Turkish court frees American pastor from house arrest, allows him to leave Turkey despite terror conviction.

Update 11:43 AM EDT -- Lawyer for family of American pastor Brunson says he is on a plane to the United States after being released by #Turkish court


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    Alan · 21:22 10/12/2018
    Now for the big stuff. The PRC (Communist China) is actively persecuting Christians of all branches (Catholic and various Protestants churches.) North Korea tortures and kills them. Where are Y'all on this?

    I have been as guilty as all of us spending money on cheap stuff mostly from China, so I am not judging, rather maybe just changing a bit. I just bought Goodyear Wrangler tires for my EMP resistant antiquated truck because they are one of only 2 brands still made here. I also think that they are better tires and worth it, versus all of the other brands now made in China. My old Harley is 12 years old with 89,000 miles and still kick's butt. I live in Tennessee, but I ride Wisconsin steel and aluminum down the highway. Let us all help to Make America Great Again!

    Let us start to put our money where our mouth is and support each other. We are Christians and we are Americans. Let's do something that seems a bit uncharacteristic of our independent and argumentative nature, and help each other. Why not? Deuteronomy says, "Should you help the wicked, and love those who hate the Lord and so bring the wrath of God on yourself?" Good question, especially when God is doing the asking. Just saying....
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    sam wheat · 19:54 10/12/2018
    CIA ass -big time - I say hang his ass.
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    Alan · 19:41 10/12/2018
    It's fearless Trump. For God's glory. Praise to God.
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    Paul Lambert · 14:38 10/12/2018
    There's intrigue in absolutely everything, isn't there?
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    Megan · 12:51 10/12/2018
    I’ve been singing Go Down Moses all morning, which is a little odd even for me. Now I find out this pastor’s been released. It must have been the Spirit of God welling up in me. “Tell old Pharoah to let my people go!”

    Who can know whether he was an honest man or not, which is why I prayed God would set him free if he was. I’d like to hope that Trump was supporting a Christian man, which is something his predecessor would never have done.
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    Leppard One · 11:29 10/12/2018
    Was this a case of CIA acting undercover through Christian ministry as they have done in many other nations? The way the US hates Christianity, it is very doubtful they would mount such large sanctions for a Christian leader, unless he was really one of their own assets.
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    Robert · 11:01 10/12/2018
    Is he an honest pastor or a CIA asset?
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