Xi Jinping says Taiwan 'must and will be' reunited with China

Xi Jinping says Taiwan 'must and will be' reunited with China
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Chinese President Xi Jinping has urged the people of Taiwan to accept it "must and will be" reunited with China.

In a speech marking 40 years since the start of improving ties, he reiterated Beijing's call for peaceful unification on a one-country-two-systems basis.

However, he also warned that China reserved the right to use force.

While Taiwan is self-governed and de facto independent, it has never formally declared independence from the mainland.

Beijing considers the island to be a breakaway province and Mr Xi's comments are in line with China's long-standing policy towards reunification.

But on Wednesday, Taiwan's President Tsai Ing-wen said the island would never accept reunification with China under the terms offered by Beijing.

"I want to reiterate that Taiwan will never accept 'one country, two systems'. The vast majority of Taiwanese public opinion also resolutely opposes 'one country, two systems', and this is also the 'Taiwan consensus'."

Under the "one country, two systems" formula, Taiwan would have the right to run its own affairs; a similar arrangement is used in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong has its own legal system, and rights including freedom of assembly and free speech are protected - however, there are widespread concerns in the territory that those freedoms are gradually being eroded.

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    Dave · 8 months ago
    The Chinese can think and plan all they want. A cow in a barn is still a cow and the farmer doesn't really care about what the cow thinks.

    The United States never, ever tells ANYONE what their true capabilities are. The government spends billions to make the world think that they are just like the world.

    Do you actually think that state of the art weapons systems are published in military magazines??

    Do you actually think that the only weapons systems we have are the antiques we sell to the arabs?

    Do you actually think the USA would forward stage tactical nuclear weapons in unfriendly places like Turkey, if we didn't have a defense against them?

    Do you actually think that the United States desperately needs Russian engines to launch satellites? Do you really think we use rockets anymore?

    Do you actually think that primitive nuclear weapons, junk hypersonic missiles, jets and other assorted scrap metal can have any effect whatsoever on a ship, base or city protected by a Tesla Shield?

    Google images search "Tesla Shield". It is 1940's technology, common to all bases, ships and cities.

    Cities? Laugh? Google images search "Radar rings". You will see tesla Shields being tested.

    Do you actually think that the United States military would allow ANY weapon to be sold to any country if they could not deactivate it at will?

    After so many hours of your smartphone microwave transmitter pasted to your brain, giving you brain cancer and making you blind, do you actually think at all?

    The USA has unlimited money, unlimited brains and unlimited technology. Think. Use your brain.

    The United States Space Force has been operational for over 40 years.

    While the countries of the world have been playing with toy jets and bombs for 50 years, the United States has been building fleets of space carriers.

    The information you are seeing in the media is the preparation for the long awaited disclosure of ultra advanced technology and answers to the "alien question".

    The late whistleblower Phil Schneider (videos still on Youtube), who before they suicided him, stated that the black budget was many times greater than anyone could understand and that for every 12 months on the calendar, government technology advanced 40 years (that is FORTY YEARS) and that they have been doing that since the 1970's.

    That means their technology is almost 2000 years ahead of what you think you know and that all the ships, planes, rockets, ufos and other assorted antiques are just so much scrap metal and that the only people that really know what is happening are those 60 levels of security clearances above the President.

    For an explanation of some of the hardware they allowed to be disclosed in the 1990's, please read : Top Secret – U.S. Government Anti-Gravity Fleet is Operational Today at http://www.metatech.org/wp/ufos/secret-government-anti-gravity-fleet/.

    Even the Communist News Network (CNN) knows about this antique "flying triangle" technology, from 28 (TWENTY EIGHT) years ago.


    A squadron of these antiques can destroy every Warship, every Missile Base, every Radar Site, every Military base and every military factory of ANY enemy country in a WEEK. They move at above Mach 50 (in 1994) and cannot even be detected on ANY radar system. And since that were implemented 25 years ago, they allow info on the net about them if you know where to look.

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    Some of the mind control procedures used to enforce security on participants of these black projects can be removed as described in various articles at http://www.Metatech.org.

    The technology utilized to allow travel to Mars was first described by Al Bielek (http://www.bielek.com/ab_albielek.htm), a survivor of the Philadelphia Experiment, in 1989. His videos are available on Youtube. I was told that he died a few years ago. The technology used was known as a Hyperdimensional Transport Gate, also called a "jump gate". For more information on Hyperdimensional Physics visit Richard Hoagland's website - http://www.EnterpriseMission.com.

    Your understanding of science is kindergarden level and was obsolete when you learned it.

    ALL Science is weaponized and the ONLY thing you are permitted to know is information that is not a threat to the system.

    THINK. Use you mind. Do you really want Chinese Communists, Muslims and other enemies of America to have hand phasers or Star Ships? Would you allow them if YOU were in charge?

    Al Bielk discusses a primitive version of the "Jump Gate" developed during the Montauk Project in New York as a result of the things learned from the Philadelphia Experiment. He said that a military officer once told him that the United States had total domination of Space and Time in 1948. By the time the things described in "The Mars Records" (www.TheMarsRecords.com) take place in 1976, the technology is mature and the United States has dozens of installations scattered around the world.

