Such is the sentiment of one south Florida resident when he was asked what should be done about the rampant election fraud taking place once again in Broward County, Florida.

Michael Smensky stood outside the Broward Election Commission Headquarters today, protesting with dozens of other Floridians, after word leaked out that tens-of-thousands of "uncounted" ballots have magically appeared in that county since the end of Tuesday's election.  That's enough ballots to change the election results statewide and for the US Senate.

Smensky said he is so fed up with the rampant fraud taking place by Democrat Election Officials, that he agrees with what he's heard other people say about "Fire-bombing their houses late at night, and when they come running out in their underwear to flee the fire, shotgun them to death on their front lawns."  When asked if he was going to actually do that, he emphatically said "no"  but added "I wouldn't shed a tear if someone did it."

So unimaginably overt is the fraud taking place in several Florida counties that Florida's Governor ordered the State Police to physically SEIZE ballots from Broward County Election officials, and impound those ballots in a location where they cannot be added-to or improperly disposed of.

Earlier Friday, at least FIVE straight-job rental trucks, 24' long each (photo above),  bearing the decals of "National Truck Rental" and "Budget Truck Rental," were seen pulling up to the Broward Election Commission building, presumably manned by Florida State Highway Patrol Troopers, to carry out the Governor's order.

With his margin of victory in Florida’s Senate race narrowing, Gov. Rick Scott phoned in the lawyers. Addressing reporters in Tallahassee on Thursday night, Scott (R) declared that he was suing to stop Democrats from stealing what he said was his midterm victory over incumbent Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson. His ire in particular zeroed in on two South Florida counties.

“Every Floridian should be concerned there may be rampant fraud happening in Palm Beach and Broward counties,” Scott said. “I will not sit idly by while unethical liberals try to steal this election from the people of Florida.”

Back in Washington, President Trump echoed the allegation. “Law Enforcement is looking into another big corruption scandal having to do with Election Fraud in #Broward and Palm Beach. Florida voted for Rick Scott!” the president blasted out on Twitter.

Late Friday morning, as he was leaving the White House for a trip to Paris to mark the 100th anniversary of the armistice that ended of World War I, Trump told reporters that Broward County and the woman in charge of elections there have “a horrible history.” He went on: “And all of a sudden they’re finding votes out of nowhere. Rick Scott ... won by a comfortable margin, but every couple of hours it goes down a little bit.... Bad things have gone on in Broward County, really bad things.”

Republicans have piled on about alleged ballot-box shenanigans and dirty tricks, layering the aftermath of a contentious election with new drama.

But the whole situation in Florida also feels like a repeat of past political upheaval. That’s thanks to Broward County.

For decades, the county has regularly been a hot zone for election-night chaos in both statewide and national races, including the infamous 2000 presidential election. Years of problems have only slapped additional coats of paint on the county’s sordid reputation as a black hole for ballots. Broward County Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes, the target of Scott’s legal action, has been accused in recent years of illegally destroying ballots and mismanagement.


91 Year old Emily Wallace, says that voting fraud has gotten so bad, "We need men folk from yesteryear to step up and do what it takes to make things right."   When asked what she thinks it would take to make things right, she replied "My deceased husband Clyde and other men would have come down here with a rope and lynched that fat nigger bitch Brenda Snipes for what she's doing - stealing the election!  This is what happens when you put a nigger in charge of something, its either screwed up because they're stupid or screwed up because they're shifty, niggers."   

When told that her remarks sounded racist and even White Supremacist, Ms. Wallace replied "We need White Supremacy again to fix everything the minorities have messed up.  The whole reason they're even here is because us white folk made a wonderful society, and these third world immigrants are wrecking it right before our eyes.  They're turning OUR land into the lands they fled.  We need to get them under control of get them the hell out!"

U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio aimed fire Thursday at Broward County Elections Supervisor Brenda Snipes.

Rubio excoriated the elections supervisor in series of messages he posted on Twitter.

“A U.S. Senate seat & a statewide cabinet officer are now potentially in the hands of an elections supervisor with a history of incompetence & of blatant violations of state & federal laws,” Rubio thundered in one of his afternoon commentaries.

He complained that vote counting in Florida’s other 66 counties was much farther along than in Broward.

BayCounty was hit by a Cat 4 Hurricane just 4 weeks ago, yet managed to count votes & submit timely results. Yet over 41 hours after polls closed #Broward elections office is still counting votes?” Rubio said.

Bay County reported 63,768 votes cast. Broward had 707,223 cast late Thursday afternoon as counting continued.

