There is a single media outlet in Israel claiming a Chlorine Gas attack took place inside Idlib Syria TODAY, at the direct order of President Bashar Assad.

There is NO SOCIAL MEDIA mention of any such attack.



 Here is what Ynet is reporting from Israel:


This is a developing story and IF more info becomes available, updates will appear below.  It may be an erroneous report based on some mis-tanslation . . . . or it could be that they KNOW such an attack is coming and "reported" it as happening before it took place . . .


We'll see . . .




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    Alfred T (login pb) · 19:38 09/13/2018
    It is very likely manipulation news. Israel is using US/France to destroy Siria, as they did with Irak through 911 conspiracy.
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    Qster · 18:33 09/12/2018
    I get the feeling that any Tomahawks fired by US ships will be targeting Deep State sites (ie, ISIS/proxy army resources), not Syrians. Their protector McCain is dead, so they are getting hung out now. Same thing last time, it was pretty much an excuse for the US white hats (anti-globalist, anti-luciferian faction) to degrade more Cabal infrastructure in and around Syria. You guys should know, this is the site where the recent outages of many CIA satellites and spy super computers was first mentioned. "Big Bird 7 offline".
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    Onno · 09:06 09/11/2018
    Yesterday Debka was reporting this (Assad shouting from the rooftops that he allows chlorine gas to be used in Idlib.....psychopaths don't care if the lie is evident):
    Assad approves use of chlorine gas in Idlib
    Sep 10, 2018 @ 10:49
    US officials report that Syrian President Bashar Assad has approved the use of chlorine gas in an offensive against the country’s last major rebel stronghold in Idlib – in defiance of US and allied warnings. The US and France have threatened retaliatory action if Syria again conducts chemical warfare in the decisive battle to retake the large province.
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      Pat Rylance · 20:26 09/11/2018
      I also read in Debka today that China is joining Russia in Syria after they had shared in the recent Russia drills. Supposedly they have 3,500 troops on standby if Russia needs them in the area. Can anyone confirm this? I think I read it in the War Monitor site.
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    John Robert Mallernee · 12:49 09/10/2018
    1050 Hours Mountain Daylight Time, Monday 10 September 2018:

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    Chad Brundy · 12:39 09/10/2018
    Hey Hal, as of yesterday I couldn't get updates through Subscribers only, this happens every month around this time and I pay through PayPal. No big deal because you fix this every month but just letting you know so you can fix again, thank you once again!
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    Lucinda Dionysius · 12:13 09/10/2018
    Hal wrote that he received over 74,000 unique hits on a single post. WOW! If every one of those grateful readers sent Hal one dollar, he could be free from the stress of funding this phenomenal site and focus on bringing us even MORE astonishing news that can be found NOWHERE else on the whole internet. I just sent him a donation and it was SO EASY...took about one minute with my auto fill. CHRISTOS. We can make Hal RICH! So much gratitude to the the Holy Grail! Lucinda Dionysius (Dionysius (dee on NEE see us) is my authentic paternal surname traced back to the Fisher Kings Dynasty in Gaul.)
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    TODD HATHAWAY · 12:06 09/10/2018
    Here is the actual web link...didn't even bother to take it down:
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    TODD HATHAWAY · 11:47 09/10/2018
    Sometimes those news reports are released prematurely, as was the case with Building 7 WTC. Everyone was supposed to wait until tomorrow to break the news....always a spoiler in the crowd.
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    Reginald Fischer · 11:47 09/10/2018
    Maybe somebody hit the POST button too soon. I’m sure the same story is queued up in media outlets across the US, UK, Israel and France.
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    Leppard One · 11:32 09/10/2018
    Lies. Zecheriah 14 will cure that. In this age.
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    Dana · 11:03 09/10/2018
    I have been attempting to activate my account but it fails authentication. Would it be possible to get this corrected? Thanks
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      Hal Turner · 11:07 09/10/2018
      I looked into it and here's what I found:

      When you signed-up, the system sent an email with a verification link in it, for you to click so as to verify your email account. Perhaps that email ended up in your SPAM folder, but for whatever reason, the link in it was NOT clicked. Thus, your account was never turned on.

      I have fixed that. You have access now.
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    Onno · 11:03 09/10/2018

    If it was a real false flag it would have been all over the MSM. No mention in frontrunner USUK vassal state since 1945 (Hidden very treacherous SS/SA Mann, to save his own skin.....willing to give the USUK 'deep state's cover for the Dresden warcrime) "Prince" Bernhard LTD. by gullible fools (in psychopaths eyes) a.k.a. The liberated "Kingdom of the Netherlands" where I am at the moment......
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    James Borowy · 10:45 09/10/2018
    This is such Bull****! For days the Russian media and honest alternative media were stating that our country wanted to protect the terrorists by claiming a false flag chemical attack! Now it happens and the dumbed down sheep will believe it!
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