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Today's national walkout by students from schools across America, in protest of things that hurt and kill so many students, has prompted lawmakers into action.  Below is the text of a Bill to BAN the ownership, possession or use, by any person younger than 21 years of age, of any and all CELL PHONES; inanimate objects that many use lawfully, but which have the blood of so many children on them that the rights of some will have to give way to the safety of many.

Just like students are demanding on guns!

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For some reason, students interviewed at today's National Walkout, did not like their own claims of desiring safety to be applied to their use of cellphones.

Those students seemed outraged that THEY might be affected even though THEY did nothing wrong (just like gun owners).

Funny how, when it is THEIR freedom being taken away, these students suddenly didn't like that THEY were being affected by the illegal actions of others . . . just like gun owners are being affected.

Interesting double-standard.

Maybe we grown-ups shouldn't be listening to kids when discussing rights and public policy - and we certainly shouldn't listen to them while they're being emotionally manipulated by left-wing teachers and politicians, who use them as political props to achieve policy goals.



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