REPORT: Soros Foundation HACKED; Large Document Dump Coming


Unconfirmed reports are saying that Billionaire George Soros' Foundation computers have been HACKED and a huge tove of documents will be publicly dumped shortly.

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*** U L T I M A T U M *** Israel Says "Stop Molotov Kites by Friday or Face INVASION of Gaza Strip"


Israeli officials are instructing the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) to "prepare for war" after an ULTIMATUM was issued to "stop the Molotov Kites being launched from Gaza into Israel" by Friday or face invasion.

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Arrested Russian Cyber-Guys Paid $12 Million ** By CIA ** to Hack Democrat Servers During Presidential Election; Manufacture Phony Evidence of Russia Collusion to wreck Trump before he entered office!


A top Russian cyber-crimes agent and one of his underlings were arrested on treason charges in December 2016, after Russian authorities found Twelve Million U.S. Dollars in his Moscow Apartment.   

Facing 20 years in prison for betraying Russia, he revealed that he was paid BY THE CIA . . . . . to hack Democrat National Committee and Hillary Clinton Campaign Servers, and was given technical assistance by the CIA to engage in that hacking

The reason the CIA paid this guy $12 million was to set-up Russia as a fall guy in order to wreck the Trump Presidency with charges of Russia Collusion before Trump even took office!  CIA wanted to manufacture "Russia Collusion" against the incoming President.   OUR OWN CIA DID THIS! 

I have the names in the story below . . .

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Strong 6.0 Earthquake in Arabian Sea

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A strong Magnitude 6.0 earthquake has struck in the Arabian Sea just off the coast of Yemen.  The quake took place at 13:09 UTC which is 9:09 AM eastern US time at a shallow depth of only 10km, spawning fears of a large TSUNAMI for Yemen, Oman, Somalia and Ethiopia.

There are no Tsunami warning buoys in that area so the only warning folks may have is if the water suddenly recedes from the coastline.  Depending upon the direction of the quake, a Tsunami could also strike the heavily populated west coast of India hours from now.

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The New Radio Station Carrying my Show adds nice write-up . . .


Two months ago, a new radio station (WRMI) accepted the Hal Turner Radio Show for broadcast. 

They took a chance doing that because their programming is such that a show like mine could have alienated listeners.  It seems the opposite is true!

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HAMAS Orders "Full Mobilization" for Rocket/Mortar Attacks on Israel; IDF Air Strikes in Progress


All hell broke loose between the Israelis and the Arabs in the West Bank/Gaza Strip on Saturday. Below is the chronological LIVE coverage that was published during the events. 


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