At about 5:11 PM eastern US time on Friday, 10 August, a Magnitude 4.7 earthquake took place in the Pacific Ocean, just THREE MILES away from an OPERATIONAL Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) Nuclear Power Plant.

The quake took place at a shallow depth of only 14 kilometers and shook the nuclear plant.  There was no reported damage of any kind.

I publish this story to remind folks how distant incidents can adversely affect us here in the United States.  This is especially true with the goings-on between Israel and the crazed maniacs in the Gaza Strip, who've been launching rockets, mortars flaming kites and Molotv Balloons into Israel so badly, the Israelis are actually contemplating an Invasion of Gaza . . . which would lead to regional war.

Back to the earthquake, back in March of 2011, a gigantic M9.2 quake took place off the coast of Japan, generated a massive Tsunami which washed over the coastline of Japan killing thousands, and sending the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power plant into multi-reactor Meltdown.  Two of those reactors exploded, sending plumes of highly radioactive pollution across the Pacific to the shores of the US just four days later.

To this very day, one of those reactors is so radioactive, no one can even go into the building where it is located!   Every machine they try to send in to survey the damage, gets destroyed by the radioactivity!   In fact, the radiation in that building (Reactor #2) is so bad, that a human would receive a lethal dose of radiation within two minutes if they entered that building; nothing on earth could save such a person.

We tend not to think of far off lands affecting us here in America.  We are basically safe, protected on two coasts by vast oceans, with friendly neighbors to the north and south . . . . well, Mexico is so friendly they keep coming here without permission . . . but that's another story.

But while we tend not to think of dangers from afar, they exist.  And today's earthquake, just three miles from four nuclear reactors in Japan, could just as easily have become the next major disaster.

Here at home, there's a Communist insurgency disguising itself as "Anti-Fascist Action (ANTIFA)" and "Black Lives Matter" -- both aggressive Communist front groups looking to forcibly overthrow our way of life. 

They're aided and abetted by closet Commies in the mass-media, The New York Times, the Washington Post, and so on which seem to constantly deride our nation; drive wedges between people, sew dissent.  The actions of such groups and their useful idiots in the mass-media are sewing so much unrest, there's talk about possible CIVIL WAR here in the US.

Folks have to plan for the unexpected.  No, none of us can have EVERY possible scenario covered, but we can and should have some basics.  Very basic emergency supplies that we can get on the cheap, store, and not worry about them going bad, so we'll have them if they become needed.

It's better to have such things -- and NOT need them, than to need them and NOT HAVE them.

Below is a suggested list of supplies.  You may already have some.  There may be other things you hadn't thought about.  It's worth a read, for your safety, and the survival of your loved ones:




Whether you live in an earthquake area, a flood zone, Tornado Alley or in a major city subject to Terrorist attacks, I earnestly hope my fellow Americans have heeded my long-offered advice to prepare themselves.

Given the ongoing shenanigans with Commies here in the USA, and now the sudden burst of trouble with Iran,  WAR PREPS are a smart idea too.  

Modern warfare is no longer restricted to far-off battlefields.  Sleeper cells will attack our Electrical Grid, our public water supplies, key highway bridges to halt the flow of food and commerce, key railroad bridges, to halt the flow of food and war-fighting supplies, Oil and gas pipelines to shut down our ability to keep warm or to travel or deliver supplies.

They will release chemical and biological weapons to take as many of us down with them as they can.  


You and your family absolutely MUST prepare.  You MUST have:

An Emergency Food Supply

An Emergency Water Supply

Filter Masks to protect from inhaling radiation particles or Chemical/Biological Weapons

Swimmer masks or waterproof goggles to protect our eyes from Nuclear/Chemical/Biological Weapons

A source of Emergency Electrical power: A generator,  or an INVERTER to convert DC car batteries to AC electric, or Solar panels with batteries and an INVERTER.

Spare Fuel: For your car(s), Trucks, Emergency Generator fuel supply etc.

CASH MONEY ON HAND -- Puerto Rico got hit by a hurricane and over a month later, many banks and ATM's were still closed and offline. Credit cards didn't work. Debit Cards didn't work. What few stores were open wouldn't accept checks.  CASH WAS KING.  Such will be the case nationwide in the USA if we get hit here by Iranian terror cell attacks.  No cash?  No nothing for you. 

Have some cash on-hand.  Not to pay bills, but to rely upon so you can survive.

