New Discussion Forum Can Be used


Weeks ago, I purchased and installed a Discussion Forum for this web site.  It has been a tremendous problem to get it working, but most of the bugs are fixed. 

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NATO To Be Given Bad News: "The Jig is Up" - Spend on Defense or LOSE The USA


As President Trump heads to the upcoming NATO Summit, inside sources tell me that the President will deliver very bad news to NATO.  They will be flatly told "Get your defense spending up to the 2% of your GDP within 6 months, or the U.S. will pull OUT of NATO in February 2019."

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South African Blacks Vote to SEIZE White-Owned Land WITHOUT COMPENSATION - by Force; Whites Declare "Civil War"


The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) is a South African far-left political party, has voted to Expropriate white-owned farm land  without compensation, saying the land will be taken by force if white people do not give it over to them. 

The White farmers, known as Boers, have publicly responded "If they try to take our land, the will be blood on the floor; Civil War."

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Israel Launches Air Strikes at Syria but REPELLED by Syrian Air Defenses!


The Israeli military launched fighter aircraft against Syria today, firing multiple missiles at the T4 military base near Homs, Syria.  

To their surprise, Syrian air defenses not only intercepted "most" of the air-launched missiles, but also "hit" an Israeli fighter jet, forcing it - and others -- to flee!  There is no claim that any jet was actually shot down, but multiple sources confirm one was hit.

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U.S. Navy warships sail through Taiwan Strait

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Two U.S. Navy ships sailed through the Taiwan Strait Saturday, a move that comes amid increasing tension between the Trump administration and China over trade.

On Friday, the United States imposed $34 billion in tariffs on Chinese products and Beijing hit back with its own fiscal punishment and slammed the Trump administration for igniting "the biggest trade war in economic history."

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Strong M5.8 Earthquake Shakes Tokyo, southeastern Japan

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At 7:23 AM eastern US time Sunday, a strong magnitude 5.8 earthquake took place in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of southeastern Japan.   The quake was widely felt in Tokyo, with citizens reporting the shaking lasted 15 seconds and was "very odd" with not only vertical shaking, but horizontal and even "circular" motion.

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