California Supreme Court pulls measure that would split state in 3 from November ballot

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The California Supreme Court blocked a measure that would divide the state in three from appearing on the November ballot.

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Democrat Congressman Urges YouTube to Ban 'Conspiracy Theory' Videos

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Democrat Congressman Ted Deutch of Florida wants YouTube to ban 'conspiracy theory' videos, meaning anything that disagrees with the official story of breaking news or historical events. 

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NY Times Reporter Under Investigation over Breaking-in to GOP Staffer's Home


Police have opened an investigation into New York Times reporter Stephanie Saul for allegedly breaking and entering in the apartment of a Corey Stewart campaign staffer in Woodbridge, Virginia.

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Shots fired through window of Albany, NY Democratic HQ - Think they'll Get the Message?


Shots were fired through the window of the headquarters of the Albany County Democratic Committee. The damage was discovered Wednesday morning, July 18, 2018.  (Hal Turner wonders: Will Democrats get the message?)

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It was CHINA! All of Hillary Clinton's Private Server e-mails grabbed by Chinese Espionage


Former top FBI lawyer Lisa Page testified during two days of closed-door House hearings, revealing shocking new Intel against her old bosses at the Bureau, according the well-placed FBI sources who know me from my years as a National Security Intelligence Asset for the FBI Joint  Terrorism Task Force.

Alarming new details on allegations of a bureau-wide cover up. Or should we say another bureau-wide cover up?

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Dear God; They Caught Them ALL! Putin Gives Trump 160 Terabytes of Communication Intercepts; ALL people behind fake "Russia Collusion" - False Flag Chemical Attacks in Syria, Sabotage of Brexit, Nefarious Clinton activities & More


UPDATED THURSDAY JUNE 19 3:00 PM EDT See Bottom --  Thanks to my long-time former colleagues from the Intelligence Community, whom I worked with in my years with the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force, from both inside and outside the US, I am pleased to be the ONLY media outlet to be able to report this extraordinary information . . . .

The jig is finally up.  The Dominoes are all in position to be knocked over.   The "elite"  have phoned, faxed, and emailed many of themselves right into prison, or worse. (When the public finds out, probably "worse.")

At the meeting in Helsinki, Finland, between Presidents Putin of Russia and Trump of the USA, the Russians gave to Trump at least 160 TERABYTES of Russian Intelligence Intercepts which expose horrifying activities of many, many, people to deliberately foment social, cultural, and political chaos, violent riots, demonstrations, media smears, phony scandals, and fake news. 

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