Emergency HEAT.  We are still in Summer; there's cold weather ahead.  You should have at least ONE source of Emergency heat.  Perhaps a Kerosene Heater with spare fuel?  SOMETHING is better than nothing.  If war hits here . . . and attacks here in the USA are ___ LIKELY ____ you'd better have a way to keep warm if all the electric is out and if gas/oil pipelines are sabotaged stalling your furnace.

Emergency Communications: Again I refer to Puerto Rico as a prime example of how screwed-up things get when disaster strikes.  People on that island couldn't get cellular or wi-fi, had no landline phones and no electric; thus could not communicate with their loved ones.  Don't be like them.

  • Get yourself a CB radio ($29) and antenna for each car, and a CB radio and antenna for your house.  CB does not require a license, is good for several miles and can keep you in touch with your loved ones during a disaster.
  • Better yet, get yourself Family-Radio-Service (FRS)  walkie talkies. ($15 ea.)  They're only two watts, and the range is very limited (1/2 mile at most) but it will keep you in touch with family members nearby.

Make certain you have spare medicine to live on.  Some folks take specific medicines without which they cannot live.  For instance, one member of my family had a Thyroid removed due to cancer.  That person MUST take a Thyroid replacement drug once a day.  Without that medicine, my family member will die by day five of no medicine.  Have a month or longer supply of such vital medicines on-hand.  


Here's the worst part:


The worst part of this situation is that you cannot tell ANYONE that you have made preparations.  The overwhelming majority of people simply will not take _any_ steps to prepare.  And when disaster strikes, they will come knocking on YOUR door, begging for help.

Many of you will find yourselves in a situation where people you've known for years, come begging you for food and you'll face a stark choice: Feed THEM, or feed YOURSELF.  They had a chance to prep but didn't.  They made that choice, they have to live (or die) from it.  Only the strong survive.  The weak and weak-minded do not.

If you make the mistake of bragging or telling anyone that you're making preparations, they'll stick that in the back of their minds and do nothing, figuring they can come to YOU when the SHTF.  And if you make yet another mistake of actually giving any of them food, THEY WILL TELL OTHERS!  You'll quickly find yourself totally swamped by desperate, hungry, people. 

HAVE FIREARMS and AMMUNITION  You should have a firearm to protect yourself and your family. When the ignorant masses start getting hungry, first they'll _ask_ for food; then they'll come to TAKE IT. You had better be ready to fend-off these predators.


Prepping Options

Below are SOURCES via AMAZON for the items I have mentioned above.  I am NOT the Seller of any of these items. In the interest of full disclosure, I WILL earn a $1 or $2 Commission if you buy things via my web site, but the price you pay is the same whether you buy it through my site, or directly thru AMAZON.  My Commission comes out of the seller profit, so your price is not affected.  Whether you buy through my site or somewhere else, just make sure you have these preps!

Time is of the essence.  If hostilities commence, things will get incredibly bad, incredibly fast.  There won't be any time to cover your ass once everyone in the country is trying to cover theirs.  Store shelves will be emptied in hours. Gas stations will be empty too (just like we all saw when Hurricane Irma hit Florida, and "the masses" waited until one day before its arrival to even THINK of getting fuel.  Thousands of them found empty gas stations.  Don't be like them.



If a hostile entity (like Iran or Terrorists) were to release a Biological Weapon anywhere in the US, certain areas of our country (perhaps entire cities) would IMMEDIATELY be under QUARANTINE.  No one in.  No one out.

All businesses and transportation would shut down.  

In order for _any_ Quarantine to be lifted, authorities must go through at least one 21 day period without any NEW infections.  Most times, they actually need TWO 21-day periods.  That's 42 days.

Do YOU have enough food at home to last 42 days?

If not, you're screwed.  Because there won't be any way to get food delivered (all businesses are closed) and you won't be allowed out to try to BUY anything.  So what then?  

Anyone who thinks the government will somehow help them is an idiot.

You'd better think long and hard about getting yourself Emergency food, because if Iran sees it's losing a war with us, they WILL release bio-weapons here in the US, and a lot of us WILL be Quarantined.  Will you or your family be among those who starve?



No one can survive a direct impact of a nuclear bomb.  But those close to an impact zone CAN survive; and so can those farther away . . . . IF you prepare to deal with the issues created by an attack.

In a nuclear attack, the immediate blast zone is totally lost.  Vaporized.  Nothing survives.   Within 3 miles of the blast zone, windows are instantly shattered by the force of the blast - both the wind and the sound wave.

