If you’re someone who occasionally pops off on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit or some other forum, this may give you pause . . . 

Two New York lawmakers are working to draft a bill that would propose a social media check before a gun purchase.

But it’s OK. They only want to look at the last three years of your online activity.

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and state Sen. Kevin Palmer’s proposal would allow authorities to review three years of social media history and one year of internet search history of any person seeking to purchase a firearm.

That’s right. It’s not just social media. They also want to see what you’ve been Googling in your spare time. Is there any phrase you’d prefer that a state bureaucrat not see that you searched in the last 12 months?

“A three-year review of a social media profile would give an easy profile of a person who is not suitable to hold and possess a fire arm,” Adams explains.


The two are hoping to identify any hate speech on social media profiles, which are often revealed only after someone is arrested in a mass shooting.

The great thing about “hate speech” is that it’s very much in the eye of the beholder. Any government functionary who wants to find a reason not to grant a particular person the right to buy a firearm can claim almost anything constitutes hate speech if looked at from a certain perspective.



Don’t think this will stop in New York, even if these two can’t manage to get their little brainstorm signed into law. How long will it take Daddy Bloombucks and his hoplophobic harridans to get signature collectors out on the streets and fund the initiative campaigns to get something like this on the 2020 ballot in California or Washington State?

What could possibly go wrong?


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    Notpublished · 19:29 11/05/2018
    We should also seach back on social media on those that want to do this to us.

    If it reveals their agenda call it even. We can get our guns and they can keep hating us for all I care.
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    George O'Jungle · 15:34 11/05/2018
    Anyone complaining about gun violence ought to be shot.
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    BEST Comment.... · 14:34 11/05/2018
    "Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)
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    No Thanks NY!!!!! · 14:28 11/05/2018
    Talk about 'thought policing'!!!!

    No thank you. There isn't a single person that I agree with 100% of the time. And I don't think anyone needs to pass a 'means test' of politically correct thinking to have the right to bear arms. The fact that this is even being considered shows that tyrants have co-opted this Republic.

    Just as we don't need an intermediary to speak with God, we don't need intermediaries determining what Constitutional rights we are allowed to keep. The right to self-defense comes from God, and the Constitution simply recognizes that inherent right.

    I don't agree with leftist lunatics, but I've never had a thought to restrict their speech or their right to bear arms. At least these power-mad controllers are showing their true colors...and they aren't "Red, White and Blue"...they are ONLY "Red"...(as in Marxism.)
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    Carl Goldsworthy · 13:08 11/05/2018
    Well,perhaps they could extend the idea to the publication of 10 years of all social media content on election of any public official.

    What fun !
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    Arizona · 11:53 11/05/2018
    WELL the women wanted to VOTE so they could pass laws protecting their children from the likes of BLOOMBERG,OBAMA,THE POPE,but they all lied,and NOW they control the elections,70% of the men are EX-FELONS,and can't vote,thanks to the women,YOUR COUNTRY will now sink into being a total shithole ,third world back water toilet...OH yea you fat whores opened the door to a dicatorship,you deserve whats coming
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    Grim · 11:16 11/05/2018
    In other words, the politicians want to confirm whether or not you're awake to their ongoing treason, before they allow you to acquire the tool most suited to permanently end their crimes. However, in the interest of further self-preservation, they should probably also propose the same rule for citizens wishing to purchase torches, pitchforks and stout lengths of rope.
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    Kathy Christian · 11:16 11/05/2018
    Of course, if you're a Nowhere Man, you have nothing to worry about.
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    JimmyC · 09:12 11/05/2018
    Never use Google search engine. One alternative is "Duck Duck Go". Also, turn off the Google tracking services..
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    Chilly8 · 09:00 11/05/2018
    That can be solved by having two.social media profiles. You give a "decoy" to the authorities if there is something you don't want them to see, so they won't find it.

    This is why proposals made by both the Obama and Trump administrations for all foreigners seeking entry to this country to hand over social media profiles has gone nowhere in Congress. Someone could give a bogus email address and Customs and/or an6 us embassy abroad would never be the wiser. As long as wipe your devices before crossing the border they will never know

    As for Google searches, another clever way is to log out of your Google account if you want to do search you would rather the government not find.
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    Corporal of USMC · 08:42 11/05/2018
    This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me my rifle is useless. Without my rifle, I am useless. I must fire my rifle true. I must shoot straighter than the enemy who is trying to kill me. I must shoot him before he shoots me. I will. My rifle and I know that what counts in war is not the rounds we fire, the noise of our burst, or the smoke we make. We know that it is the hits that count. We will hit.

    My rifle is human, even as I am human, because it is my life. Thus, I will learn it as a brother. I will learn its weaknesses, its strengths, its parts, its accessories, its sights and its barrel. I will keep my rifle clean and ready, even as I am clean and ready. We will become part of each other.

    Before God I swear this creed. My rifle and I are the defenders of my country. We are the masters of our enemy. We are the saviors of my life.

    So be it, until victory is America's and there is no enemy.
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    Corporal of USMC · 08:41 11/05/2018
    If your stupid enough to leave behind a 3 year trail of social media rants and a year of google searches, your obviously to stupid to operate a firearm of any type. However, there is help available for "the stupid people"

    Hiding From The Internet (2018 4th Edition) Take control of your privacy by removing
    your personal information from the internet https://inteltechniques.com/book2.html
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      Chilly8 · 12:47 11/05/2018
      As far as Google Searches go, just log out of your Google account, if you do a search the government does not want you to see, so it does not show in your account.

      And there are other search engines that will work just as well. DuckDuckGo is a search engine that keeps no logs on you.
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        Corporal of USMC · 15:56 11/05/2018
        Excellent choice, I have never used a google account they can trace to me, P.S. buy the book!
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          Chilly8 · 17:47 11/05/2018
          That is another reason, like I said, to have a "decoy" social media profile.

