Former FBI Director James Comey finally revealed himself to be a dishonest, lying, conniving, charlatan today, when he appeared behind closed doors before the House Oversight and Reform Committee on Capitol Hill and still REFUSED to answer certain questions. 

This comes after Comey sued to quash the Subpoena, saying he wanted to speak publicly so the American people would have the facts.  Sadly, the facts did not spew forth from him.

Comey brought two attorneys with him -- from the US Department of Justice -- who allegedly "counseled" Comey NOT to answer certain questions, despite the fact the hearing was closed to the public and Comey was under Subpoena.

He is testifying on Capitol Hill as part of joint investigation with the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee into the handling of the Clinton email investigation and his involvement in FISAGate.

Inquiring minds want to know:

1) Who were the DOJ Attorneys?

2) Do they not recognize that they -- and, formerly, Mr. Comey- as government employees are accountable to the Congress of the United States which created their agency and which funds their salaries?

3) What is Comey hiding by refusing to answer questions? 

4) Did he invoke his Fifth Amendment right to avoid self-incrimination, or was some other vehicle utilized to avoid answering?

5) Will Comey be held in Contempt and jailed?

These are questions that any fair minded and reasonable person might ask, especially when considering what would likely take place if average, everyday citizens like you and me, chose NOT to answer questions while under subpoena: JAIL.

Said one person on Capitol Hill "Comey should remember that lawlessness begets lawlessness.  If he won't answer in government inquiries, people might start to think about having him answer in the street."  When pressed if this individual was calling for Vigilante action to be taken against the former FBI Director, the person replied "Power does not have to be lawful in order to be effective" and walked away.

Committee Chairman Darryl Issa told reporters: "Comey is in there with two attorneys. One that’s from the DoJ has repeatedly, I would say at his gleeful acceptance, instructed that he will not be answering a great many questions that are clearly items at core of our investigation."

Issa told reporters that James Comey is not answering questions – on issues like the start of the Russia investigation and the Carter Page FISA – at the direction of a Justice Dept. attorney who is accompanying him.

Hal Turner Remark:

Lawless. The whole filthy bunch of them.

It will be a terrible shame if the American people have to take the law into their own hands and deal with such people via street justice.






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    John Baker · 14:13 12/09/2018
    Priceless Comedy:


    And while Comey's sudden amnesia has gotten a wholesale pass from the MSM, he did tell Congressional investigators that he has no idea what the crime of "collusion" is.

    House Oversight Chairman Trey Gowdy asked Comey Friday afternoon during a closed-door hearing, “Some of our friends in the media use the word ‘collusion’ from time to time. What is the crime of collusion?”

    Comey responded, “What is the crime of collusion? I do not know. I’ve never heard the term ‘collusion’ used in the way it’s been used in our world over the last couple [sic] years before that.” He continued, “I don’t know of a crime that involves collusion. I think in terms of conspiracy or aiding and abetting.”

    Gowdy later asked Comey what he thought the difference was between “collusion” and “conspiracy.”

    “I don’t know because I don’t know what collusion means. It’s a term I haven’t heard in my career in the Justice Department, so I don’t know,” said Comey. -Daily Caller

    What exactly is special counsel Robert Mueller investigating again?

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    John Baker · 20:18 12/08/2018
    Mueller is no Telling Pool, he is a CessPool. He may be regarded as a High Priest and very effective agent for what is call the Globalist but anyone who believes his divined interpretations is a fool whose lifetime efforts will only end failure and much suffering.

