We got Hacked!

We got Hacked!

This site got "Hacked" last night.  Someone without a Subscription decided to BREAK-IN to see articles they aren't allowed to read.   They found a vulnerability in the VERTICAL ARTICLES SCROLLER which (formerly) appeared at the top right of this page. 

They exploited that vulnerability, which BROKE the Vertical Articles Scroller, making it non-functional for anyone who tried clicking any links in that scroller.  

They then proceeded to attempt to alter a Super-User account (News Desk) to gain full site access, but in doing so, they caused the security system to self-destruct that Super User Account to stop them.  That Super-User was account #485, so when the account was destroyed, all of you got a red error message across the top of the page saying User 485 Not found.

The damage is fixed.  The Vertical Articles Scroller has been replaced with the "Latest News" text box . . . which most of you will probably like because it was the one feature of this new site that MANY of you complained "scrolled too fast to read."

Just another day in the life of the Hal Turner Radio Show web site!    For want of a lousy $1 a week subscription, someone was willing to break-in and did all that damage.  Go figure.

Fund Raising to keep this web site and Radio Show alive and well thru April.   

GOOGLE ADSENSE STOPPED ADS FROM APPEARING ON THIS SITE, THUS CUTTING REVENUE.  That means I can no longer accommodate non-Subscribers because out of every ten thousand of them who read stories, only ONE donates -- and the bandwidth costs that __ I __ incur from their reading does not pay for itself.  Thus, the general public will get a few "FREE" Articles, but the majority of this site is now locked-down for subscribers only.  

I suspect part of Google AdSense decision has to do with the left-wing CENSORING/ HARMING the right wing in any manner they can.

I really need your help this month to keep the lights on and such, so please either SUBSCRIBE for $1 a week billed Quarterly ($13) HERE or for $5 a month HERE  which will get you full access to all content on this site, or make a donation.
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