This is how folks should see Portland Oregon.  It ought to do wonders for tourism and the reputation of that city!


From now on, this is how cities like Portland will be dealt with. 

Until the leftist/Liberal/Progressives (who are really violent Communists) are properly eradicated from their public activities, the entire rest of the city will be made a spectacle of.

As video like this goes viral, and more and more of the public sees what's actually taking place in that city, fewer and fewer people will want to go there. 

Tourism will grind to a halt.

Business will suffer. Some will close. Others will leave.

Housing values will go down.

The actual reality will serve to break the city economically.

So the powers-that-be in Portland (and soon other cities) have two choices: either continue to embrace the Communists and send yourselves to economic ruin, or put a stop to the Communists and prosper again.



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    Trish Schild · 17:09 10/13/2018
    I'll give credit where credit is due - The video on this post is hysterical!! Kudos!!
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    John Robert Mallernee · 15:34 10/13/2018
    I have a lot of happy memories of living in Portland, Oregon back in 1967 when I was 21 years old.

    I got my G.E.D. at Portland State University.

    In Portland, Oregon, I became a convert in The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints (i.e., the "Mormon" church).

    I was in love with a girl in Portland, Oregon.

    I worked at the Portland Hilton Hotel, and lived in the Y.M.C.A.

    In Portland, Oregon, after being unable to enlist in the United States Marine Corps, I volunteered to be drafted, and became a soldier in the United States Army.

    While I was in Viet Nam, I received an Oregon State Flag from Governor and Mrs. Tom McCall.

    Later, I became a student at Portland State University, and enjoyed going to church dances, and dating the girls.

    It's really sad to see what the population of Portland, Oregon has apparently degenerated into.

    I don't know much of anything about life in Portland, Oregon today, for I haven't been back there since 1974.

    But, I remember it was a beautiful city, with lots of attractions and amusements.

    Here's a song that I composed about Portland, Oregon:

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    THE BORG · 14:55 10/13/2018

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    Portland Sucks · 13:54 10/13/2018
    Portland is one town over from downtown Hell.

    I have a nutcase-leftist family member who bemoans living in the Conservative South and constantly is stating that he hopes to relocate to Portland. I say, "We're all hoping you go, too!!!!" Interestingly, though he has had the financial means for more than a decade to relocate comfortably, yet he doesn't follow through. Hmmm. Methinks even these leftists know better that their socialist utopias are disastrous to live in.
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    cancel cancel · 13:41 10/13/2018
    Final words: We Win.
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    cancel cancel · 13:36 10/13/2018
    This is and has been turned into a mixed mongrel nation. A nation fillied by many with hate. They hate the Righteous. Gods people. Of which I am one. Forever. Hal showed us right! Sad for the rest.
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    cancel cancel · 13:32 10/13/2018
    Third time is a 'Charm' as some say.. So, here goes.. "When the wicked spring as the grass and when all the workers of iniquity do flourish; It is that they shall be destroyed forever".. KJV Psalm 92 think it is.. Look it up! As Ripley used to say, "You can believe it or not?" I believe
    it. I know it to be true. God IS NOT MOCKED.
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    Sammy the dirty Jew · 13:13 10/13/2018
    It is sad hiting that trash with a fine automobile .This is why I drive a big car.Boycott Potland and Oregon .
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    cancel cancel · 13:08 10/13/2018
    PS followup: Correction; Above. No biggy, but words do have meaning. Especially true ones; Because they are lasting.. Point is; Meant to say, "Some of Hal's Comments and postings may disappear" as opposed to "Hal's tares". Important, because most of Hal's words are 'WHEAT' and NOT tares. To make a final point. Hope ALL get the point (truth) Liberalism IS and always has been (throughout time) (and looks too once again) at the end of the Millenial Reign of Christ here on this Earth near the end of the Thousand Years. Further point. As in Oregon (much of the North West and of course Cal, and NY, and Jersey; Not to mention the rest of the N. E, Virginia, DC, and many other places infested by Liberalism; Which is the fertile breeding ground of EVERYTHING left. Communism. Socialism (Commy soft) Religions opposing Christianity.. You name it! Phony christian religions, as well. This is what we (We who love Christ; Love the TRUTH, which is Christ, are about to be overwhelmed, lest He, Christ, intervenes; and HE WILL. Only perhaps in ways unexpected? It is possible for an entire Nation to become corrupt. You are witnessing it today. What can you do. Simple; Say (and do) 'As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. Joy. Redemption (perhaps through destruction?) draweth nigh! Baybylon MYSTERY BABYLON THE GREAT. MOTHER OF HARLOTS; Must be destroyed first.. Anti Christ, etc.., Looks like it occurs next, from what I see in Scripture??

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    William Raywalt · 12:46 10/13/2018
    There's nothing quite as powerful as the truth.....
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    cancel cancel · 11:39 10/13/2018
    You reap what you sow. This goes for a whole Nation! The Wheat from the tares. Just because some of Hal's tares disappear due to PC., does not mean they are not true. He tells it like it is, and as few "if any" in media do any more. May God continue to bless him and keep him.
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    The Oklahoman · 11:31 10/13/2018
    Unfortunately in their ignorance to be PC, they will hold their heads in the sand until the city lies in ruins about them and then wonder how on earth this happened
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    dan · 11:09 10/13/2018
    Oh My.. signed Dan .. oh my .. i use to live there when i was lost .. thank you Jesus for opening my eyes and removing me from that place..
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