    Comey and Mueller are protecting a bucket of worms but the birds will feast on them, picking their bone clean.
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    Jim · 15:34 12/08/2018
    It appears that the left and the Deep State are much smarter than we thought. Always plead the 5th. Trump everyone else should learn. Never talk!!!!
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    Death Angel · 08:31 12/08/2018
    WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE. We (most) can do nothing; But see and report. God; However; Sees ALL and SHALL do something about it. In His time and according to His Divine and Holy Will. Handwriting is on the wall. For many; Just look in the mirror. You, yes you who have for years voted your own issues and welfare and put 'Jumping Jack Flash' in office not once (fool me once...etc..) but twice! You sickening devils. I despise you (yes you) for what you have done and led this once "Great" and 'Godly' Nation too. It is you bastards who have done and continue to do to us because your only god is your bellies; And they must be satisfied. You did this. You, and nobody else; Destroyed this nation. You shall reap your reward. I shall rejoyce for you vial disgusting reprobates who shall be taken by Gods Holy Angels; By the napes of your necks and thrown into Hell. Count on it. It is going to happen. None of you shall escape! No. Not one! For it is written: We the Saints shall judge you. You dispicable bastards. Obama is your daddy. Enjoy your time. For it is short. As Scripture says; You are already dead. You love death more than life. Your wishes are about to come true. For Eternity. Like the devil and his angels. Soon to be burned up and remembered no more. To all Hal's friends and those who love the truth; MERRY CHRISTMAS. It is OK to stand for something and defend your families and those loved; With your lives if need be. Go to HELL satan. Is my prayer. Godspeed.
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    Michele Schauer · 23:57 12/07/2018
    but the ongoing investigation may be state privilege...they are very tricky
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    Michele Schauer · 23:54 12/07/2018
    If he is not using "state privilege" he is using "ongoing investigation.
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    Richard · 23:50 12/07/2018
    Hate to say it; But our President Trump is turning out to be a very compromized stupid man, it seems. Sad. Not that I, or any of you, could do any better. Surrounded by deep state wolves and jackels. Basically on his own. Began with the appointment and seating of the traitor do nothing Jeff Sessions who alone; By his do nothing and refusal to to take the helm from the git-go and prosecute those who really needed to be prosecuted and pronto; But rather allowed things to morph and contiinue to what is today. A never ending investigation based on lies and fraud. Those who have allowed this to come to this; As in those of Congress; The military; Whatever? Those in positions of power and influence who could have brought their fists down on the Mueller investigation and reset true law; Order and justice once again, are most responsible for this basket case situation, we are in today. With no end in sight; But the removal of the President and mop up of the over throwing of this republic. To a Venezuelan style totalitarian regime run by left wing communist/socialists as stated in the Bible. It is directly the cause and fault of this wicked generatiom who know nothing of our blessed founding and history. Who, frankly, could care less. Simply put. You reap what you sow. Deserve no better. Save yourselves. This nation is done. Reprobate. Trump has been destroyed by the 'do nothing' traitors surrounding him. Much of which is becoming more clear of his own doing or undoing. Keeping this Kelley Anne on when her husband hates Trump and will not keep his mouth shut. He should have let her go, first time he opened his mouth. On and on, and on. Sessions again; Who has single handidly has done more to the setup of the destruction and path we are on today. None worse. Talk about a "popped baloon"? Sessions is the name. Seems to me. Along with the President who should have fired him immediately upon his recusal. All history now. What's the point, you might say? Point is; To point out to you; We are done. I see no turning things right; Because we have been overthrown and it is just mopping up from here.. However; Mystery Babylon shall meet an end most are not looking for. Amen

    o me
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      John Baker · 22:22 12/08/2018
      Too bad that so many are not seeing the difficulty of taking on the deep-state single-handedly. It's a wonder to behold. He has bought us time, yet so many forget the image of the gitmo guy in black hood with electric wires. That was planned to be the truth seekers at this point in time.

      If he is true then he needs a massive show of public support at this time, to bring down the deep-state.
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      Leo Gitt · 15:11 12/08/2018
      Negative much??? Despair much??? Word cursing America much? What happened to the biblical admonition that the righteous shall live by faith??? Instead of complaining and despairing and spreading your negativity, surrender, passivity and abject hopelessness in the face of this evil, why don't you war in the Spirit and help pray in the Living God's agenda to expose, arrest, prosecute, convict, hold accountable and punish these Satanic criminals that are doing their best to destroy America? Per Ephesians 6:12: our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness in the heavenly places. To engage in continual spiritual warfare against the fallen angelic powers that support and compel these treasonous criminals is absolutely crucial, critical and pivotal. The Lord has NOT given up on America; and neither have hundreds of thousands of His faithful bond-servants and His remnant here in America and around the world; all who are engaged in a concerted cooperative effort to war in the Spirit and pray in God’s true agenda for America and the world; to wit, that the evil people in America be removed from power and that America and American believers be promoted, protected and prospered so that they/we can serve as the base, the source and the launching pad for the last days fulfillment of the Great Commission and the bringing in of the largest harvest of souls in human history!? If you don't, YOU are part of the problem, NOT part of the solution!
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        John Baker · 21:18 12/08/2018
        Wow, how true for this time and place perspective. Many are happy here in this world, the way it is, and that's fine for them. All one has to do is make a decision to grow, then the answers come. The next level is probably just as difficult if not more, but infinity means no big rush and got to do something to keep amused. A current religious perspective provides a point of view in which to see things, sometimes it needs to be shed for a larger shell. Don't try to hold me to that because I don't exist as concepts, it's just temporary clothing.
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    Michele Schauer · 23:41 12/07/2018
    I am a victim of the FBI , the cover guys of all crimes. They are partners with the CIA who answer to nobody in covering crimes. For all you know, Comey could be a CIA asset , recently appointed.. or appointed to commit these crimes...and who is going to do anything about that. They have infiltrated everything.
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    Michele Schauer · 23:33 12/07/2018
    Unfortunately, he is using "state privilege secrets" that has been used to silence victims of any type of crime imaginable for quite some time. Just ask Sibel Edmonds or victims of satanic MK projects, or should I say projects amounts to victims of the satanic cult who has used the "law" or the secrecy of the government to do anything they want to anyone, anytime, anywhere. I have personally experienced this.
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    jimmy · 21:35 12/07/2018
    Hal use the hash tags

