Police have opened an investigation into New York Times reporter Stephanie Saul for allegedly breaking and entering in the apartment of a Corey Stewart campaign staffer in Woodbridge, Virginia.

Stewart U.S. Senate campaign staffer Brian Landrum and a house guest have filed a police report after the house guest witnessed Stephanie Saul inside Landrum’s apartment Wednesday July 18 at 2:15 PM. Brian Landrum was at work and he was not in the apartment at the time.

The eyewitness was able to identify New York Times reporter Stephanie Saul as the intruder. Saul, who won the Pulitzer Prize in journalism for reporting on police pension fraud, did not immediately return questions for this report.

The Prince William County magistrate told Brian Landrum that Saul could be charged with misdemeanor unlawful entry, or potentially felony breaking and entering.

“Working in politics, you become accustomed to the rough-and-tumble nature of the sport. But never in a million years could I have anticipated the New York Times sending a reporter to break into my apartment looking for a story. We’re working with police investigators, and look forward to justice being served,” Brian Landrum said in a statement.

The eyewitness was listening to music when she heard rustling, turned around, and saw a female in Landrum’s kitchen. The woman was turning to leave. The kitchen is 5 to 10 feet from the apartment’s threshold. The apartment is a secured facility with key fob doors. Non-residents are not allowed in the apartment building without consent. Access to the apartment building requires a key fob.

Brian Landrum said that he does not know Stephanie Saul. The apartment building’s office reported that Ms. Saul asked about Landrum at the front desk, saying she was trying to find Landrum and that he did not answer his door when she knocked. The office said that they did not allow Stephanie Saul into the building, and they do not know how she entered the building at this time.

The intruder left a note on Landrum’s kitchen counter.

The intruder said, “hello?”

The houseguest replied, “hello?”

The intruder said, “Is Brian here? I need to ask some questions.”

The houseguest replied, “No, he’s not here. He’s at work.”

The intruder said, “I’m looking for Landrum.” She said she wanted to talk to Brian Landrum and asked when he would be home.

The houseguest replied, “Eight p.m.”

The intruder said, “Can you give him this note?”

The houseguest replied, “yes.”

The intruder turned and left the apartment.

The houseguest did not understand what was going on. She recalls being “pretty shaken up,” and did not know how to respond.

Here is the note left by Stephanie Saul:

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    Ice Tea Spoon · 12:02 07/22/2018
    Pay attention: Corey Stewart is running in Virginia to unseat very dirty Clinton/Bush/CIA/Terry McAuliffe Kabal's very dirty prior Clinton Democrat running mate for VP Tim Kaine. Recall Tim Kaine's son is ANTIFA.

    Unicorn Riot is VERY connected w/ SPLC, ADL, AIPAC, Soros, Brock, ShareBlue crap, & Antifa! These are well known proven facts.

    [There is NO reason why Stephanie Saul of NYT has NOT been arrested. This is also election interference & intimidation. As of course he will be in FEAR & has pressure from Kabal on him from many sides already. NYT is a proven well documented total outlet for Rothschilds/Rockefeller/Bilderburg/CFR/CIA/Mossad self admitted proven over & over going WAY WAY back. There is NO reason why NYT hasn't been raided. Recall what they did to the Guardian]

    Democrats took over Virginia government, & fraud elections pretty far back. Massive Corruption, & advanced alot of very corrupt/creepy people into Congress out of Fairfax Virginia Government, into State Government, & then to National Politics/Lobbyists & Congress (some jumped right into National level due to Kabal moves. ALL are suspect). Simply look at all politicians moved up out of Virginia. [West Virginia is TOTALLY corrupt entirely/like a Rockerfeller/Rothschild/Bush/Mob/israel/ CIA Bitch. MD, IL, OH, CA, NY, NJ, FL, TX, AZ, NM, ME, MA, CT, CO, OR, WA etc]

    Another proven TRAITOR is Senator Mark Warner, look at the security clearances he has, & the Committees he is on. HE was subverting Congressional Investigations, & Committees he is on & working in the MANY layers like onion circles plots against USA & Trump and his associates/Campaign & Administration. Proven Gov information, and released communications calls/texts etc with Mark Warner working with Fusion GPS, greater cabal MI5, Steele, & Olig Deripaska to subvert the committees, & obstruct justice, & go after Trump.

