The "Green Zone" in the Iraqi capital, where most foreign Embassies are located, is now under extremely heavy Mortar attack.

Attack Warning Sirens are blaring from the US Embassy and numerous explosions are taking place RIGHT NOW 5:55 PM EDT on 06 September.

 It is not yet known if the US Embassy is the target of the attack or if other foreign Embassies are also targets.

Warning sirens are blaring continuously from the gigantic US Embassy Compound, which is the largest Diplomatic compound of any country, anywhere in the world.



Attack apparently over.   Joint Operations Command confirms multiple mortar rounds fell on the Green Zone in in a vacant field area. No losses or casualties. 

Bad aim.  This time.

Dangerous situation.

Endeavoring to find out who and why.

Drones launched for surveillance and tracking of attackers.

Helicopter gunships responding.


6:23 PM EDT -- 

White House confirms US forces on-scene with more responding - says "We are not Barack Obama, we DEFEND our Embassies. There won't be any Benghazi's on our watch."

TRANSLATION:   ============ 3 mortar shells landed on abandoned land inside the Green Zone in Baghdad without causing any casualties or material damage, and the security forces embark on a wide search in search of the perpetrators, and we will give you the details later. 7 September 2018


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