An airline employee who worked on the ground, stole a plane at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SeaTac), took off and then later crashed, SeaTac airport said. It's believed the employee was the only one on board.


The plane crashed on Ketorn Island outside Seattle. It's a small island with about two dozen residents.  

According to the Pierce County Sheriff, preliminary information indicated a mechanic from unknown airlines stole the plane. The Pierce County Sheriff tweeted the person was "doing stunts in air or lack of flying skills caused crash into Island."  That appears to be INACCURATE.

Recordings from air traffic control and military radio frequencies allegedly indicate fighter jets were scrambled to intercept the plane.  Those recordings also seem to indicate the fighter jets DID intercept the plane, which "went down" very shortly thereafter.  There is not-so-subtle chatter the plane was SHOT DOWN by US fighter jets.

The plane belonged to Horizon Air, which is owned by Alaska Airlines. In a statement, Alaska Airlines said they are "aware of an incident involving an unauthorized take-off of a Horizon Air Q400." 

KIRO-TV reporter Gary Horcher tweeted that all planes at SeaTac were grounded. As of 12:30 a.m., SeaTac tweeted that normal operations had resumed.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.



Two F-15 fighters were scrambled and all SeaTac flights were briefly grounded.

"One of the F-15s made contact with the rogue pilot.  Shortly thereafter the plane crashed" a source at Joint Base Lewis–McChord Air Force Base says.


The video below shows the stolen plane being "escorted" by a fighter jet, shortly before the stolen plane "crashed."


The link below gets you a 20 minute audio file of Sea-Tax air traffic control.  The man who stole the plane is heard saying  “I got a lot of people that care about me, and, uhh, it’s going to disappoint them to hear that I did this,” the man, later identified as a mechanic named Rich, can be heard saying. “I would like to apologize to each and every one of them. Just a broken guy, got a few screws loose, I guess. Never knew it, until now.” He would go on to ask if the plane could to a BACKFLIP.

The tower discourages him from trying such a maneuver.

Later, the man says he thinks he may be losing an engine and is told by the tower to remain over the water and keep a low altitude.  

Throughout the ordeal, Sea-Tac had to continue handling dozens of aircraft for many miles around, and dozens more which were on "ground-hold."  No one was being allowed to take-off due to this situation.

Based on the audio, it seems as though the person who did this was SUICIDAL. 

HT COMMENT: The level of professionalism displayed in other radio communications by each and every  individual in the airline industry is amazing.  Every plane in the sky and on the ground could hear what was going on.  They sped-up their communications to keep the channel as clear as possible while still getting their jobs done.  A real tribute to the entire industry.

Sadly, now that this has taken place, the world may actually have to add something to aircraft everywhere: a set of ignition keys so planes cannot be stolen.  As things stand now, planes do not have any such locks.  A trained person gets in the cockpit, flips some switches, pushes some buttons and off they go into the wild blue yonder.  What the suicidal individual did may change ALL of that, worldwide.

He won't see any of it though; he died in a fireball when the plane he stole "went down."



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    Professional Halolog · 15:27 08/12/2018
    I don't know if the HTS comments can survive the loss of Sammy. His shitposts were what fertilized the articles, he was a necessary part of the ecosystem.
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    John Robert Mallernee · 13:20 08/12/2018
    This is from the web site of JAMES MILFORD HEIKKILA, also known as, "JIM STONE, FREELANCE JOURNALIST":

    The MSM is not being honest about Richard Russell (the man who stole a 76 seat airliner from Seattle/Tacoma airport)

    The entire act was done because he was sick of being bashed as a white male, and wanted to commit suicide in a way no minority would ever have the talent to.
    The MSM is being very misleading about what happened. They got two points right: He stole an airliner and died crashing it. Here's what they did not dare say:
    He stole the plane to intentionally commit suicide with it. He wanted to commit suicide with it because he had been bashed to death as a white male and believed he was cheated out of his rightful career path (this is a reality for many white males now, he was probably not delusional about it.) He was talented with video productions, journalism, was a world traveler and a botanist. He was stuck as an airport grounds maintenance worker.

    No one knows where he got the skills but all the aerobatics were intentional and were announced by him before he did it. The MSM is not being honest about this and is saying his flight was chaotic. It was not, it was in fact well executed and intentional. He was followed by fighter jets throughout all but the first few minutes of a flight that lasted just short of an hour. He was running out of fuel, and with an engine starting to stall said "I am going to do a barrel roll, nose down, and call it a night". And that's exactly what he did, the plane crashed where he wanted it to because he maintained control to the end. The MSM is reluctant to say it this way. They are outright refusing to say it as it happened.

    So what we have here is a white male who snapped due to the current status quo that hands everything to minorities (deserved or not,) and went out in a blaze of glory to prove the superiority of the white race with the way he did it. There were strong undertones that the MSM is not touching, but some people figured it out and started posting things like: "White male kills himself by skillfully piloting an airliner and crashing it on purpose, while all the nogs can do is steal beer and play the knock out game."

    Yes, the liberal left that is destroying white males on purpose badly needs it's comeuppance, and therefore there's no way in hell the MSM is going to be truthful about this story. They cannot be truthful because this guy died a martyr for white males who have been significantly robbed of all they have worked for in the name of phony "diversity", which is really just a war on Western civilization waged by leftist Jews. The Jews don't give a damn about any minority that goes beyond how minorities can be used as weapons in a social war. Maybe this guy did not know who caused it all, and all he knew is that he got robbed, watching people with obviously lesser talent take his rightful place time after time after time. It drove him nuts, he snapped, and did this.

    Remember the story a couple days ago about the guy who wanted to steal a similar plane to fly it to a rap concert? Case closed.
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    Uncle Lizard · 01:31 08/12/2018
    The 9 page FISA memo has been released, see it on RealVideo at Alex Jone's video presentation.

    President Trump has released this information, showing that the 'powers that be' have illegally spied on Americans, and committed deep state subversion in trying to sabotage the US Presidency post a Trump win!

    Those involved in the subversion, and possibly treason, have lied to the FISA Court 3 times...!

    Sorry to have posted this on another article's guest commentary, but there is no other way to post reader / viewer / listener comments without having to sign-up to an account that I cannot open from my location...
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    Rabbi Bitberg · 10:31 08/11/2018
    edit: 'do a barrel roll'
    The '!' is not part of the shortcut and the trick won't work with the exclamation mark at the end
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Rabbi Bitberg · 10:29 08/11/2018
    Not to detract from the seriousness of this article, type 'do a barrel roll!' into Google and see what happens. Based listener tip.

    Huge if true. The implications of the USAF intercepting a domestic civilian airliner and shooting it down are staggering.

    See also:
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