Outermost Bands of Hurricane Clouds Reach North Carolina; Whitecaps Visible in Ocean

The first nasty clouds from Hurricane Florence have now arrived along the coast of North Carolina and the ocean surface is already beginning to show "whitecaps."  This is important because the eye of the storm itself, is still FOUR-HUNDRED MILES away!

Much is being made of the fact that the wind speeds around the eye have decreased from 140 MPH to about 130 MPH, and some people seem happy about this.  However, this is one of the WORST developments so far:

This took place because the WIND FIELD expended to almost DOUBLE its previous size.  Right now, Hurricane Force winds (Defined as Sustained Winds in excess of 74 MPH) extend out 70 miles from the center, or 140 miles end-to-end.  Tropical Storm Force Winds (Defined as Sustained Winds between 30 and 73 MPH) extend out 195 Miles from the center or almost 400 Miles end-to-end!  All of that wind is not only PUSHING the ocean into shore, it is loaded with rain. 

When Florence is all said and done, portions of Virginia, much of North and South Carolina, as well as portions of Georgia will be destroyed and a whole slew of really stupid people who refuse to evacuate, will be dead.

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Historic First: SPACE STATION Issues Hurricane Warning to Evacuate | NHC Measures 83 Foot WAVES

Astronauts on the International Space Station have tweeted a Hurricane Warning today, possibly a historic first in the annals of weather.

They sent photos of Hurricane Florence back down to earth calling the storm a "no-kidding nightmare" implicitly warning for folks to EVACUATE:

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8 Minutes Ago: Hurricane Hunter Aircraft Measures Winds of 157.6 MPH in Florence!

At 9:52 PM eastern US time on September 11, 2018, a Hurricane Hunter Aircraft completed a run through Hurricane Florence and detected sustained winds of 157.6 Miles per hour!

The actual report from the aircraft appears below as measured in Knots.   1 Knot - 1.15 MPH.  You can clearly see a large area on the northeast side of the eye registering over 137 Knots . . .

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Democrat Activist Threatens MASS SHOOTING at Trump MAGA Meeting

A social justice (Democrat) Activisst on Twitter has threatened to personally commit a mass-shooting at tonight's Make American Great Again Meeting at President Trump's Washington DC Hotel.

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The very latest computer models on Hurricane Florence show a DRAMATIC AND DANGEROUS CHANGES to the forecast. 

First, the EURO super-computer model is now saying Florence may NOT come fully ashore in North Carolina, but instead come right up to the shoreline and stall . . . . for 36 Hours!

That would mean no weakening, and hurling 20 to 22 FEET of STORM SURGE into North and South Carolina for a full 36 hours.

WORSE . . .

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17 Years Ago Today, the Producer of The Hal Turner Show was Murdered at 1 World Trade Center, New York City

Today is September 11 and it's hard to believe it is now seventeen years since the Producer of my radio show, Gerard "Rod" Coppola, was murdered in the attacks of 9/11.

Even more difficult to fathom is how the events of that day shaped MY life, my role with the FBI, my involvement in National Security Intelligence and so much more.

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