Car bombs and Improvised Explosive Devices (IED's) are the weapons of choice of terrorists.  Localized blast waves from car bombs and IED's definitely shatter nearby windows too.  When those windows shatter, they hurl shards of razor sharp glass everywhere in your house or apartment.



You can minimize the danger of injury to yourself and your family from shattering glass by installing plastic coating on the INSIDE of your windows.  This coating acts to hold-together the shards of glass which would otherwise be JAGGED, RAZOR-LIKE, PROJECTILES cutting the heck out of anything in their path.

The coating makes your home windows more like a car windshield as opposed to the side window in a car: A Windshield may crack, but the glass is held together by plastic.  Side windows of a car shatter all over the place.

Here are some sources of Plastic window coatings you can apply to your windows at home, yourself:



If a nuke detonates, or a Bio weapon is released there will be NO FOOD deliveries, possibly for weeks, to the affected area. Government may not even be able to bring food in because of debris blocking roads, collapsed bridges and overpasses, or active bio-weapon agents in the air.

You need to have Emergency Food Supplies in your possession or you will literally starve to death.

Here are some sources of Emergency Food: 











These pills are to be taken, one a day, only during ACTIVE RADIATION EXPOSURE.   If you take these pills when there is no radiation, your Thyroid gland in your neck will PERMANENTLY SWELL.  In some people, it would look like a tumor in their neck.  So DON'T Take these pills unless and until you know for certain that there is a radiation issue in your area.



To filter-out particles of radiation, bio-weapons or other contaminants.


ABOUT THE MASKS ABOVE: It is important that you have one WITH YOU or within immediate reach at all times.  For instance, having masks at home while you're at work is useless if an attack takes place while you're at work.  You need to have one in your desk or locker at work.  You should also have one in your car in case an attack takes place while you're traveling.  I have one for EACH of my family members both at home and in my family car, so if we're all together on an outing, and something takes place, we all have masks in the car.  Your finances will dictate how many masks you get, but these are things to really think about as you prep.</p>


Waterproof Goggles

If Biological or Chemical Weapons are released, you want to protect your eyes.  With chemicals, eye protection is understood, but with BIOLOGICAL, most people do not realize they can walk through infectious particles, some of those particles get on our eyes and when we BLINK, the infection gets pushed into our tear ducts and we're infected!!!!!  So having waterproof goggles is essential for protection.





Once your supply of stored water runs out, you're going to need more water, but NONE may be available via Municipal Water Supplies or stores. At that point, you will have to get water from nearby Lakes, Streams or Rivers, and that absolutely requires FILTERING before being consumed.  Here are some Gravity-fed water filters you can resort to when your emergency supplies run out:



Generators - To keep the refrigerator cold a couple hours a day, charge your devices, and have a couple lights in the house.


Solar Power- Will keep some small devices charged, and one light on in the house



These turn your car battery in 120 volts AC.  Wattage is important, a typical refrigerator takes 1100 watts! Bear that in mind as you shop. . .



The are empty cans to store spare fuel for your Generator, car, truck, etc.



These need fuel to operate; usually Kerosene


Kerosene Storage for Heat

These empty containers to store Kerosene fuel are colored blue to distinguish Kerosene from Gasoline.



CB Radio for cars or home


 Mobile Antennas (One needed per car)




GMRS Walkie-Talkies - VERY LIMITED RANGE (Despite Ad Claims; usually less than 1 mile)







Please Note: This web site survives on READER DONATIONS.  If you found this article helpful, PLEASE use the DONATE BUTTON at the top right of this page to send some financial help.  I cannot do this without YOU.





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    Gregg W · 00:37 08/11/2018
    Update. I just watched a video on Facebook where someone (unknown to me) video recorded this plane flying low over their neighborhood. I don't know how to share that, and am not sure where they live. They knew something about planes and said, 'he should never be flying that low out here!' Don't know what this will turn out to be, but crazy stuff. Take care. Gregg
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    Gregg W · 00:21 08/11/2018
    Hal, I wanted to pass info on to you but couldn't find a better way. I live outside of Seattle and just got info from a friend in the airline business. Just tonight, someone stole a Horizon airlines plane from SeaTac airport. Why and how are unknown so far, but supposedly two F-15's were racing from Portland, OR to intercept this plane. We were told they won't let it get near any public buildings. I have yet to see anything on the news. I thought you might find it interesting. God bless. Gregg
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