    Note that in the above article - Top Secret – U.S. Government Anti-Gravity Fleet is Operational Today at http://www.metatech.org/wp/ufos/secret-government-anti-gravity-fleet/ - it implies that Russia is involved in these deep space, black project type projects as a PARTNER with the United States at least since the 1990's-

    >7) The Nautilus is another space-faring craft, a secret military spacecraft which operates by magnetic pulsing. It operates out of the unacknowledged new headquarters of the U.S. Space Command, deep under a mountain in Utah. It makes twice-a-week trips up to the secret military-intelligence space station, which has been in deep space for the past thirty years, and manned by U.S. and USSR (now CIS) military astronauts. (This was a 40 year old antique)

    I realize the information is ancient, what with the TAW-50, Mach 50 (38,363 MPH) antique aircraft described being designed in the 1970's. But that is the latest information available. They decided to limit the "leaks" after that.

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    Think about it -

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    So China has plans to war against America?

    Here is what the American Military has to say about those plans from 24 years ago. Imagine what they have planned since then -

    RUMOR MILL NEWS: (The information is from 1994. The article was published in 2001 - 17 years ago - I could no longer find it in the Google or bing indexes) )

    From the mouths of Admirals:

    I've talked about the four Admirals who used to sit around my kitchen table and discuss things.

    Back in 1994, I asked the ranking Admiral about China's nuclear threat to the United States.

    He replied, "Don't worry about China. A group of our guys (meaning Faction 2) met with them in the 70's. We told them not to get carried away with the idea of actually USING their nuclear weapons. It's all right for them to have them, it keeps Americans employed. (At making more and more bombs and planes and such) But we told them that if they ever got trigger happy and launched one of them, that would be the end of the entire Asian race."

    When he said that, I thought he was just boasting. "So how do you plan to do that?" I asked.

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    "How are you planning to deliver it and not get shot down?"

    "We told them about our secret underground bases where we have U2's, SR71's and a few other versions of high flyers parked. We could spray the entire country and they couldn't do a thing."

    At the time, I thought he was telling me a very tall tale. But two years later, another Admiral gave me the information on "Operation Raindance"

    From Rumor Mill News, September, 1996 issue:

    Operation Raindance

    This project was set into motion by the Department of the U.S. Army, an Air Force Special Research Unit, and Bio Medics from the U.S. Navy. It was officially born in/during the first quarter of 1989, and held one purpose in common; how to eradicate one special race of people. (Through manipulation of genes, any race of people could be the target group.)

    The project was called LVNM Special Labs Division. It was located at an insane asylum in Las Vegas, New Mexico. (That's where the LVNM came from). It also bore the code signal SB-17.

    SB-17 was a virus they were working on to target and kill only native Americans. Desert rats were used to carry the virus into towns and municipalities. There the virus was transmitted, via fecal matter, into the local water supply, and broken down bacteriologically, it was able to enter the food chain.

    Do you remember the 7-9 Navajo Indians who died of mysterious circumstances. The coroner's report was "death induced by unknown virus". The experiment was a success. Only America Indians died of the virus which we now mistakenly call, the Hanta virus."

    At the time RMNews ran this story, we were held up for ridicule worldwide. Several people wrote nasty letters and canceled their subscriptions. But in November of 1998, the esteemed London Times carried a story that said Israel is engineering "smart germs" which will kill only Arabs.

    Several days later Eric Margolis ran a similar story. Since his story gives more details, I chose to use his rather than the one from the London Times.

    by Eric Margolis margolis@foreigncorrespondent.com

    (I have excerpted key paragraphs)

    26 Nov 1998

    Israel is developing a biological `ethnic bomb' that kills Arabs, but leaves Jews unharmed. So claimed the respected
    London Sunday Times on 15 November, citing Israeli military and western intelligence sources.

    Numerous reliable sources assert Israeli scientists at super-secret Nes Ziona bio-warfare laboratory near Tel Aviv
    are attempting to engineer deadly micro-organisms that only attack DNA within the cells of victims with distinctive Arab
    genes. Some leftwing Israeli parliamentarians have accused the government of `carrying on the work of Dr Mengele,' the
    notorious Nazi geneticist.

    Israel's government strongly denies accusations it is making a `gene bomb,' insisting they are disinformation planted by
    Arab sources to justify Iraq's biowarfare program. Many scientists say such a weapon is impossible - a fiction right out
    of Fu Manchu. However, Porton Down, Britain's biowarfare centre, admits genetic-specific weapons are theoretically possible.

    South Africa's Truth Commission revealed the apartheid government conducted extensive efforts in mid 1980 to produce a `pigmentation' bio-weapon that would kill blacks, but not whites. South Africa's director of biowarfare stated his team had been unable to develop a weapon.

    US intelligence says Russia is also working on targeted bioweapons, likely aimed at Chinese, as well as newly engineered germs resistant to all known drugs. Many Russian scientists have emigrated to Israel, already a world leader in biology, bringing a cornucopia of biowarfare secrets with them.

    Let's hope these reports are false. Ethnically targeted bioweapons are truly terrifying - and, if they spread, a excellent way to speed the human race to extinction. In fact, these `smart germs' make nuclear weapons look downright medieval."

    Maybe the old Admiral knew what he was talking about.


    So stop listening to this fake fear propaganda put out by IDIOTS that have never even had a security clearance and give President Trump the support he needs to do his job.

    People have a 90 day attention span. So wait until 4-5 weeks before the election and see what happens. The Communist Progressive Socialist Liberal Democrat Satanists will never know what hit them.