          The one and only thing I have ever opposed the Trump Administration on was a proposal to require all foreign visitors to this country to hand over their social media info.

          I have opposed that because it so easy to game the system. You just have a "decoy" social media profile if there is something you don't want them to know.

          This is what makes social media profile examinations, either for gun purchases or for foreigners entering the USA easy to evade. They would never be the wiser of what you were doing.
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    Dan from ohio · 08:40 11/05/2018
    Marxist.Eliminate them now or they,ll eliminate you later.
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    Red Pill · 08:27 11/05/2018
    how to keep your guns ...move to Texas
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    Sherlock · 08:09 11/05/2018
    There has never been a government that banned it's own ARMED FORCES from "Keeping and Bearing" ARMS.
    Find one government in the history of humanity that felt a need to document a "RIGHT" for it's ARMED FORCES to possess ARMS.
    Oppressive Governments are ALWAYS banning the People'S RIGHTS to arms.
    The claim that the Founding Fathers wrote the 2nd Amendment to give Our ARMED FORCES a "right" to keep and carry ARMS is S-T-U-P-I-D.
    The only reason for the Second Amendment is to clearly spell-out the GOD GIVEN RIGHT of INDIVIDUALS to keep & bear ARMS.
    The only reason for the BILL(list) of RIGHTS was to codify INDIVIDUALS' GOD GIVEN RIGHTS.
    Has there ever been a government that was not chock full of it's "rights" up to and including declaring itself to be the Lord God Almighty?! (Rome, Egypt, Israel,etc)
    Does the 1st Amendment mean the GOVERNMENT is allowed to give speeches? Try shutting up any Politician. But THEY would LOVE to shut YOU up, hence the FIRST Amendment.
    Anyone who tells you the 2nd Amendment applies to the Army or State Militia, is telling you they think you are STUPID.
    There has NEVER been a government that felt it had to codify it's army's/soldier's "RIGHT" to "Keep and BEAR ARMS" because there has NEVER been a government that refused to allow It's own soldiers to KEEP and BEAR ARMS!
    The Second Amendment was written for the People, like the other 9 Amendments in the Bill of Rights. This was confirmed by the SCOTUS in the DC vs Heller decision, where they stated that the "People" in the Second Amendment were the same "People" that are mentioned in the First and Fourth Amendment.
    The 2nd Amendment clearly codifies the “right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms”, and certainly not “the Militia”.
    Why would "the Militia", a type of army manned by citizen-soldiers as opposed to full-time "regulars", need a constitutional amendment to guarantee they have the right "to keep and bear arms"?
    Is there any specific statement anywhere in the Constitution that the army Congress is empowered to raise has the “right to keep and bear arms"? Of course not. ............. That is assumed.

    the 2nd amendment,, specifies that the RIGHT to bear arms is the right of the people,, NOT the militia,,,, it is the people who will make up the militia,, but the right is not the right of a "well regulated militia" it is the right of the people, We the people were BORN WITH INALIENABLE RIGHTS, meaning they come from GOD.

    Your Rights do not come from the Constitution. Your Rights come from Our Creator, and the Constitution was written to SUPERVISE, REGULATE, and CONTROL government actors. As it relates to firearms, the Heller "decision" was completely unnecessary, and likely a smokescreen to make it APPEAR that the USG retained some rights to regulate some firearms. Check out the relevant part of US v. Cruikshank:
    "[The Right to Keep and Bear Arms] is not a right granted by the Constitution. Neither is it in any manner dependent upon that instrument for its existence. The second amendment declares that it shall not be infringed;... This is one of the amendments that has no other effect
    than to restrict the powers of the national government,…".
    U.S. v. Cruikshank Et Al. 92 U.S. 542 (1875).
    Res adjudicata - "the thing has already been decided."
    The 9th and 10th Amendments help make it ABUNDANTLY clear to even the DENSEST of intellects that we truly have NO "Constitutional rights." What we have(at the risk of being redundant) is Constitutionally-SECURED rights, but these rights are ONLY as secure as:
    a) the honor and integrity of those taking the oath, and
    b) the ability of the People to COMPEL obedience on pain of perjury charges and removal from office.

    The intention of the Founders and Framers was to keep our God-given rights secure by REQUIRING those who seek office to take the oath as an immutable predicate to taking office, meaning it is binding on THEM - not on US.

    Of course, most of the power brokers wish to keep us ignorant of our Rights and our Power. If possible, i highly recommend Thomas Paine's "The Rights of Man," which should help to educate Americans and illustrate to them the difference between Natural Rights, and what the 14th (never properly ratified, btw) wishes to change that to: "privileges and immunities."

    It is implicit in the nature of all kinds of armies ---- be they militia or regulars, volunteer, conscripted, or mercenary --- to be armed.
    They are all "armed forces".
    They all “bear arms”.
    They all carry guns.
    That is what they do.
    It certainly no more requires an amendment to the Constitution to state that "the Militia" has the RKBA , than a specific statement that the army Congress is empowered to raise may be manned by armed troops.

    Governments don't have to document their "right" to bear arms, that is what governments ARE, they are naked force, George Washington said as much. Saying governments have a right to guns is like saying cars have a right to have wheels...

    "The [U.S.] Constitution is a limitation on the government, not on private individuals ... it does not prescribe the conduct of private individuals, only the conduct of the government ... it is not a charter for government power, but a charter of the citizen's protection against the government." Ayn Rand
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    Sherlock · 08:08 11/05/2018
    And the People will be allowed to search the Politician's computers, homes and businesses?
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