YES, I will do a LIVE Show on July 4 from 9-11 PM EDT


Several people have inquired as to whether or not I am doing a live show on July 4?   YES, I am.

The Hal Turner Radio Show will air as always from 9-11 PM eastern US time (GMT-0400) on WBCQ and WRMI, and will be simulcast live right here on the Internet at

So if you're not interested in the Fireworks which usually begin at 9:00 PM, tune-in.

WBCQ 7.490 AM 

WRMI 9.455 AM

Or here on the net using the LISTEN LIVE button in the menu bar immediately above this main news section.  The Internet feed goes live about one hour prior to the start of my show, during which time I stream commercial-free music until my show begins.


USS Truman Deployed To Atlantic As Russian Submarine Activity Surges


Russia is modernizing its submarine force around Europe to directly challenge American naval dominance — greater than any other period since the Cold War, Admiral James Foggo told Stars and Stripes in an interview last week.

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