Audio Archives ONLY


The shows are recorded in .mp3 format and are stored in "The Cloud" for folks to download.  It costs money to store this data and it also costs money to transmit the data to folks so they can listen.

The AUDIO ARCHIVES ONLY subscription helps pay the costs of storing and transmitting this data.  It does not include any other Sponsorship for this web site, such as News Sponsor, Radio Time Sponsor, Benefactor, and the like.

Subscriptions are one month at a time and will auto renew each month - or can be renewed for longer periods as you see fit.


Unlike years past, the new system for audio archives is tightly controlled.  

In the past, people would get the public links to the archive, then LEECH them with automated systems to download each file tens-of-thousands of times!  The data transfer (Bandwidth) almost bankrupted me!

Under this new system, all ARCHIVE SUBSCRIBERS will be sent an email containing a link to each weekly show.  THE LINK WILL EXPIRE IN 24 HOURS making it useless.

Once you receive the email, you'll have an entire day to stop-by and either listen to the show or download the file.  

For those with a special need, I can send another expiring link allowing only YOU to download the file, once. 

You folks who support the show expect me to take steps to prevent adversaries from wrecking things.  This is a very effective way to do just that.


NO REFUNDS Except for accidental double-billing.  Once you subscribe, you have purchased access for a specific period of time and that period will run to completion.  You can choose to NOT RENEW, but there are no refunds for the initial sign-up.

Sadly, some people (very few) want to see paid content, so they sign-up, look at what they wanted to see - or HEAR what they wanted to hear -- then try to cancel the same day to get the money back and thus see or hear what they wanted for free.  (Scam artists!)  So once you subscribe, you have it until you renew and there is NO REFUND of the initial subscription payment.



If you are averse to utilizing online payment, you can still subscribe OFFLINE by cash, check or money order to:


Harold Turner

1906 Paterson Plank Road

North Bergen, NJ  070447



Your subscription will show as "Pending" until your payment arrives.  When your paid subscription expires, you will lose access unless a renewal payment arrives before the expiration date!  Once payment arrives, your subscription would then be re-activated.

Duration: 1 month
Price: $10.00