Two very powerful earthquakes have taken place, virtually back-to-back, in the Pacific Ocean near the Mariana Islands far off the coast of Japan.  The first quake, a M6.0 took place at an amazingly shallow depth of only 1.8km.   It was followed 23 minutes later by a stronger 6.4 at a depth of 11.5km.

BOTH earthquakes were strong enough and shallow enough to generate Tsunamis BUT NO TSUNAMI buoys are signalling any warning; which is good, but very surprising.


These two earthquakes come after yesterday's 6.6 at the Tanaga Volcano on Alaska's Aleutian Island Chain.

Which came

Which came after two VERY strong M6.0 AND 6.5 earthquakes slammed northern Alaska last week.

These are VERY strong and serious earthquakes.   The fact that it all began in northern Alaska, then headed southwest to the Aleutian Islands, and has now gone farther southwest to the Marianas Islands is making Geologists wonder if the stresses have been relieved . . . or if the stresses will now ALL be focused on the US West Coast . . .  the other side of the same tectonic plate?

Things do not look good for California, Oregon and Washington.