    #appalled and hash tag Offended and hash Tag Traitors to the country
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    Madeleine Mead · 20:15 12/07/2018
    Can we borrow that guillotine the French had?
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    Pyro · 20:13 12/07/2018
    To give this evasive piece of crap a title of the director of anything law is a disgrace . I wouldn't play cards with this mutation.
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    John Baker · 19:52 12/07/2018
    Mueller and Comey are soul mates, in a past life when Mueller preformed Human Sacrifices, Comey was the one who held the victim down then kicked the body over the edge of the Aztc pyramid. Mueller went to Costa Rica during this life to try and reacquire the power. So they say but I don't see the "University for Peace" offering Human Sacrifices as a publicly available course, maybe an underground thing. Whatever power he picked up there got sucked out and lost in confusion at the Baca Ranch where he lost his sanity, so Comey tried to get Lockheed to convince the ET's at Baca fix him up, but "NO DEAL!" Dr Greer was unable to convince them that the Deep State had the right intentions.
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    Gregg W · 19:42 12/07/2018
    I'm sure antichrist er barry told him exactly what to do. Never answer any questions and some how you'll get off scot free. Every damn one of us (including Trump) should just say that from now on, we will NEVER answer any questions from any of these lying leftists. They are in complete contempt of the law and the constitution. Of course, their goal is to destroy the country and the constitution anyway. The Republicans and/or Trump need to take measures to the full extent of the law to nail this little weasel.
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    Guy Aul · 18:39 12/07/2018
    Now what if any of us did the same thing? Do you realize how quickly we'd be arrested and tossed into jail. It's the same old program...laws are for the little people...not for POS's like Comey and the others. Just proves what we already know and that this country is corrupt. Stop going to work! Everyone needs to do this. It won't end until real action is taken. I mean real action and not just talk. Just remember this: back in the 1760' and 1770's, talk didn't work. History my friends. That history is fact and don't ever forget it.

    At the moment, this country IS the likes of Sodom and Gomorrah and you know what that could mean. Maybe it has gone too far...

    This is discriminatory justice and if any one of us got into the same situation, I'd suggest using a couple of statutes. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the RICO Act. I've used the former with 100% success. Use their statutes against them. It just may work...maybe?
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    Sherlock · 17:58 12/07/2018
    hillary testimony to FBI wasn't recorded or under oath!!! Hillary took an oath when she swore in to take her job. So, she's under oath 24-hours per day as a public servant.
    That is the most BASIC of procedures.
    Since that P.O.S. Comey did not FOLLOW PROCEDURE that ...... was it an interview or a BRIBE NEGOTIATION?
    Comey should be charged as an ACCOMPLICE.
    When the law no longer protects you from the corrupt, but protects the corrupt from you - you know your nation is doomed. -Ayn Rand
    Start treating these TRAITORS as TRAITORS are meant to be treated ------
    How many $MILLION$ of our tax dollars has Hillary wasted with her stalling? Civil Forfieture of ALL of her money to REPAY US, the TAXPAYERS, for her stalling.
    WATERBOARD them until they talk. .... they are refusing to tell what they did IN OUR EMPLOYMENT. They are Obstructing Justice and hiding what they did IN PUBLIC SERVICE.
    That is PUBLIC PROPERTY they are refusing to relate and DESTROYING. That is OUR PROPERTY. Those emails are OUR PROPERTY and it was a crime simply for them to destroy ONE of them. Since 1995, the written policy and regulations governing State Department officials have specifically provided that “electronic mail … are considered federal records” that must be preserved under the Federal Records Act. Since 1943, applicable federal laws have stated that a document can constitute a federal record “regardless of physical form and characteristics.
    ANY intellectual materials created on OUR time belongs to WE the PEOPLE. When that SKANK Hillary destroyed (tried to) e-mails she was destroying PUBLIC PROPERTY more valuable then if she bombed buildings or set fires and she should be in shackles
    Rice was "Providing Material Aid & Support" to the Terrorists by working to undermine the DULY ELECTED President.
    Government EMPLOYEES should not be allowed to plead the FIFTH or refuse to testify about Government matters. They are not PRIVATE Citizens, and they are not engaged in PRIVATE commerce. If a mere commoner refuses to take a breathalyzer test, he's automatically considered guilty, and this should go the same way.
    Since waterboarding is not torture ..... enhanced interrogation is in order for Government Employees who try to STEAL KNOWLEDGE of Government(OUR) business.
    Who is going to JAIL? WHO is FIRED??????
    Don't feed me a multi-million dollar crap sandwich ---- LOCK THEM UP.
    ---- Employing DELAYING tactics in answering questions when we are (supposedly) "at war with terrorism" (& Russia, China, N.Korea, Iran, according to THEM), is Aiding and Abetting Terrorism. ...... Hillary, Soros, and their "resistance" ACCOMPLICES are tying up and wasting OUR resources. THAT is a tactic of waging war, tie up and delay the ENEMY
    we SUPPOSEDLY are fighting a "war on terror" and she is destroying documents that might be needed? THEY are Providing Material Aid and Support to the TERRORISTS by SABOTAGING the war effort .....
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      Gregg W · 19:48 12/07/2018
      Well, to quote the old battle axe: "What difference does it make?!"

