Turkish Army Convoy ATTACKED BY SYRIA Fighter Jets; Russian General KILLED in later Attacks

Turkish Army Convoy ATTACKED BY SYRIA Fighter Jets; Russian General KILLED in later Attacks

A large convoy of Turkish Army troops, weapons and equipment is being attacked by the Syria Arab Air Force this morning and Turkey is now scrambling its own fighter jets to fight the Syrian attack!  UPDATED 3:04 PM EDT - A RUSSIAN GENERAL HAS BEEN KILLED IN SYRIA . . .

The Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) was bombing a militant site in southern Idlib this morning as the Turkish military was sending to a convoy towards the city of Khan Sheikhoun.

Fierce clashes are ongoing at this moment between the rebels and pro-Assad forces on the hill of Tal Nimr in the outskirts of Khan Sheikhoun, so why the Turkish Army was heading there is not exactly clear . . .

The Syrian foreign ministry just published a statement saying that a Turkish military convoy is carrying weapons destined for militants entered Syria at early morning and was trying to reach Khan Shaykhun to aid rebels there and blaming Turkey for any further escalation in the area.

Video shows the Turkish Army convoy being bombed by Syria:

According to radio chatter between government airbase and pilots in Idlib, the Syrian government instructed the pilots to keep trying to block the Turkish convoy and even bomb it before reaching Hiesh, in south Idlib!

As of 5:56 AM EDT this morning (Monday), Turkish warplanes are heading to Idlib to defend their convoy.  This could result in direct fighting between Turkey and Syria air forces. 

Stay tuned for updates . . . .



Locals reporting that a Turkish F16 flying over Khan Shaykhoun.



Turkey has placed its armed forces and all the SNA factions on full alert.



If the Syria regime keeps preventing Turkish military convoy, Turkish army will respond militarily - local news agencies reporting


 ***** BULLETIN *****

Two Turkish Air Force's F-16C Block 40s of 152 Filo which had been scrambled from Incirlik Air Base to protect the military convoy of Turkey which is (illegally) passing through Idlib are now flying over KhanShaykhun.  In response, a pair of Russian Su-35s are airborne!

Syria government warplanes targeted the Turkish military convoy for the second time in Heish village north Khan Sheikhoun in south Idlib . . .



Turkish Defense Ministry: "During the transfer to Idlib Observatory Point No. 9, an air raid was organized on our convoy, 3 civilians were killed and 12 civilians were injured."  


"We condemn the attack on the Turkish convoy, as violation of the existing agreements and cooperation between Russia and Turkey ."



The Syrian Arab Army is about to enter Khan Sheikhoun, and Turkey would thus lose with the town a strategic military point.

So now that Islamic militants are not able to defend it anymore, Turkey sent in a convoy of it's official military.

Turkey has thus invaded Syria, officially now, and engaged in combat against it.

Turkey now has S400 also, and can more safely do aerial incursions into Syria. Russia might have saved Syria so far, but this Turkey thing seems like it only saved it temporary, and will have to choose allies now.


 UPDATE 10:25 AM EDT --

Russia Air Force's Su-35S fighter jets are still airborne patrolling over Idlib to confront Turkish Air Force's F-16s which might carry-out airstrike against Syrian Army near Khan Sheykhun or confront the Syria Arab Air Force's MiG-29s & Su-22s flying over there.



(Actual Espionage from inside an active, ongoing, military operation in Syria)

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 UPDATE 10:42 AM EDT --

More Turkish Armed Forces tanks and reinforcements are waiting in Hatay at the border, to be sent for Turkey's second observation point near Khan Shaykhun


UPDATE 10:53 AM EDT --

Turkish vehicles loaded with engineering fortification mechanisms went from the Turkish observation post in Surman towards the Turkish convoy on the outskirts of the city of Khan Sheikhoun in the southern countryside of Idlib 


UPDATE 11:13 AM EDT --

Rebels confirming road into Khan Sheikhoun has 'been cut.'  SAA and pro-regime militias are now in 'full' control of Al-Nimr Hilltop from which they are directing their fire onto any oncoming traffic.

The cutting-off of this road by Syria was the ONE thing Turkey dreaded because it leaves all of Turkish-backed Rebels and terrorists without supply lines.  This road being kept open was essential to Turkey's apparently nefarious intentions.  The Syrians have won a decisive victory today. If rebels (and the Turkish army?!) do not recapture the points, encirclement will happen soon.


UPDATE 11:58 AM EDT --

French President Macron tells Russia's Putin to respect ceasefire in Syria's Idlib.  Putin says that armed groups have increased their control in the area adding, Russia will continue to support Syrian regime troops.



For those unfamiliar, when Russia entered the fray inside Syria to support the Democratically elected President, Bashar Assad, it tipped the balance of power in favor of the legitimate Syrian Army.   From that moment, Syria began retaking areas of the country which had been seized by ISIS and by western-backed "Rebels." THe Rebels are backed by France, the United Kingdom and the United States, referred-to sarcastically as FUKUS.

As Russia focused its efforts, the ISIS Terrorists were smashed and fled.  Then the Rebels got a taste of Russian firepower and they fled to . . . . Idlib.

Early-on, it was the intention of Russia to smash the hell out of Idlib and put an immediate end to the fiasco inside Sytria, but FUKUS whined and screamed there would be massive civilian casualties and demanded Syria abandon such plans.

Syria agreed to a safe zone if rebels inside would surrender their arms.  The Rebels refused.  But FUKUS demand was never withdrawn, so Syria and Russia changed focus for awhile to clean up other parts of Syria in the meantime.

Now that most of Syria is cleaned up, it's time to deal with the Rebels in Idlib.  Enter Turkey.   Turkey has been a key player with ISIS theft of Syrian oil and in supplying western-backed rebels.  Turkey intended to block the Syrian Army from progressing in Idlib, but the Turk army convoy got bombed by Syrian jets.

The convoy never arrived and the rebels are almost encircled. The Rebels will be annihilated.

Now France rears its head (again) trying to buy time for the rebels. 

Russia should ignore such talk and smash the hell out of the rebels throughout Idlib once and for all.  Put a final stop to the horrors created under the Obama Administration while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.  It was they who started all this crap in Syria; it should all end now.


After the success of the Syrian Arab Army at stopping the Turkish Army Convoy and routing the Terrorists and Rebels in southern Idlib province, the Rebels began launching long-range GRAD Missiles from Idlib against the Russian air base in  Hmeimim military airport. Those GRAD missile strikes have lead to the death of a Russian general who was the supervisor of the air command operations on #Idlib province.  (HT REMARK: This will lead to a major escalation against Idlib by Russia)

Putin's Idlib comments during meeting w/Macron:
- before Sochi, terrorists controlled 50% of #Idlib, now it's 90% 
- continuous raids, terrorists relocating worldwide
- Hmeimim air base attack attempts
- Russia supports the SAA offensive 
- no one and nothing will halt Russia-Syria offensive in northwest to "neutralize these terrorist threats"


Despite warnings from the Syrian regime and SyAAF attack on Turkish convoy, Turkey continue to send large convoys of military vehicles and armored vehicles to Idlib Syria .

Such concentration of power within Idlib was never seen. Tension has just begun. . .



Assad regime sources confirmed that the general killed at the Hmeymim air base was the person responsible for the airstrikes in Idlib...  This now __APPEARS__ to have been orchestrated by Turkey against Russia!


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