US President DEFIES British Gov't While in London; Meets with Nigel Farage

US President DEFIES British Gov't While in London; Meets with Nigel Farage

President Donald Trump has met with Nigel Farage at the US Embassy in London despite the President being explicitly asked by Downing Street to NOT meet with Farage!  Apparently, the fact that Prime Minister Theresa May is quitting over her failure to achieve BREXIT means she -- and her government -- don't pull much weight anymore; even in their own country!

Brexit Party boss, Nigel Farage, was pictured arriving at the US embassy residence after Donald Trump returned there following engagements and a news conference in Downing St. This has been confirmed by a Reuters photographer.

Mr Farage previously claimed that Downing St. had told Trump he is not to meet the Brexit Party boss.

He said last week: “His entourage have been told by number 10 that he is not to meet me. Isn’t that bizarre? Isn’t that absolutely bizarre?

“Doesn’t it sum up why British politics needs to change? The small-mindedness and petty-mindedness of the Conservative party in this case. Equally, had Labour been in office it would have been the same.”

However, a Farage boasted about his meeting with the US President this afternoon and took to Twitter, saying: “Good meeting with President Trump – he really believes in Brexit and is loving his trip to London.”

A Downing Street spokesman reacted to the news that Trump met Farage: “Who the President meets during his visit is of course a matter for him.”

Trump said when discussing Farage last week: “I like Nigel a lot. He has a lot to offer. He is a very smart person. They won’t bring him in. Think how well they would do if they did. They just haven’t figured that out yet.

“I got to know him when he liked my campaign and he actually came to a speech and I met him. I think he is a terrific person. Really, a terrific person.”

Trump is a supporter of the UK leaving the European Union and during his US campaign in 2016, he predicted (correctly) that the UK would vote to leave the European Union.

Farage has complained in the past that the British government has not used his relationship with Trump for the good of the nation.

He told the Sun: “America is arguably our greatest ally out there in the world, yet the one person in this country who has a could bridge and relationship with Donald Trump, which is me, you might have thought in the national interest that I would have been useful.”


It certainly would be in the British national Interest for Farage to meet Trump, but the Tories are a bit full of themselves.  Yes, they have power, but they also have an echo chamber that reinforces a distorted view of their power.  Their power has limits, and President Trump just showed the British one small limit of their power.

That comes, by the way, after it became clear it was the British government leading the charge to spy on the Trump campaign during the 2016 Presidential Elections in the USA.   

The British engaged in electronic eavesdropping against Trump at his campaign headquarters and at his home; which was what prompted Trump to move the entire operation to his New Jersey Golf Club in Bedminster, NJ so early after his election.

The British tapped Trump's phones using NSA Headquarters at Fort Meade, MD thanks to the cooperation of the Obama regime, then supplied the Hillary campaign with detailed intelligence against Trump, hoping to be able to assist in a Hillary presidential victory.  They failed.

Now, the British expect to have their wishes respected?   What nerve!  

The American President will meet with whomever he chooses, wherever he chooses.

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