The "Intelligence Community" Lost it's Credibility and CANNOT be believed


Much is being made of President Trump's meeting in Helsinki, Finland with Russian President Putin.  If one listens to the Democrats and their RINO Pals, they would have everyone think Trump committed some sort of vile act by not siding with the US Intelligence Community (IC).

Trump was right to not side with them, they have almost no credibility left.   The IC is the same IC that:

  • shrugged off and told us to stop whining about election meddling when Hillary was 10 points up;
  • the same IC that missed the fall of the Soviet Union and missed the attacks of 9/11;
  • that bungled us into Iraq over NON-EXISTENT "Weapons of Mass Destruction";  
  • that used a dossier filled with Kremlin-fed lies to try and frame Trump for collusion;
  • that spied on Trump, wiretapped him, leaked national security secrets to undermine his presidency;
  • that lied to federal courts and forged FISA warrants against him;
  • and who are currently using as proof of Russian meddling in the 2016 election two dozen kangaroo indictments of Russian citizens who will never be extradited, which means nothing will ever be proven in court, which means it is all bull shit.

The US Intelligence Community is corrupt almost to the core. They cannot be believed and cannot be trusted.  Their own record proves it.

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I DO NOT Pretend to be "Fair" or "Even-Handed" in my news or Commentary


The overwhelming majority of news entities these days PRETEND they are "fair" or "not biased" when in reality, they are both unfair and biased.  I make no such claims.

I am decidedly right-wing, conservative, pro-American, pro-Second Amendment, pro-Life and pro-Trump.  My reporting reflects this.

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They Have Programmed VAST Numbers Of Citizens To Want Trump Burned At The Stake So They Can Burn The Country To The Ground



You'd be wise to remember this in the days to come. 

If they CAN they WILL.


We're down to the line folks. DOWN TO THE LINE.

It's going to get brutal.

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Communist Groups Have NO Rights; Not Even the right to Life


As we celebrate America's Independence Day on July 4, 2018,  and taking note of the dangerous rise in social unrest caused by Communistic Groups (who call themselves "Socialists"), it is particularly worth noting that Communism is ILLEGAL in the United States of America.   Communist Groups have NO RIGHTS; not even the right to live.

Here is the actual law:

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Dear I.C.E.: Keep Doing What You're Doing! The Illegal Aliens brought it ALL on themselves


This weekend has seen another leftist/Liberal cry-fest over the arrests of Illegal aliens and the separation of those illegals from their children. 

On behalf of much of America, I'd like to tell the leftists and Liberals to "Please Shut Up."  I also want to tell the men and women of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) "KEEP DOING WHAT YOU'RE DOING; in fact, do more of it!

I am sick and tired of hearing how terrible America must be that we have the nerve, the gall, the mean-ness, to actually enforce our own laws.  I don't care one wit that people arrested for being here illegally are separated from their children; that's what happens when a person gets arrested!  

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