A huge convoy sent by the "International Coalition" (US/UK/France et. al.)  has entered the Syrian territories as Washington continues to back a Kurdish group in northeastern Syria.

The convoy consists of more than 300 trucks carrying armored vehicles, ammunition and logistics, destined for the Syrian Democratic Forces SDF.


The trucks made it into the SDF-controlled territories through Faysh Khabur border crossing which links northeastern Syria to Kurdistan.

The newly-arrived military aid aims to support the Kurdish forces in its fight against the Islamic State terror group.

Even though the US mass-media is simply not reporting anything going on inside Syria, our federal government seems to be very much up-to-mischief in that country.

The entire Syria situation is a leftover from the failed Obama era, and in particular, the tenure of then-Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.





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    Gregg Walker · 22:15 10/11/2018
    In a way this is funny. Turkey is supposed to be a NATO ally. They may or may not be working with Russia and Syria to "secure" the country. But they DO hate the Kurds. I would think Turkey would have a big problem with the U.S. arming Kurds. For sure, this equipment is to be used against the government of Syria and the Russians. Not sure how they expect to pull it off, but we will see.
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    Robert Byrnes · 20:45 10/11/2018
    Hoe the Hell is that legal? That is like China sending military gear to Antifa through Mexico. All of this material will end up in Russian hands and they will be going through it all to find weak points and test their electronic warfare stuff. What scumbag is making these calls and on whose dime??
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    Onno · 17:45 10/11/2018
    Since God is not a democrat (and not an inhumane empathyless dictator also), the SDF are not His forces.

    Only the selfish devil would send them "aid" i.m.o..
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    sk · 15:37 10/11/2018
    This is sad, under the pretense of fighting ISIS, sounds like a big lie.
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