Hurricane Florence is doing more than just smashing and flooding North and South Carolina; it has caused a rather large HOLE in the national defenses of the continental United States.

Not only has our Navy had to Sortie all vessels out of Norfolk / Hampton Roads Virginia, but numerous Military bases throughout North and South Carolina are effectively paralyzed!

These are the affected military facilities so far:

Fort Bragg, Fayetteville, NC -  82nd Airborne Division of the United States Army
Camp Lejeune, United States Marine Corps
Cherry Point, United States Marine Corps Air Station
New River Air Station
Pope Air Force Base, United States Air Force 
Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, United States Air Force



in South Carolina

Air Facility Charleston - Air Force
Joint Base Charleston - Air Force
Shaw Air Force Base - Air Force
McEntire Joint National Guard Base - Air Force
Fort Jackson - Army
Air Facility Charleston - Coast Guard
AIRSTA Charleston  - Coast Guard
MCAS Beaufort  - Marines
MCRD Parris Island  - Marines
Naval Weapons Station Charleston  - Navy
USNH Beaufort  - Navy 

While the severest winds of Hurricane Florence have died down to Tropical Storm Force (around 45 MPH) there is presently TORRENTIAL RAIN, with rainfall totals OVER 50 INCHES in some areas.

Flooding is becoming so widespread, that several Dams have already failed.

Inland flooding from Rivers is already taking place and so many rivers are expected to flood -- so badly -- the state is already issuing mandatory evacuation orders for folks who live "within one mile of the banks of "x" River."

To drive home the point about how dangerous it will be for folks to remain in these areas, local Mayors have begun telling people "If you choose to stay, please notify your next of kin."

So we now have a situation where two entire states on our eastern seaboard are being wrecked by natural disaster, over a million people are without electricity, and in the process of this disaster, a very considerable number of our Military installations are either evacuated, crippled, or otherwise unable to defend us.







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    Robert Byrnes · 00:12 09/16/2018
    Let's see, special operations command HQ under water and wouldn't you know the Russians chose this special time to go yard farming around the perimeter of Al Tanf. Oh yeah, on a weekend when half the country is drunk watching sports.

    The 'unfriendlies' know all to well where our assets are at and I think they took Rahm's advice and 'did not let a good crisis go to waste'.
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    OccamsRazor · 00:11 09/16/2018
    Don't worry, the Cajun Navy has this place canvassed, we are in good hands.
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    Sgt. York · 23:14 09/15/2018
    Do you think "friendlies" are the only people that read your information??
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Susan · 09:00 09/16/2018
      This is here for your information. Everyone else already received it during the planning stage.
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    Madeleine Mead · 23:03 09/15/2018
    There’s the nuclear power plants to think about too. Florence was directly over the New Brunswick Power Station. Steve Quayle wrote a book entitled “Weather Wars and Unnatural Disasters”. Could this be deliberate,but by whom?
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    Michael Doering · 22:47 09/15/2018
    Don't forget Kings Bay. Navy.
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