When the leaders of the two most powerful nations on earth arrive in Paris on November 11 with leaders of multiple other nations, they will NOT meet with each other.

Official word now that the Trump-Putin Summit previously scheduled for Nov. 11 is cancelled.

There is MUCH background intel on this, and it is all bad.   Very bad.



I cannot divulge what I have been told, yet.

I can tell you that the two leaders MAY meet in Argentina later in November, but that is still up in the air.

A LOT can happen between now and then, and in some circles, the talk of what MAY happen is centering on direct conflict.

Please, Please, PLEASE, America, make preps. 

I implore you in the strongest manner I can, to make certain you have Emergency food for at least ONE MONTH.  Emergency water.  Emergency heat with spare fuel. A way to generate emergency electric power and spare fuel for that method of power generation.  Make sure you have emergency medicines of any kind that you take TO LIVE in case supply chains get "disrupted."  Have a First Aid Kit (Trauma).  Have Emergency Communications gear, CB or HAM radio for home (with antenna on the roof) and mobile CB or HAM radios in each car with mobile antennas to operate those radios. 

Most of all, have a "Bug-Out" plan.  A place you can go on a moment's notice, several hundred miles away from where you live.  Make sure your family knows this plan and knows what to do and how to do it so as to all get to that Bug-out location.

Things are in-play now that could go very bad, very fast.  Uncontrollably fast.

We've not lived in times like this since . . . the Cuban Missile Crisis.  It's all being kept hush hush from the public.

If this goes bad, it will happen with lightning speed and be utterly devastating.






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    lopter · 07:53 11/11/2018
    Cancelled? really?

    "Warm handshakes between Putin and Trump"


    0:56 Trump ignores Trudeau.

    3:03 Putin steps in

    3:21 Trump and Putin warm handshake. Putin gives Trump thumb up, Trump give Putin pat on the shoulder.

    3:24 - 3:29 Merkel have a grimmy look after seeing Trump & Putin greeting and then smiles a lot after few sec.
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    jdch · 11:31 11/08/2018
    be quiet, joe blow. you speak from ignorance. JESUS CHRIST is the center of all time and eternity, and the sole focus of the end of the age, not the jews. Luther wasnt demon possessed, that is preposterous stupidity. He was against the catholic abuses and 'system' - your lack of discernment is just sad.

    since you are so bold, what is YOUR faith tradition? are you jewish? Christian (or claim to be)? which denomination?
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    2 John 7-11 · 07:54 11/08/2018
    joe blow ,still an idiot and getting worse
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    Alan · 05:32 11/08/2018
    As an FYI, I also live paycheck to paycheck. All my stuff is old used things I got cheap that I rebuilt. For example, the propane generator came out of a late 1970's 45 foot Winnebego. A 5,000 watt 240VAC ONAN. I bought it for $100 and installed the propane conversion kit myself, installed new points and condenser and filters and oil. Runs great. Bought a used propane stove, installed it myself and have spare tanks. Used kero heater for 20 bucks I cleaned and fixed up. Heck, even a simple Kero Hurricane lantern is only 6 bucks at Wal-Mart! Used yard sales candles collected for 25 cents a pop stored in a box. I installed my own solar system over a period of a year piece by piece as I got the money somehow.

    Whatever is left out of each paycheck is invested for the future (not in the stock market - I am not wealthy) in just a few more canned goods for the pantry, or finally a decent set of tires for the old truck that I have been working on. I eat homemade spaghetti instead of Applebees. Frozen pizza instead of Pizza Hut. Cancel cable. Cancel everything but internet, and use the money saved to buy something used, get off of the couch and go fix up those used things that you may need in the evenings instead snacking and watching the tube. It makes a big difference.

    The point is to start somewhere. You either want to or you don't. Complaining is not an option, rather a sign that I don't want you for a neighbor when the SHTF. So if you haven't shown an effort to do anything at all, then you are on your own in my book and please stay away from me.

    Got to go now and disassemble my Quadrajet Carb on the old truck and make a mixture adjustment to extend range with better mileage, then reassemble it and drive it to work this morning. God bless. Just saying...

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      No Empathy Alan · 17:55 11/08/2018

      You're assuming people aren't doing anything. One, I am disabled...have zero income. So, no, can't buy anything. The only things I can do is sell what little I have left along with work for room and board doing what I can manage...a little housework chores.

