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The mainstream media don't like John McCain. They don't respect John McCain, either.  The recent torrent of articles gushing about John McCain's honor, patriotism, civility, and amenability have nothing whatsoever to do with the man and everything to do with his adversary in the White House.

For the mainstream media, there is no such thing as simply reporting the news.  Everything the press does, down to every measly word it chooses, is to advance its leftist agenda, whether ordinary people know it or not.

For every fleeting second of the last two years, the lying press has been on a berserk crusade to sink Donald Trump.  Donald Trump's very existence is an affront to the left's core Marxist values.  He is therefore a threat not only to their rule, but to the legitimacy of their rule over the American people, indeed all Western peoples.  Every single article, down to every single idea, every half-truth, every omission, every editorial decision made, every single thing the mainstream media publishes or has published, carries with it either an implicit or an explicit dig at the president, at his values, and at his policies.  Why should we think the press's recent obsession with John McCain's demise is at all different?

Granted, neocons are less disfavored by the cultural Marxist power structure, but less disfavored is still disfavored.  What's more, McCain has been good for corporate America's bottom line, especially those highly parasitic, gigantic corporations connected to the military industrial complex, and there is no doubting that the corporate-owned press takes to that kind of thing.  McCain's implacable moderacy is also something strongly appreciated by the left-wing U.S. power structure and press.  The U.S. power structure doesn't much like real opponents of or real opposition to its cultural Marxist agenda.

With that said, the press still does not really like or respect John McCain, despite its current protestations to the contrary.  While McCain was running for president, the selfsame mainstream media, now burnishing busts of the man, accused him of racism and white supremacy and every other evil imaginable.  If McCain were a mere American citizen rather than a Washington power player, labels such as these would render him quite deserving of and very much susceptible to being viciously assaulted in the streets by roving mobs of neo-Bolsheviks (Antifa).  Today, on the other hand, McCain's character and legacy are both unimpeachable, according to those same mainstream media.  Odd how quickly the media's tune changes when they have an agenda to advance.

Now, I never agreed with much of what Donald Trump said about John McCain and wasn't inclined to pay too much attention to their long-running catfight.  On numerous occasions, both men have shown themselves inclined to both vanity and pettiness.  And while I never personally liked John McCain in the same way I like Donald Trump, I don't dispute for a second that he served in the U.S. military with honor and distinction.  McCain was, without question, a brave and decent man.

Nevertheless, anyone who believes that the U.S. power structure cares about John McCain, or his integrity, or his legacy, or his accomplishments, is beyond deluded.  The flood of news articles worshiping the man, even a full week after his death, doesn't reflect a genuine veneration, even if we might want it to.  Worshiping John McCain is not about worshiping John McCain; rather, it is an indirect way to undermine Donald Trump and his presidency.  As far as the press is concerned, the better John McCain looks, the more impressive his record and his life, the worse his arch-nemesis, Donald Trump, looks in the eyes of the public.  In other words, the bigger John McCain's death is made to be, the smaller Donald Trump's deeds become.

There are plenty of good, morally unadulterated reasons to pay homage to John McCain and his life.  However, the depressing reality is that the mainstream media rarely have good, morally unadulterated reasons for anything they do.

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