Someone doesn't want truth coming out about what's going on in Syria; Youtube has TERMINATED the Syrian Arab News Agency channel on that streaming service.

UPDATE 12:54 PM EDT -- Youtube has now also shut down the Syrian Ministry of Defense (MoD), and the official account of the Syrian presidency.

Apparently, the powers-that-be in the US and Israel want information from inside Syria cut off.  

Of course, Youtube covers their censorship by claiming a Violation of their Terms of Service; the cover-all they use to try to scam the public into thinking their censorship is somehow justified or noble.  In this case, it is not.

The Syrian Arab News Agency is an official, state-run news agency covering events inside Syria.  Perfectly legitimate news by a recognized media outlet.

This shows yet again that people whose interests depend upon the silencing of truth, wield extraordinary power to shut down the truth.  They get away with it because, so far, they have not had to suffer any consequences for shutting down the truth.

In my opinion, it's time that Youtube starts suffering consequences . . . 



Battle for Idlib begins as Syrian, Russian forces unleash massive attack






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    Chilly8 · 02:10 09/09/2018
    The trouble is that Syria is one of those countries where, under existing sanctions, YouTube, and others, are not even supposed to allow access to the site from Syrian IP addresses. This also applies to IP addresses in Iran, Cuba, Sudan, and North Korea as well.

    I would not be surprised if someone in the government told then to start cutting off Syrian users. Of course, any attempt to block Syrian IP addresses could be circumvented, with proxies, which does not violate US laws, but might break Syrian laws.
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    Rat Jew · 19:39 09/08/2018
    Go Russia kick their butts
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    Jason Thickett · 13:21 09/08/2018
    This is important stuff to know no doubt. However I am at a loss as to why social media is been lit up all morning of Russian and Syrian forces going on the offensive Yet Hal you are virtually silent on this? I want to believe you are gathering some large quantities of info and intel on whats happening on the ground in Syria but its 2020hrs local and yet??
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    Watchdog · 12:22 09/08/2018
    Orwellian state at the core. When things heat up, truth and reason will be silenced to benefit the few. All part of the MIC and the Zionist Klan.
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    Rabbi Bitberg · 12:16 09/08/2018
    I'm surprised that so much of the stuff I've seen on there now has stayed up. I don't think it's going to last much longer before the social media giants are locked down completely.
    Blockchain-based alternatives for sites like Youtube and Twitter are, as far as I can tell, the only hope for freedom of expression for the many. The net is already halfway to being centralized at this point anyway because of the social media giants and Google. In a lot of ways, Google today is what the Roman Catholic Church was in the dark ages.
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