WTF? Mercedes Benz new "Diversity" Commercial; Sick

WTF?  Mercedes Benz new "Diversity" Commercial;  Sick

Mercedes Benz seems to be going full retard with a new "Diversity" commercial that shoves a bizarre She-Male at TV Viewers.  It's sickening to see such imagery in a TV commercial, and disgusting that a company like Mercedes would embrace such deviancy.

Here, see for yourselves:


Did you notice that "thing" at the end?   

Mercedes tells us "Join us in celebrating the values that unite us all. "  This does NOT ". . . unite us all."  It's freakish.

No rational person is "united" with a man dressing-up as an ugly woman being fed into our home living rooms via TV.

It seems this is straight from the Communist Core: Sodomy and degeneracy is promoted, while normalcy is denigrated.

Gee I'm sure glad we fought the Nazis so we could put up with this shit. Patton was right we fought the wrong enemy.

Said one person who was shown the ad "These are demonic manifestations you are all witnessing. There is no other way to explain it."

Said another viewer: "Woooowww at 00:30 it speaks some truth:  "Being black and gay, it's important for me to be seen" Finally they are admitting that this is all about their personal need for attention!"

Whatever the motivation, most people are shocked that Mercedes would publish such garbage publicly.  If they are idiotic enough to think this will generate positive sales, they're sadly mistaken.

Shoving this deviancy in people's faces is disgusting.

It amazes me that society in general is subjected to all this puke fest over <5% of the worlds population (ALL LGBTQXYZ)..

What about the other 90% of people on this planet? You know the ones struggling to keep family afloat, working hard to pay bills to provide for their families and pay taxes, build something of value on this earth?

I'm sorry, but all I REALLY see of LGBTQXYZ types are useless eaters, that DEMAND more and more tax resources, more and more attention, and law, upon law, over law that makes them a special protected class at the expense of the rest of us..

I think maybe the only solution is to put all of them special LGBTQXYZ types back in the closet.

Actually, I KNOW what it is all about, the socialists/Communists are using them as 'useful idiots' until such time as they are no longer needed... then we know what happens . . .


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  • This commment is unpublished.
    transformationtime · 2 months ago
    Our world nations never can become "great" again with developments like these.

    Instead, we are caught in a firm meltdown. And these degenerated, self hating individuals facinated by "exploring their weird identities" are not caring about where their sweet experiments will lead them. They sell their way of life as love and peace but in truth its only a numbing of self hate. We saw this primitiv show already happening in Woodstock.
    Desperation since that time in world only has increased, but we smartly kept it behind our facades. We never since end of world war II put emphasis on peace but only wars, we never put emphasis on love but only on sex. So, NO complaints, please!
    And .. by the way, Sodom & Ghomorra as far as I am informed, additionally to the geological disasters that happened, in the end was NUKED. There was a power capable for this at that time.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    StandingWave · 2 months ago
    Tongue-in-cheek? I think so.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    TSlinger · 2 months ago
    Purely demonic- and not used the least bit flippantly. Demons run amok with anyone who is not under the blood of Christ. Even the nice conservatives...MOST people are under influence and have no idea and deny it with every fiber of their being. But, Only Christ repels and drives them away.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Thomas N. Kuss II · 2 months ago
    "The Biblical Sodom & Gomorrah was Destroyed for a whole lot less, then what is currently happening in America with Satanist, Queers, Special Appearance Queers, Murder of Over 60,000,000 Babies (some actually Born), total lawlessness, and the list goes on and on." And some say, "But America isn't mentioned in the Bible to which I say, "Mystery Babylon," waiting to be Destroyed as stated, "Revelation 17:16 Nuclear War (REV 17:5 Whore is Statue of Liberty originally known as Ishtar Goddess of Babylon and a Whore)." 2Thessalonians 2 World is Taken Over by Lawlessness (Happening Now) paving the way for the Global Anti Christ (Obama shall be Charged with Treason Evading Justice going to Kenya to Run United Nations (as Kenyan Citizen - They want him as their King) built in 1996. He tried to Destroy the USA from within (Treason). Then his Trump Coup (Treason), Once in Charge of the U.N. he shall Enforce his Created on Dec 23, 2016 UN Resolution 2334 giving Jerusalem back to Islam, under International Law. Hence, "Obama leads the World against America & Israel (Dec 6, 2017 President Trump Confirmed The Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 effectively giving Jerusalem to Israel in Violation of the Obama Created International Law, being U.N. Resolution 2334) Destroying America (Mystery Babylon) and Over-running Israel."
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    Grim · 2 months ago
    Well, it's been evident for awhile now, that civilization is engaged in a race to the bottom of the barrel, but apparently you can get there quicker if you're driving a Mercedes.
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    Copperhead · 2 months ago
    Well said, Hal. Screw this shit and anyone that supports it.