The senator went on to argue that the slow pace was more than “annoying incompetence.” Instead, he warned it is an indication of the potential for mischief, rather than slow counting. Rubio said Democratic lawyers were planning to “steal” the Senate election and one of the Florida Cabinet races. Presumably that refers to the agriculture commissioner contest between Matt Caldwell and Nikki Fried. The two candidates were separated Thursday evening by 470 votes — out of more than 8 million cast.

Rubio seized on a comment from Snipes that she didn’t know how many ballots remained to be counted, and he raised suspicions that something was wrong because her office “isn’t reporting hourly or regularly, but rather releasing thousands of additional votes, often in the overnight hours, that are chipping away at GOP leads.”

Counting votes in Broward — whether it’s done on election night or after — is virtually guaranteed to produce more Democratic than Republican ballots and reduce the GOP’s advantage statewide. That happens in every election, regardless of timing.

Broward is the biggest Democratic county in the state. More than 50 percent of the county’s registered voters are Democrats. Republicans make up 21 percent of the county’s registered voters — in third place behind no party affiliation voters, who make up 28 percent.

Snipes was appointed elections supervisor in 2003 by then-Gov. Jeb Bush.  (a.k.a. Low-T Jeb)  Scherer said he’s “been having to file lawsuits against Brenda Snipes ever since for voting irregularities in Broward County. ... Brenda Snipes and her election apparatus causes everybody to have doubts about where these votes are, how many are left.”

Cynthia Busch, chairwoman of the Broward Democratic Party, said Thursday people are frustrated by the time the vote counting is taking but urged calm.

Rubio said Snipes’s office “has a history of violating the law.” He attached a news article about a court ruling against Snipes.

While a lawsuit seeking access to ballots from a 2016 congressional primary was pending, Snipes’ office prematurely destroyed the ballots.

She called it a mistake. A circuit court judge ruled in May that her office broke federal and state law by destroying the ballots too soon after the August 2016 primary, while the lawsuit was pending.

She OK’d the ballot destruction a year after the primary. The law requires preservation of the ballots for 22 months.

Snipes has had many critics over the years. In 2016, for example, she was sued because some mail ballots did not include a question about a state constitutional amendment on allowing medical marijuana.

Snipes wasn’t immediately available for comment after Rubio’s string of Twitter comments.

Earlier Thursday, she said she did not want to be “guesstimating,” when asked how long the tabulation would take. She said the volume of mail-in ballots received that has made the count take so long.


UPDATE 6:452 PM EST --

In the comments area below this article, a poster calling himself Leon Night accused this web site of "FAKED photos" because of a reverse-facing poster with writing on it.   His exact comment was:

Wait-a-minute! Please take the time to compare the two photo images above of Broward County protesters. They are slightly different frames, to be sure, but the backward-facing posters "Don't steal my election" and "Lock her up" are CLEARLY FAKED !!! If HAL wants to remain credible (and not be perceived as "fake news") he CANNOT include what are obviously FAKED photos in his articles. 

It's all theater folks! Nothing to see here, because EVERYONE lies to promote their agenda. BELIEVE NOTHING (which means examine EVERYTHING with your MIND, not your EMOTIONS)

Sorry to disappoint you sir, but below is the VIDEO taken by helicopter of the protest.  In the video AT ABOUT 00:47s, you can clearly see a brown-haired woman with the "LOCK HER UP" sign, and moments later at 1m:43s, she  **** FLIPS IT OVER **** and afterwards, you see the other message "DON'T STEAL MY ELECTION"   The protester wrote on both sides of her sign.   Here's the video:

This web site does not do "fake."  Not fake news. Not fake photos. Not fake video.  

Not today.  Not ever.

We await your apology.




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  • Comment held for moderation.
    KillU · 20:15 11/10/2018
    Hey, Fat Fuck, what happened to the
    Fake news bullshit posting about residents
    going home to get guns.
    I am going to kill you, you pile of dogshit.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Leon Night · 09:46 11/10/2018
    I stand corrected. My apologies to you and your reporting. My skeptical propensity to distinguish fake news from the real thing got the best of me.

