Left-wing Internet chat forums are awash with talk of left-wingers making use of Halloween to dress in full costumes AND ENGAGE IN POLITICAL ASSASSINATIONS, while safely unidentifiable by cameras!

Left-wingers comments on some of these forums seem to be very much in favor of using Halloween for this purpose.  Apparently, it doesn't occur to these numbskulls that, what's good for Leftists . . . may also be good for folks on the other side too!

On underground Democratic forums, numerous threads have appeared offering suggestions and advice on how to proceed, both with and without firearms.

For instance, one message thread told Democratic Socialists to dress up as baseball players, carrying (of course) baseball bats.  When they see their prey, ". . . casually walk up to them, yell "Trick or Treat"  and went on to say "then take out the bat and bash them in the skull until they're dead."

Another thread offered advice to defeat police forensics, telling readers, "Make sure you completely coat whatever instrument you will use (Baseball bat, crow bar, tire iron) in bleach to wipe out any DNA, and from that moment forward, don't touch the instrument you plan to use without wearing gloves."

Other forensic advice talked about avoiding Facial Recognition systems: "You must wear a mask, not just make-up" said one participant who then went on to remind readers: "You must cover your eyes with sunglasses over the mask because Facial Recognition can catch a person based on the normal position of their pupils relative to their eye sockets." 

Another thread poster chimed-in, reminding folks to "cover your ears with ear muffs or cloth because ears are like fingerprints, every person's ear is unique and facial recognition can bust people based on ear identification."

Then a slew of other threads talked about using firearms and how that is a major way to get caught. 

One post talked about gun shot residue (GSR) being ". . . detectable right through clothing, and pointed out that it cannot be washed off in a shower, because the residue from the gunfire embeds in the shooter's skin."

Another poster talked about ". . . laying in wait across the street or down the block from a target's home, and shooting them through the font window or the window of their bedroom."

Other postings included suggestions about waiting at the homes of targets, ". . . throw a lit Molotov Cocktail through a window to set the house on fire, then shoot the target as they run out to flee the fire."

It seems as though no manner of outright murder was off-limits in these underground Democrat and Socialist forums, and apparently, the forum operators are "ok" with what's being discussed because thus far, none of the threads have been deleted.

Several other postings talked about planning an escape.  

Said one posting "Have it clear in your mind how you plan to escape, and have a back-up plan."  Don't go running like crazy, just casually walk away.  The calmer you remain, the less likely to draw suspicion to yourself."

Other posters suggested wearing one costume OVER ANOTHER so that after the murder, they can duck out of sight behind a building or into nearby woods, strip off the original costume, and re-emerge dressed as something completely different!

All such postings made clear "DO NOT LEAVE THE OLD COSTUME ANYWHERE.  STICK IT IN A TRICK OR TREAT BAG because if cops find the costume, they can get your DNA."

This is the level of hatred circulating in left-wing political circles nowadays.  Folks of other political ideologies might wish to take note.






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    beach801 · 14:16 10/03/2018
    the Lord has provided to you the means to prepare......it COULD be to hold up....to defend or BOTH .........if you possess a sword you are to use it to defend yourself or those that cant ..............
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    Sherlock · 07:15 10/03/2018
    Look at the HATE oozing from that female's? face,
    the "HATE HATERS" are the real HATERS.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Sue · 23:02 10/02/2018
    It'll be fun when the shootin' starts.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Micah · 22:43 10/02/2018
    Go ahead commies. I'll have my CCW before then.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Sammy · 21:45 10/02/2018
    Just talk .Nothing to worry about.
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    one eyed sloth · 21:31 10/02/2018
    hahahaha, classic communist IDF tactics, i especially like the one about tossing the fire bomb in the house and waiting for them to run out, that is classic IDF terrorist training right there boss, ask bibi satanyahoo, he knows all these and then some from his days as a terrorist HAPPY GHOULS DAY EVERYBODY!!!
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    Silence is Deafening · 20:51 10/02/2018
    The silence of the Christian ministers through all of this has been noteworthy. Do any of them stand for anything anymore?

    Research CLERGY RESPONSE TEAMS. There are traitors among us who we have trusted most.
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      Tim · 01:21 10/03/2018
      Matthew 16:25
      New International Version
      For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Tim · 01:19 10/03/2018
      I'm a Christian and you are correct about the lack of outspoken Christian pastors.... those who will lose their life will gain it.... that's from the Bible I just don't remember where
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        Y'all Are Correct · 13:14 10/03/2018
        Y'all are sooooo correct. Jesus came to serve, rather than to be served. Jesus set the example. Sadly, most church leaders want to have their "Best Life NOW!!" I've tried to get my pastors to call for prayer and to open the church for corporate prayer gatherings. Nope, they were not interested. Further, I was told not to bring it up again. Guess what happened next? I walked away from that church. Guess what happened next? A few months later the senior pastor wrote a book on prayer and went on every national Christian TV show to peddle it. Still no prayer gatherings. The guy is such a phony minister. He is peddling a book with a topic that he clearly does not believe in. But he obviously does believe in $$$, so hence the book. THIS type of money-driven "ministry" is why churches are irrelevant.
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    TSAZ · 20:31 10/02/2018
    Leftists are emboldened because...why wouldn't they be? They never face punishment.
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    William Bermudez · 20:28 10/02/2018
    Got links? If so, did you report them to the feds?
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Frank · 23:03 10/02/2018
      Please stop being lazy and do some lookin' 'round the web yourself. Sheesh.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Hardkrome · 20:16 10/02/2018
    What they do not understand is that patriots have been preparing for them for many years.
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