      I hope the Lord says that back to her on Judgment Day! When she's crying and pleading for mercy.

      There is a reason God made a Lake of Fire...
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    Danel Riqar · 17:15 12/07/2018
    How is this even legal...?
    • Comment held for moderation.
      John Baker · 20:52 12/07/2018
      "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law"

      When dealing with The House of Lucifer, the law is what the public allows them to do. It's a thing to "hopefully" initiate spiritual development. The people get the government they deserve, comes to mind. When demons make an offer, you don't have to accept it, make a counter offer.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Pablo · 17:02 12/07/2018
    Arrogant and egomaniacal. That guy is so full of himself he makes Satan look humble.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Comey IS the 'swamp' · 16:22 12/07/2018
    Comey is the poster boy for the Washington, D.C. 'swamp'.

    He has done such a disservice to the FBI and tainted the whole bureau to such an extent that I don't think anyone will ever have any confidence in the FBI again. Comey and his ilk may not have had success in destroying this Republic--like it seems they desire--but he sure did achieve more than should've been permitted in destroying the trustworthiness of the FBI. Surprised that his FBI colleagues haven't dealt with him in their own way.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Mark · 16:18 12/07/2018
    Hang this piece of stinking shit publicly at the same time as Brennan. Brennan is also a piece of stinking shit!
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Grim · 16:14 12/07/2018
    Comey should be arrested by the military and taken to a location outside the US such as Guantanao. He should then be continuously water boarded until he gives up every secret he has, including his Grandma's cookie recipe. It's time to throw patience, compromise and even civility out of the window where these traitors are concerned and start tearing them apart.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      old iron · 18:59 12/07/2018
      Waterboarding is to nice, he should be Whipped 3 times a day shy of bring blood, then hosed down immediately, fed a diet of nothing but x-lax w/heavily Fluoridated water. Cell blasted w/music he hates the most 24/7. If that doesn't make him tell the truth start removing fingers.
      ENOUGH of this FnPOS, Fn this country over. Make the FnPOS BEG to be killed, that day is coming no matter but we can make it happen quicker.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Sherlock · 17:59 12/07/2018
      Why outside? Do it right there on on Capital Hill on TV. Comey is refusing tell the American People what he did in OUR Employment.
      That is PUBLIC PROPERTY they are refusing to relate and DESTROYING. That is OUR PROPERTY.

      Let The People watch that Traitor choke.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    selah · 16:12 12/07/2018
    treason......hang ALL the bastards
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Where's 'justice'? · 16:26 12/07/2018
      That would mean that we actually have a sovereign nation and law-abiding courts. There isn't rule of law in our nation, just the corrupt, two-tier system of 'justice' where the poor are severely punished/penalized while the rich and well-connected hold a 'get out of jail' members-only platinum card. It's a mockery to our Republic.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Matthew Barninger · 16:05 12/07/2018
    It’s coming. Either that or overt tyranny.
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