    Lesson to self: Don't jump to conclusions, you may just land on your head.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Sherlock · 06:07 11/10/2018
    Election fraud is directly undermining the foundation of the Nation.
    It is treason .
    It should mean life in prison for providing material aid and support to our enemies.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Leo Gitt · 18:22 11/10/2018
      I would prefer that the death penalty be given to all true traitors!
  • Comment held for moderation.
    USA=Banana Republic · 01:26 11/10/2018
    LOTS of monkeying around in this banana republic. How can anyone be bothered to vote...soooooo much corruption!!!!
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Gifford Rodine · 21:00 11/09/2018
    This is not rocket science. The State Attorney General should state: "The law in Florida requires all counties to submit a ballot total 30 minutes after the polls close. For those counties not submitting a ballot count at that time we will use the vote count that they had at that time. Discussion over. That is the law."

    The State Attorney General should then state: "Governor Scott you are our next United States Senator."
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Simply Curious · 20:01 11/09/2018
    Wow, it was so easy (for a person from Florida) to get this info from the Broward County Property Appraisers website, that surely Brenda doesn't live here.

    Snipes, Walter and Brenda


    Lauderdale Lakes, FL 33311

    $206,700 (she should be able to afford more than that with payoffs and Seminole Mob money)
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Simply Curious · 19:30 11/09/2018

    Are you able to find out Brenda Snipes home address?
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Hal Turner · 19:42 11/09/2018
      Yes, I am able to. I will NOT.

      This is not my fight. It is the business of the people of Florida. If ONE OF THEM wants to do such a thing, it's up to them.

      Having been arrested twice and thrown in prison for a few years, I am reluctant to fight other people's battles anymore. Because let me tell you how shit like this ACTUALLY works:

      Let's just presume for hypothetical purposes that I did what you suggest and posted such information.

      Within MINUTES, the radical left-wing, either through the Southern Poverty Law Center, or the Anti-Defamation League would be in touch with police agencies in Florida, informing them that such info has been published.

      The cops will then go look for themselves and when they find it, they call a local Prosecutor/District Attorney who MAY tell them "Arrest him for incitement." Even if it was a perfectly sensible posting, it won't matter. Once the DA says Book-em, the cops do as they're told.

      Now, I'm not located IN Florida, so they would issue . . . . ready for this . . . . a FUGITIVE FROM JUSTICE warrant for me.

      Even though I am not in Florida, am not subject to Florida law, and committed no act in Florida from which I fled, they would issue THAT warrant anyway.

      My local police would get the warrant and come get me. Off to local jail I go.

      Here's where it gets good: Because the Warrant is a FUGITIVE FROM JUSTICE warrant, there is NO BAIL ! ! ! ! !

      I would have to seek a Hearing before a Superior Court Judge to lay out the facts so he could see I was never actually a fugitive from justice. That hearing MIGHT take place sometime next week. In the meantime, I sit my ass in the Hudson County Jail.

      Then, I go before the Judge and he sees, Oh, Gee, Turner is NOT actually a Fugitive, so Turner is entitled to bail. The Judge would inquire of Florida how much Bail, they would tell him, and I could post that or get a Bail Bondsman to do so. (Bond fee=10% non-refundable) When I am released, I would be REQUIRED to travel to Florida to surrender to them within X time, and at MY expense.

      So off to Florida I would go and, when I got there, SURPRISE, the Bail Bond from NEW JERSEY. . . . IS NO GOOD. I would have to post a SECOND Bail Bond, (more money) in Florida.

      NOW, because the Prosecution knows they have no case, they immediately attempt to taint the Jury pool with massive media coverage: "Big shot radio host from New York City arrested for Incitement" Those stories would, of course, cover the fact that I have been down this road before (and obviously didn't learn his lesson) and they'd be sure to emphasize that I was sent to Federal terrorist prison because I'm apparently so gosh darned dangerous. I'm not, of course, but the truth has no bearing on such things anymore.

      Then, there would be Motions to dismiss, which the Judge in Florida would deny because . . . he's a Democrat. The law means NOTHING to Democrat judges. State precedent means nothing to them, Federal precedent - even US Supreme Court precedent - means nothing to them either. They do what they want and a Defendant's ONLY recourse is. . . . Appeal. Wait a fucking year or two, lose the Appeal anyway (More Democrat Judges) and have to continue through the legal meat grinder. . . . off to trial I would go 6 months to a year later.

      Now, I have to spend big bucks on lawyers.