      Not everyone is in the same boat as you, so don't try comparing your situation with that of others. Show some empathy as some actually DO have hardship situations and it's not about being LAZY...it's about being DISABLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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      JP · 14:13 11/08/2018
      All wonderful and practical information Alan.

      Unfortunately, I am not as talented and handy with repairs as you are.
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      Branko · 10:54 11/08/2018
      You tha man Alan.That is how living is done.
      god bless
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    Alan · 20:13 11/07/2018
    God bless you Hal, in Jesus name. He calls us all to different roles, some as actual Christian warriors. You have played your role well. God uses who he wills and how he wills. God sees and knows and will issue rewards to those who love him, and show it by preserving righteousness and justice and truth.

    Faith Hope and Love, and the greatest is Love. Love, Truth, Righteousness.

    My humble example for other average home dudes to consider below:

    Time for me to fine tune the rebuilt Quadrajet Carb a bit on the old truck, and top off auxiliary gas tanks. Just rotated home site spare gas, now time to rotate mountain safe haven gas reserves, and check Kero tanks and heaters. Just fired up all 3 generators recently (one is propane with actual ignition points - no electronics) to verify prime working condition. Just bought all new Goodyear Wranglers (one of only 3 brands still actually made in the USA) for the truck, did a valve job, rebuilt the distributor, rebuilt the rear end, installed all new ball joints, and on and on. What a bunch of work! It's not something I do for fun. My truck looks like the worn out 33 year old piece of crap that it is, but it runs stinkin' great and is EMP resistant, with spare ignition and alternator modules wrapped in layers of plastic and aluminum foil - 1 hour and it runs again - no computer.

    Time to top off food stores (short and long term), charge batteries and check the solar system batteries. (Did you know that old single computer battery backup small UPS units that no one wants cause the tiny battery is dead, make excellent line conditioners for cheap or crude generators, by the way for electronics.)

    Oh yeah. Check the stashed weapons and ammo, to be sure that they are still moisture free, oiled and ready.

    Men protect the weaker, and love them. Men don't abuse women, they enable them, support them and protect them. They are you - your flesh. Your woman. Men protect the children and babies. Men prepare so that they can do a good job when the SHTF. It's our role.

    Pray that God is merciful, and that I look like a nut for being a bit of a prepper, which would be awesome. Thanks Hal and God bless. Alan
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    Joe Blow · 20:02 11/07/2018
    The twenty fourth day of the ninth month on the Hebrew calendar. Remember where you heard it from.
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      RBI · 13:26 11/08/2018
      Kislev 24 is Dec 1st this year. 9:36 AM EST. Not a good time to be living on the USA west coast, especially the CA/OR border area. Through the first week in January we can expect higher than normal earthquake activity, and maybe much higher than normal. If deep earthquakes manifest (60-300 mile depth) above Mag 6.0, it would be wise to evacuate the area within 500 miles of such quakes. History, Science, and Prophecy coming together on this forecast!
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    Robert · 19:14 11/07/2018
    I hate this world. Let's get it on.
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    Can't Do Much · 19:05 11/07/2018
    Some of us WISH we had the resources to have somewhere to go. Unfortunately, some of us are barely surviving and live paycheck to paycheck. We don't have family or other support systems and no where to bug out to.

    We just pray God somehow takes care of us...doing our best, but simply don't have any resources.
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    Ric · 19:02 11/07/2018
    For in one hour; So great a riches....
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      Joe Blow · 01:27 11/08/2018
      The entire western civilization is going down with a great noise and it's because of of all the crimes committed against the Jews and Sabbatarians by the Roman Catholics and by the followers of that demon possessed founder of Protestantism Martin Luther. The time of the Gentiles shall finally come to an end. Rejoice over her, thou heaven, and ye holy apostles and prophets; for Yehovah hath avenged you on her Revelation 18:20..
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        Joe Blow=Antichrist · 17:58 11/08/2018
        Once again, Joe REALLY Blows!!!!!
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        Branko · 11:00 11/08/2018
        Joe blow,you do blow.It won’t be long now.
        Whatdid Goebelss say,you repeat the lie often enough,YOU end up believing it.The laugh is on you,stupid sh...t.
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