"They" are preciously called "immigrants," "refugees," "migrants," "undocumented Americans," and other pathetic-sounding names tailored to wrench our hearts – we purportedly cruel, unsympathetic, inhuman Americans. 

Luxuriating here, behind our walls of wealth, abundance, and security, we deny them our (stolen) largesse and close up our fat-wracked arms to these noble, sacred, starving, uneducated, illiterate, diseased, violent, and socialist masses from "third-world," countries.

Who are these Mexicans, Africans, South Americans, Asians, and others whose feet Nancy Pelosi has washed and the pope kissed?  What is it these luminaries see that we do not?  We – reputedly the most selfish, evil, detestable creatures on Earth? 


About 58 percent, or nearly 6-in-10 refugees have "below basic" English skills after living in the U.S. for five years. These unassimilated refugees are sometimes described as "functionally illiterate[.]" ...

Since 2008, as Breitbart News reported, the U.S. [with the "help" of "religious" and civilian "immigrant" organizations raking in billions of dollars] has permanently resettled more than 1.7 million foreign nationals and refugees through a variety of humanitarian programs like the Special Immigrant Juveniles, and the Nicaraguan Adjustment and Central American Relief Act.

The majority, about 56 percent, of refugee households between 2011 and 2015 were on food stamps, a welfare service that is subsidized by the American taxpayer. 

Nearly 30 percent of refugees received cash welfare of some sort between 2011 and 2015, while 34 percent of refugees 18-years-old or older said they had no health insurance.  

Of the refugees who said they did have health insurance, about 50 percent said they were either on Medicaid or Refugee Medical Assistance, both of which are taxpayer-funded.

Based upon commonsense analysis of the presented facts, it seems some of these "folks" do not come here to actually be Americans.  It seems they do not want to be "assimilated" or to learn English.  Or work.  Or be responsible for their own finances, or for any employable future. 

If you come to another country, but you have no dream to become one with it – and you express hatred and anger for your host while praising and promoting your own country and vengefully flying its flag, and you say out loud that you want to vanquish and control the host – then you are a foreign invader.  A conquering army. 

When the Italians, Irish, Jews, and others came to America around the beginning of the 20th century – escaping the Old World, imbued with genuine desire to become 100% American – they had to stop at Ellis Island, the federal immigration station, isolated on 27.5 acres in the Upper New York Bay.

These people, including my own Jewish ancestors, came to America at the turn of the 20th century to escape actual ethnic cleansing of the Pogroms, or mass murders – poverty and suppression – and to fulfill a dream of becoming Americans.  They didn't "protest," march, or fly the flags of their home countries.  They learned English, entered or created American jobs, and became financially and societally successful.

There was no American welfare state.  There were no "freebie" benefits as there are now, a hundred years later.  

These immigrants of the early 20th century came to America to be free, to stand individually, to provide for their families, to create, and to become 100% Americans. 

There is precedent here.  There is ancestral experience and assimilation in America here. There are those who know what it means to be an immigrant and escape to a better world in America. 

The American Dream has never been one of living on welfare or benefits while maintaining and promoting your own "culture," language, religion, and laws.  It's not about being a Mexican or an African or any other nationality.

America is about being American.

It's the same in any country.  You don't go to Mexico or Saudi Arabia or Zimbabwe, and fly the American flag and declare you're there to take over.  You would probably be arrested or killed in those countries.  

In America, you are protected by law.  You are an American.  

If you are a real, legal immigrant, and not an invader – you came here for truth, justice, and the American way.

If you came here but don't want to be an American, or you want to eradicate America and be in control through ethnicity, religion, or foreign law – go home.  Or go somewhere else.

Jeffrey A. Friedberg was a state-licensed east-coast private eye for 35 years.  He is an author, blogger, and internet columnist.  His website is www.ConservativeRightWingNews.com.

Read more: https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2018/08/why_come_to_america_if_they_dont_want_to_be_americans.html#ixzz5OWfnCAZi 
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    tncaroleg · 01:32 10/02/2018
    Wow, what a ignorant "thought" you have -Rabbi Bitberg. As a white tax paying American your view is idiotic and wrong imho. I set the example of how a hard working, now single Mother worked hard to buy a home and set the example to raise my children with good morals, a good work ethic and both ambition and charity for others so they'd succeed in their life's ambitions. Immigrants that come her should NOT be allowed to stay here if they do not immediately work to assimilate and adopt American morals and culture. Our nation's problem is the overgrown, rich big government that has morphed into one big power hungry elitist group that seems to think our Constitutional laws are outdated and can be ignored or erased. It makes me angry to know Minnesota has become the plantation of Muslims due to Middle Eastern Socialist interference playing on America's generosity and concern for the number of 3rd world countries being fought over.. no matter who started the wars etc.. These people.. whether their from Mexico, South America OR the Middle East or Africa.. they are not coming here to adopt the American dream.. they come to live off the welfare state and refuse to BE American. There's plenty of "good living" to be had in our country.. just not by the Illegals, Refugees OR/AND Immigrants who choose to twist our laws against us, bleed our system dry to continue the lifestyle and mentality OF 3rd world people.
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    William Bermudez · 12:53 09/17/2018
    To be fair, assimilation takes time. I wouldn't be surprised if, 30-40 years from now, the grandchildren of these "invaders" are even more patriotic than some people who claim that their ancestors came over on the Mayflower (even though lots of *those* invaders left no descendants).
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    Rabbi Bitberg · 20:42 08/21/2018
    Op-ed: look at it from the perspective of the immigrants. A lot of them come here because they have been seduced by the kind of easy materialism we have going on here in the West compared to home. They come here and usually, the streets are clean, strangers are helpful and it looks like everyone is rich -- and of course, we are, because the standard of common middle-class living in the first-world means rich where they grew up and their perspectives were formed in. A few weeks ago, I was in the big city, and I happened to overhear the conversation of a few young Arab-Canadian men. They were very well-dressed professionals. And I heard one say, "If you want that car bro, you'll work for it, you'll get it." And the whole tone of the conversation I heard had to do with the joys of buying expensive things and 'making it', and I was thinking... man, these people fell in the trap. Snared by the same consumer object fetishism as white man. The point I am making is, I think white Americans, and white Canadians, and white who-ever-else's, need to set a better example for immigrants to follow. There has to be a way of living that's more inspired than yuppie IKEA suburban nesting. That altekaker from the other thread was right Hal, you should make like Kurt Russell and escape from New York.
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