      When we get to trial, MAYBE THE STATES ATTORNEY WILL PULL THE SAME STUNT THAT THE FEDS PULLED IN MY FIRST (OF THREE) FEDERAL TRIALS: "Good afternoon ladies and Gentlemen, I am Assistant United States Attorney William Hogan, these are my trial partners, Assistant United States Attorney William Ridgway and Assistant United States Attorney Diane MacArthur. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a case of DOMESTIC TERRORISM perpetrated by THAT MAN (Points to me) HAL TURNER, a DOMESTIC TERRORIST." Immediately upon which my lawyers jumped out of their chairs objecting, and rightly pointing out that this was not a terrorism case, I was not charged with terrorism and they moved for a mistrial (MOTION DENIED) -- The judge goes on to inform the jury that opening statements are not evidence, but merely what the government HOPES to prove. But it's too late. You can't un-ring the bell. The taint is there. The jury has it in their heads "Domestic Terrorist."

      Next, the state attorney will bring up every crazy comment ever posted to this web site by Sammy the jew hater and any other whack-job to "prove" that my audience is somehow "dangerous" and me publishing that info was, therefore "incitement."

      Maybe the jury buys the state argument and convicts me. Jail, 10 years.

      Maybe the jury does what the jury in Connecticut did and finds me NOT GUILTY. Who knows? Big risk!

      Let's say I win, like I did in Connecticut when they pulled this EXACT SHIT on me. ******* I cannot sue them ******* because they have "Qualified Immunity" and a judge ruled there was probable cause to arrest me when he issued the warrant.

      That may also be backed up by a subsequent Grand Jury Indictment. So my ability to file suit - no longer exists --because THEY had "probable cause."

      So let's recap briefly: I get arrested, kept in jail without bail for days or a week, have to spend bucks for a NJ bail bond, have to pay to get myself 1200 miles to Florida, pay more money for a Second Bail Bond in FL, have to hire a lawyer, go to trial and maybe get convicted . . . but probably get off. STILL CANNOT SUE.


      No thanks.

      Been there. Done that.

      If folks in Florida want the info, they can get it themselves from TruePeopleSearch.com or a paid service called Intelius.com.

      I will NOT be the one to do it for them.

      P.S. One more little gem of wisdom from hard experience: 99.9% of the people who "love me" -- LOVE my radio show, and "love this web site" suddenly disappear when the legal system comes calling.

      Gone. Not a peep. No support. No donations. Not even a letter written to me in prison.

      All the "fame and fortune" of being a media guy . . . isn't worth shit when the legal system rears its ugly head. People run away so fast, some of them leave skid marks.

      The legal fees drove me into Bankruptcy. When I came out of prison, I had to start all over again. My whole life! I started with NOTHING. I'd rather not go down that road again.
      • Comment held for moderation.
        Leo Gitt · 02:27 11/10/2018
        Wow! It's OK Hal, there is one divine executive branch, legislative branch and judicial branch representative at the very core of reality who is omniscient, omnipotent and omnibenevolent; He is ontologically grounded honesty, justice, truth and mercy personified and eternalized and He has your back...He will vindicate you, avenge you and lift you up on high! His name is Jesus! Trust Him! (and this coming from a man that has been a licensed Texas Attorney (and part time college prof) since 1984!!!) The stories I can tell of the corruption I have seen and been thwarted by!

        PS: There are honest attorneys out there; I should know, I am one of them! It’s amazing how honest even a “shyster” can be when he believes every act, omission, word and intention of the heart throughout his entire life will come under microscopic scrutiny, censure and minute judgment by/from/under the Almighty Living God! I “fear” Him, much more than I fear mere men! How awesome will it be to look into the face of our Eternal Judge and see our Eternal Savior’s face there!
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Gregg Walker · 19:25 11/09/2018
    What a bunch of crap! They need to HAMMER the rats who do this. The Dems can't ever play by the rules. They can't stand to lose anything ! They are still so chapped about Trump beating Sillary that this is how they will deal with every election until stopped.

    In Washington State (a liberal arm pit- in the big cities) a few years ago, we had a Republican winner for Governor. The democrat who lost had a recount done 3 TIMES before miraculously SHE WON! What a joke! Trump might be the first one to actually do something about this.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Abel n Dangering · 19:05 11/09/2018
    Well, shit, Emily. You done got your hackles up over the niggers again. And at your age. My God! There be civil rights attorneys crawling all over your words trying to find a way to lock your ass up. Don't you know that? You could be charged with battery and attempted murder, young lady. Now you just stop it! You stop it right now!
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Micah · 18:18 11/09/2018
    Ms. Wallace replied "We need White Supremacy again to fix everything the minorities have messed up. The whole reason they're even here is because us white folk made a wonderful society, and these third world immigrants are wrecking it right before our eyes. They're turning OUR land into the lands they fled. We need to get them under control of get them the hell out!"