    There is some evidence in his communications & in those of others in US Intel, including those CIA Strzok & Page comms that hint at BURR being in on it also, as well of course proven McCain, Comey, Mueller, Brennan, Clapper, Chertoff (Mossad), McCabe, Holder, Kerry, Clintons, Lynch, Kennedy, Rice, Rosenstein, Schumer, Biden & others in DOJ/FBI/CIA/State/WH etc. Also including outer sections their OWN operations BUSH cabal GOP w/ their long time operatives working against USA/Trump/American people Romney, Kascich, McCain again big players as McCain crime family via father & brother also agents against USA/Traitors & the OLD Hensley crime mafia with ADL/CIA/mossad/israel in international trafficking w/ Bronfmans (tied to NVIXIM) BUSHs, Graham, Rubio, Ryan, Blumenthal, Lieberman, etc (think all those tied to Al Qaeda/ISIS/MB/White Helmets in ME which is Israel/UK/US).

    All those who attended that CA Conference by Soros Pelosi Harriss w/ Agenda against US/Trump etc 2016. big Dem names & same who are all working w/ Obama/Jarret org (All names associated w/ them also know they are TRAITORS/criminals) pushing peoples names/faces for RUNS for higher office. EVERY name is corrupt so remember & keep track of them.

    Note that there are many at ALL levels of "public service" & politics in EVERY state from County, State, National races that are being run by ex & "prior" intelligence community persons. Further GOP has been backing known traitors & kabal criminals. But unless mass grassroots to support other Republicans/or those who lost in Primaries we have all this loyal red wave Patriots that will vote straight Republican & letting more of the scum into office to abuse us, & destroy our Republic & working for the Uniparty cabal factions.

    Public records Romney/Ryan have already registered Jan 21 2016 for President/VP 2020. Several related entities created for campaign to collect $. Also due to intentionally fraudulent Campaign finance laws, ALL the money/donors that put in for Romneys BS UT race (which pathetic GOP backed, everyone needs to support the man who lost in Primary) they can now keep funneling in HUGE sums, & then when it all ROLLS over due to all the BS pac & structuring allowed so all these bastards perpetually live off "campaign funds"/bribes/laundering/& exchanges between foundations & other campaigns) into the 2020 race those SAME donors can donate again. They have set up a way that since Jan 2016 money is being funneled into Romney/Ryan.

    Prior for 2016 it was supposed to be Ryan/Pence. Cleveland deal at convention negotiations as they always do is BS, & they negotiate w/ a Pres nominee WHO THEY want for Cabinet positions, & other gov posts, & Ambassadors in the DEAL to get Party backing/& each perspective VP have their lists/teams & ties to DeepState.

    I don't like or trust Pence, the ONLY way to get RID of a VP, aka PENCE is during RE-Election by naming another running mate. Which MUST be done for MAGA/USA & to get rid of the stench of BUSH/ROMNEY CIA/freaks kabal.

    General Flynn is a perfect Natural choice, so is Rand Paul. If you pay attention to Rand Pauls votes & what he has been doing, EVEN this last WEEK that have literally protected this Republic, & Trump Presidency you would be amazed, as media won't cover all the treasonous crap the DEMs & RINOS, & fearful scum have been bringing forward. Dig into what last week was really about, & what they all filed against USA, our rights, against Trump, & Presidential powers. RAND risking LIFE yet again was the ONLY 1 to stand up & stop it.. LITERALLY.
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    Walking Turtle · 21:51 07/19/2018
    Wow. GAH! (<huk-huk-hukkk...>)

    Just when one who has watched this Clown Show for their entire life finally decides it can go no lower, the Corporate Media Elevator to Hell lurches straight down. One. More. Level. (DAMN!)

    Felony breaking-and-entering. Stalking. Harassment. YEARS and YEARS in the NY State Pokey for Wayward Ladies, Miz Saul, MA'AM! >:-(

    One might speculate as to how many voicemail messages will have piled-into Ms. Saul's Inbox at work by 8:AM July 20. Yours Truly can only imagine. Which is enough. And that is all. 0{;-\o[
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    JON WRIGHT · 00:15 07/19/2018
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