The Saudi Foreign Ministry announced today that IS EJECTING Turkey's Ambassador and cutting Diplomatic relations with Turkey. 

Further, Saudi Arabia is now BANNING its citizens  from traveling to Turkey or staying in Turkey and has announced all Turkish citizens have 14 days to leave Saudi Arabia for security reasons.

The ministry said that the government of Saudi Arabia decided to sever diplomatic and consular relations with the Turkish state and decided to close all land, sea and air ports to Turkish passengers and to prevent transit in Saudi lands, airspace and territorial waters and to initiate immediate legal procedures to implement this procedure as soon as possible for all means of transport, from and to the State of Turkey, for reasons of Saudi national security.

"Saudi Arabia has taken this decisive decision as a result of the serious violations committed by the authorities in Ankara against Saudi Arabia, secretly and publicly, with the aim of creating the internal strife within Saudi ranks, instigating the establishment of the state and undermining its sovereignty and embracing various terrorist and sectarian groups aimed at destabilizing the region. , Including the Muslim Brotherhood, and to promote the literature and plans of these groups through their media.

It also denounces the practices of the Turkish authorities against the Saudi diplomatic mission in Turkey, pointing the finger at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in the disappearance of Saudi citizen Jamal al-Khashoggi, and launched an attack through its media against Saudi Arabia.


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    Sammy jew · 09:31 10/14/2018

    1969 AD: Current Saudi Arabia’s imposter rulers and their cult of Wahhabism are originally of Jewish origin – The Donmeh Jews from Turkey. On a Cairo Broadcast of Saudi King Faisal Al-Saud he confirmed Saudi Jewish Ancestry by openly declaring, also in WASHINGTON POST, stating: “WE, THE SAUDI FAMILY, are COUSINS OF THE JEWS: we entirely disagree with any Arab or Muslim Authority which shows any antagonism to the Jews; but we must live together with them in peace. Our country (ARABIA) is the fountain head from where the first Jew sprang, and his descendants spread out all over the world.”
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    MR. TRUTH! · 03:53 10/14/2018
    I'm an American of Irish heritage, an ex Combat Medic and an ex Outlaw Biker and I have to wonder what in the hell a lot of you commenters have against "Jews" and Jewish people including Israel??? Are you Insane? Are you Muslim Goat Molesters? Servants of Satan??? Yes, some Jews like George Soros, Diane Feinstein, etc, are Evil Demonic People, but Blacks and Muslims cause much more Death, Crime and Sorrow to America and to Americans than Jews do. In fact, Jews aren't even on the Scope!!! .. The Bible says to take the 'LOG' out of your OWN EYE, before you try to remove the 'speck' from your brother's eye! .. God Bless Israel and the Wonderful Jewish People! Amen
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      the truth · 22:59 10/14/2018
      Bull-Shite, You live a wet dream, and push lots of hot air, with your kike loving attitude, possibly because you are a kike,
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      jo · 12:24 10/14/2018
      The first signs of potato famine are delusions that people actually care about your opinion.
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      Rose · 12:04 10/14/2018
      because of the religion of dispensational futuristic evangelicalism, which is not Christianity, they have made a religion out of this group of people, negating, Christian Orthodox teaching that there is no such thing as racial superiority.
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      Sammy · 11:13 10/14/2018
      The Irish. monkey should learn who sold his people into slavery ..It was not just the blacks .
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      Randy · 09:09 10/14/2018
      It doesn't end well for the enemies of Israel. No matter who or where they are. Including those commenting on this website .
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      Sammy the lying jew · 08:30 10/14/2018
      Nobody can be as stupid as you seem to be so your a liar .
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      Robert · 08:30 10/14/2018
      The problem is not with the "Jews" but the ungodly leadership of Israel. Who is supporting the "Muslim Goat Molesters"? Well that would be Israel in Syria! They have given medical aid to ISIS troops while they will not provide such aid to Syrians. They are doing everything they can to support the Sunni Muslim terrorists in that country - along with the US, Turkey, and Saudi Arabia...while Christians have suffered a holocaust at their proxies' hands in Syria. They are launching air attacks against Syria that are 100% unprovoked. You can't just keep attacking a country and then claim they have no right to self defense! If they don't like Iranian troops in Syria they should not have joined with the US to support Al Qaeda in Syria. They should not discriminate against the right of return of Jews who happen to believe in Jesus. And ask the mayor of Bethlehem (a Christian) what the state of Israel is doing to Christians in Israel. The leadership of the nation of Israel today is equivalent to the Pharisees that killed Christ. Also if you think they are the U.S.'s allies, go look up "U.S.S. Liberty" which was attacked by Israel in a false flag to attempt to bring the US in a war.
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        jo · 12:26 10/14/2018
        I was molesting a goat the other day and it turned out to be your mamma.
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    Sammy · 20:58 10/13/2018
    They are both tools of the Jews.
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    Onno · 20:08 10/13/2018
    To this great comment below by V76 on RI, I have to mention there are 2 kinds of fear:

    1. Real, necessary and protective (!) fear, you need to listen to: Do not enter the van of Ted Bundy even if he wears a bandage and looks like he needs help.

    2. Unreal but strongly state-propagated fear, you must ignore: The state will surely collapse and (very) bad things will happen.....if we remove (psychopaths like) Adolf Hitler, Papa Doc Duvalier, Winston Churchill or Queen Beatrix from government.

    Humans are a failed species, 80% *FEAR instilled* sheeple controlled by 1% criminal psychopaths, 10% enforcing the rules of the 1% for a pinch of power, while the remaining 9% of intelligent, critical thinking real humans have to suffer the morons and criminals.
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    LOL · 20:06 10/13/2018
    maybe both sides will kill each other to the point of extinction.
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    Sherlock · 19:33 10/13/2018
    And Trump is still kissing up to them ...................
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    mhouston · 18:49 10/13/2018
    they certainly appear to have reacted the same as would the whining jews would and do react......the poor disgusting fools
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    Frank Brady · 18:02 10/13/2018
    Of course it does. These slime are the worst thugs of the Middle East, after their Isreali friends.
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      Onno · 19:26 10/13/2018
      But everybody tells me the Saouds are real princes, how is that possible?

      Are they in fact not real princes, but greedy proactive violent thugs that call themselves princes and make the sheeple believe they are, yet their peculiar behavior is not very prince-like and they seem not to know at all what a prince really is, just like "prince" Bernhard the SS psychopath high treasoner did not know what a prince is, yet everyone I know believes he was the real McCoy German prince for sure?!
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    homo · 17:43 10/13/2018
    Gog and magog's final battle is coming soon...
    I bet on 2019.
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    Onno · 17:23 10/13/2018
    This means the Saudi's are guilty?
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      Joe Blow · 18:45 10/13/2018
      It appears Turkey has pulled a Blasey Ford maneuver. Make an accusation of a horrific crime and then refuse to provide evidence.
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        golnar · 04:10 10/14/2018
        the videos and audios are in the hands of not only European intelligents also in the hands of u.s congress and intelligent and they tested them and examined them and agreed they are true and proved many people in Europe television had chance to see the whole video MBS talk to khashoggi on the phone and then order to stabbed him so please stop questioning erdogan right and just action he is the good and honest actor
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        Frank Brady · 22:03 10/13/2018
        The evidence is recorded on an I-Phone. The Saudi's have degenerated into an Israeli tool--much like you.
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