This Wednesday Night on The Hal Turner Radio Show: Make Fun of Christine Blasey-Ford and the other Left-wing Wenches crawling out from under Rocks against Our Guy Kavanaugh!


This Wednesday, take a few minutes out of your busy day to tune-in to The Hal Turner Show.  This week we will have a little fun during our normal discussion of news and issues of the day, by having a special effort to laugh at the former drunken Sluts of Holter-Arms High School in Bethesda, MD, and some of that school's Alumni, like Christine Blasey-Ford. 

We'll even dedicate some songs to those girls . . . perhaps even a top-of-the-hour break with something that seems appropriate . . . . Like . . . "My Sharona" to show the idiocy of their objecting to Brett Kavanuagh being on the US Supreme Court.  MAKE FUN OF THEM! ! ! ! 

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Heads-Up Taiwan: 167 MPH Winds - 200 MPH Gusts!

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A typhoon (Hurricane) is in the western Pacific Ocean heading toward Taiwan and mainland China.  Typhoon "Trami" is on the move and this one is horrifying.


Projected winds are 167 MPH with gusts to 200 MPH.


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Russia to Israel: Who is in control of your military? Says Israel "Ungrateful" and "Criminally Negligent" in Downing of IL-20 Plane


Russia's Defense Ministry on Sunday formally blamed Israel for the downing of the Russian aircraft last week over Syria, accusing the Israeli military of "criminal negligence." 

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Site upgraded on SUNDAY


This site had been running slowly of late; lots of demand.  So our Technical guys performed an upgrade SUNDAY to make it faster.

There was a brief 5 minute outage, but the site is back and SEEMS to be a bit faster.  Faster processors, more RAM etc.

I did this because I value my customers and know how frustrating a slow site can be.  You should see SOME improvement as of 6:00 PM tonight (Sunday).




UPDATED 3:55 PM EDT (SEE BOTTOM) -- Russian jets reportedly intercept Israeli planes over Lebanon.  Two Russian SU-34 planes challenged Two Israeli Air Force (IAF) F-16s in Tripoli, Lebanon’s skies AND FORCED THEM TO RETURN TO ISRAEL despite mechanism to avoid conflicts between Moscow and Jerusalem

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Christine Blasey-Ford Allegedly Lives Here, in Palo Alto, CA --- for Anyone Interested in Helping her get to the Senate Hearing on our Supreme Court Nominee


From all appearances, Christine Blasey-Ford, the poor victim of a teenage boy's wet kiss and a squeeze 36 years ago, is having trouble deciding whether or not to come to Washington, DC to speak to the Senate Judiciary Committee about what that BOY - now Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh -- allegedly "did to her" 36 years ago, which she now seems to regard as some sort of sex-attack.

We want to help, and we think a lot of YOU want to help too.  So we researched Christine Blasey-Ford's home address via public databases and here is what those databases say, is her home address . . .

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