "traveled through" New York City, to self-quarantine for 14 days!

The White House Coronavirus Task Force expressed alarm on Tuesday over infection rates in New York City, and advised that people who have passed through or left the city should place themselves into 14-day quarantine.

Dr. Deborah Birx, the coronavirus response coordinator, said new infection hot spots on Long Island indicate that people leaving the city are already spreading the virus.

“Everybody who was in New York should be self-quarantining for the next 14 days to ensure the virus doesn’t spread to others no matter where they have gone, whether it’s Florida, North Carolina or out to far reaches of Long Island,” she said. “We’re starting to see new cases across Long Island that suggest people have left the city.”

New York City is now being treated the way parts of China and Europe have been viewed, as an epidemiological hot zone. Dr. Birx said that about 60 percent of all the new cases in the country were coming out of the metro New York area.


Today's warning is likely to start an absolute INSTANT PANIC, sending literally millions of New Yorkers fleeing.   Expect panic to commence shortly.  Why?

Because the fact that this warning came directly from a Press Conference, IN THE WHITE HOUSE will strike even the most brain-dead Liberals in New York, that the city itself is no longer safe.   They will likely conclude that just BEING THERE is likely a death sentence.  Many of them would be correct.

I mean, think about it:

They'll realize that walking down a street is very likely to mean walking on shed virus from infected people who walked through earlier. All those homeless people and local drug addicts peeing on the street.   Yes, the urine dries, but the virus in the urine stays virulent.  They might even realize that the virus can stick to the soles of their shoes and walk right in their front door with them, then spread all over their house!

They might even think so far as to realize all the food and products on all the store shelves have been breathed-on, coughed on, or even deliberately spit-on, by their fellow New Yorkers, and if they buy any of it, they might carry the virus home with them.

Even if they don't venture out, the rats and mice might carry the virus in anyway.  Can Roaches carry the Virus? 

NYC is utterly infested with rats, mice, and roaches.  Even people who barricade themselves inside won't be protected.

It won't take very long for New Yorkers to wise-up to this reality and start fleeing.

The worst part: Wherever they flee, they'll probably bring the virus with them.  Chances are millions are already infected; that's probably why the infection rate and death rates are skyrocketing.

So wherever these people go, that region will get sick too!

New Yorkers are likely to be viewed as modern day Lepers.  Truth is, they may very well be . . .



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