    My kind of lady.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    luciuos · 16:51 11/09/2018
    Emily Wallace for HUD secretary!
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Leon Night · 16:47 11/09/2018
    Wait-a-minute! Please take the time to compare the two photo images above of Broward County protesters. They are slightly different frames, to be sure, but the backward-facing posters "Don't steal my election" and "Lock her up" are CLEARLY FAKED !!! If HAL wants to remain credible (and not be perceived as "fake news") he CANNOT include what are obviously FAKED photos in his articles.

    It's all theater folks! Nothing to see here, because EVERYONE lies to promote their agenda. BELIEVE NOTHING (which means examine EVERYTHING with your MIND, not your EMOTIONS) ******* VOLUNTEER NEWS STAFF RESPONDS:****
    An UPDATE has been added to this story proving you incorrect. It turns out the protester in question had written different messages herself on both sides of her sign, and in the video, you can see both messages as she FLIPS the sign over.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Mel Perry · 21:03 11/09/2018
      You're wrong. See Hal's comment and watch her flip her sign.

      You owe Hal a public apology!!
  • Comment held for moderation.
    America: Mobocracy · 16:10 11/09/2018
    We need the military to oversee our elections. Obviously Homeland Security is failing on securing the will of the People (votes cast).

    The first thing President Trump should have worked on--being there was so much gerrymandering with the 2016 election--is election reform.

    It's been said that it doesn't matter how many votes are cast for whom, it only matters who is counting the votes. And we know that most of the liberals are character deficient and are willing to do 'whatever it takes, by any means necessary' to force their will. America is now a Mobocracy!!!!
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Branko · 19:48 11/09/2018
      ID stupid,we need id same as for anything else.lol
      • Comment held for moderation.
        Branko=Stupid Idiot · 20:50 11/09/2018
        Branko (a.k.a. Stupid Idiot), IDs are already given out by various States to illegals. Besides it doesn't correct the machine tampering. Add to that that the Dems tamper with the ballots and luckily find boxes and boxes of uncounted ballots for Dems post-election...how convenient. At least the military know what they are fighting for and swear an oath to defend the Constitution. I would expect that anyone willing to lay down their lives is going to be WAY more honest about counting ballots than seditious leftists who espouse Communist and Socialism.

        Oh, and before you start calling people "stupid" have something smarter to say than dismissive and ordinary comments.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Gregg Walker · 19:26 11/09/2018
      Yep. You're right. In most of the bigger counties, the government workers do the counting. Surprise, surprise, the dems work in the government - mostly. Some humans do but they are a minority.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Zero Confidence · 15:58 11/09/2018
    Zero confidence in our elections!!!!!!!!!!! So much fraud and corruption, our Republic is gasping its last breath.

    Truly heartbreaking.
  • Comment held for moderation.
    Sharpshooter · 15:56 11/09/2018
    "Fire-bombing their houses late at night, and when they come running out in their underwear to flee the fire, shotgun them to death on their front lawns." <---- TYPICAL COMMIE JEW MENTALITY, TYPICAL COMMIE JEW TACTIC, Michael Smensky<<<<<--- THAT'S AS COMMIE JEW AS IT GETS! SHOOT THIS FUCKING COMMIE JEW ON SIGHT!
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Kevin Burger · 19:06 11/09/2018
      You sound like a commie Jew too lol
      • Comment held for moderation.
        Sharpshooter · 12:38 11/10/2018
        FYI, Broward Cnty and Miami Dade Cnty. are ground zero for some the the filthiest, degenerate, communist jews in America. We would do well to cull the herd. I recommend a bounty of 3 sheckles each.
    • Comment held for moderation.
      Guest · 16:07 11/09/2018
      Smensky sounds Polish to me.
      • Comment held for moderation.
        John Robert Mallernee · 19:09 11/09/2018
        When the name is spelled ending with an "SKI", it is Polish, but when it is spelled ending with a "SKY", then it is Russian.
        • Comment held for moderation.
          William Bermudez · 23:05 11/09/2018
          Also, if it's -skiy or -skyi, it's Ukrainian. I did my student teaching in a school with a lot of recent migrants from that country.
          • Comment held for moderation.
            John Robert Mallernee · 09:43 11/10/2018
            @ WILLIAM BERMUDEZ:


            It's always good to learn new stuff.

            I have a friend who is very proud of his Cossack heritage as a first generation Ukrainian immigrant.

            Another friend married a Russian gal from the Ukraine.

            Both of these guys served with me in the Viet Nam War.
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