As of 6:55 PM EDT on Tuesday, October 30, a grand total of Fifty-three (53) People who visit this site regularly and read its news, made a DONATION (online) to sustain it through November.

Let me put this in perspective for you using just a COUPLE select stories as examples:

On Wednesday, October 24,  117,590 people read my story about an American Trucking Company taped transporting Migrants from the so-called Caravan in Mexico.

That same day, 41, 530 people read my story about the Immigrant Caravan coordinating with ILLEGAL ALIENS inside the USA to shoot cops and troops in the back when the Border is stormed.

On October 25,   18,788 people read my story about Soldiers in Ft. Hood being issued Riot Gear.

On October 26,   55, 463 people read my live-updates story about the sudden rocket barrage being launched against Israel from Gaza.


Out of all those people, 53 donated (online).

I guess I am worth reading for free, but not for helping defray the costs even when I have the info BEFORE the legacy mass-media.


I'm not quite sure what to do differently, or how to convince folks that their financial help is truly going to cutting-edge information.  I just don't "get" why asking for a dollar a week is asking too much.

Anyway that's where I am right now:  53 Donations (online).

I did receive 9 donations totaling $170 via postal mail yesterday, Monday, so that helped.

I also received 4 donations totaling $120 via postal mail TODAY - Tuesday, so that helped as well.

I thought you should know.


If you like this web site and want to help, NOW would be a good time to do so.  You can either click the yellow DONATE button at the top right of this page or click HERE.

If you wish to SUBSCRIBE to help with $1 a week Billed quarterly ($13) you can click HERE, or select the $5 a month billing HERE.  The full range of various support options is HERE

If you cannot or will not use online financial transactions, you can mail cash, check or Money order to:

Harold Turner

1906 Paterson Plank Road

North Bergen, NJ   07047



Those OUTSIDE the USA can mail cash from their country and I will get it converted to US Dollars once it arrives here.

Thanks to all who donated. 

I'll keep trying but the end of the month is tomorrow and the bills for this site and the radio show have to be paid.

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    Beach801 · 14:47 11/01/2018
    HAL ..........AGAIN....I send in 10 bucks per month ........give me my "password" ...........


    I saw your public comment demanding a password for the $10 a month you have been donating.

    We exchanged emails about this in the past.

    I am willing to give you access but YOU have to sign-up at this link and during the sign-up, select OFFLINE PAYMENT, and finish registering. THAT will create your account and put it on HOLD until I go in and activate it, which I will do immediately.

    I cannot create the account for you. You have to do that. Here's the link:


    Again, once you sign-up, email me telling me its done and I will activate it for you.
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    Suggestion · 12:55 10/31/2018
    One suggestion would be to either open your comments so people who disagree could post their opinion and not be censored, when people like Sammy seem to be allowed through.

    Also, fix your mobile theme, it looks like Myspace with all the ads.

    Finally, calm down on the "THIS IS IT YOU'RE GOING TO DIE" comments. It hurts your credibility.
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    JULIE REDMOND · 02:44 10/31/2018
    There is no point in trying to shame the freeloaders that are able to financially help Mr. Turner's website. These are the same people who work every angle to cheat their way through life. I for one support and appreciate his passion for sharing the truth! Thank you Mr. Turner!
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    newsy neighbor · 00:34 10/31/2018
    Hal, I've got a solution, if you charge a measly $2.50/mth, $25/yr/person, I bet you will get a few thousand subscribers.

    People are cheap, or poor and every site asks for just $5/mth. Add 10-20 sites you want to help and it adds up more than most can afford. Try a low amount, even $1/mth, a buck a mth, and those who want to contribute or gift more still can.

    You just might get 5-10% of those 100k+ viewers. Maybe try it and totally block out ALL stories minus the juicy headline and a few sentences. Nothing more. No more free stories.
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    Madeleine Mead · 21:24 10/30/2018
    I’ll send some money tomorrow.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    William Bermudez · 18:03 10/30/2018
    Have you considered putting individual episodes behind a paywall for those unlike myself who are unwilling to subscribe? 99¢ per show could really add up.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Jill Hart · 08:37 10/30/2018
    There was a time when I susubscribed to the newspaper. I get my news here instead. So I look at it like a news subscription. You realistically could put most of your content behind the login gate. And then you could offer a way for people to donate for people who can't afford subscriptions like that gal who called in from the blind community. Just a thought.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Morgan · 03:56 10/30/2018
    A few dollars sent from Sweden...

    Keep up the good job!
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Jan · 01:25 10/30/2018
    Hal I think it’s shocking that so few donate, ideally a dollar from each of the horde now and then during each month would set you right and comfortable.

    The art is how to do it, maybe blunt pay 2$ to read the article, with donate under the heading. Or line with arrow to DONATE

    State after 2 days it’s free. I know you have followers from countries in devastation and or very bad exchange rate or don’t have a way to pay.

    You can probably the pick the articles that get hordes, just do it on them.

    You put heart earth and soul into the site and it’s often raw and might be refined later, that’s great. doesn’t matter if I disagree sometimes that’s good, doesn’t matter if not much is happening for a while. I like your site.

    i have subbed the minimum but donated and did so yesterday with pleasure. Loved your article re war, no one dares to write that elsewhere and a relief to read. Thanks Hal.
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    help this site · 00:40 10/30/2018
    u know u come here for good info, help support its creator! Get with it and help... the site will be even better for your contributions. Take the time
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    anon · 00:38 10/30/2018
    pay some $ and donate all u leeches, u gotta do more than read!
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    king abdulla ham bin · 00:09 10/30/2018
    you should give people who donate something that the loafers cant get.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    G H · 23:25 10/29/2018
    I know it’s not much (I do the $5 / month) but it’s something. If I could afford more I would, considering years ago I’d be buying daily papers which certainly adds up to more than what I’m paying here. $5 is nothing really, especially for the amount of times I check in on this page daily. Though I might not always agree on Hal’s opinions or many of the comments posted, this page is a staple throughout the day for me. Keep it up Hal
    • Comment held for moderation.
      G H is a Hero!!! · 23:45 10/29/2018
      And that's what makes you a hero...doing what you can. Some have oodles of blessings and hoard them, but you're like the widow in the parable where Jesus said that her little token gift of a mite was more than all of the gold of the wealthy. You, my friend, are a hero and I imagine that Hal appreciates your sacrifice as do ALL of us!

      We're in this thing together, folks!
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    Shaking My Head · 22:47 10/29/2018
    People don't love liberty enough, Hal. And it proves it by you having to literally humble yourself and beg for support. These same people will easily toss money at NFL games, or leftist Cable TV, or liberal Netflix and similar, but they cannot invest in their own freedom.

    You're not alone, Hal...lots of worthy freedom-loving media entities are barely scraping by to make ends meet because the People of this country truly won't pay the price for keeping their liberties. They all think that they are going to live some lavish retirement when there may not even be a Republic if the People don't get their priorities straight.

    Our forefathers must be shaking their heads considering that they ACTUALLY DID step up and sacrificed their lives and reputations and fortunes...EVERYTHING for the sake of liberty.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Kevin Burger · 22:44 10/29/2018
    I have to wait till thursday morning but it’s coming.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Brian Tolle · 22:35 10/29/2018
    I'm a subscriber. Do I need to donate too?
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Hal Turner · 22:48 10/29/2018
      No. You are doing your part. Donations are not asked of you.

      Of course, given the jam I'm in, I won't turn away a donation, but NO, you are not expected to donate.
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