This Oughta Be Good . . . Notice to SNAP Recipients

This Oughta Be Good . . .  Notice to SNAP Recipients

Stores are posting signs telling Food Stamp (SNAP) Recipients that their FEBRUARY allocation of food money will be loaded on their electronic cards on January 19.

How many will run right out and spend the money, then screech in February they don't have any money for food?

This all has to do with the shutdown of the federal government.

Here's the "rub" ---   if the government remains shut down through all of February, there won't be budget money for more food stamps!




Can you imagine what the inner cities will turn into if THAT happens?

The Democrats are banking on it.  They want as much civil unrest as they can muster.  The rest of us want the southern border secured.

So toward the end of February, if things with fedgov are not open, you folks had better be prepared for what's going to come out of the inner cities.

Have guns and ammunition available . . .


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    John Davis · 7 months ago
    Imagine if you will a centuries old tactic of siege. Take control of transportation, food, and water. Stand by and wait. EBOLA and WW3 preps right before our eyes.

    "5 DAYS IN MAY"
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    Sherlock · 7 months ago
    O.T. How come no one is shouting that the blatant bias, bigotry, and LIES of the FBI demand that every case the FBI has been involved in be reopened and retried.
    The FBI is so corrupt it has no legitimacy.
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    Gifford Rodine · 7 months ago
    This will be a good opportunity for the tax exempt charities that fund illegal immigrants to redirect some or all of their efforts to down and out United States of America legal citizens. If they do not receive compensation from the USA government for the illegal immigrant support activities does this mean they are a "for profit from the USA government" charity? And are these "charities" going to continue paying their staff?
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Sherlock · 7 months ago
      HIAS-Jews & CAIR-Muslums work together to genocidally flood Christianity:
      Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) Imports “Refugees” to White Countries, Even from Israel
      The Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society (HIAS) organization—targeted by the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter Robert Bowers—works full time to bring fake refugees to America and Europe, while at the same time helping to expel them from Israel and ship them to white countries, a review of that organization’s activities shows.
      According to the HIAS website, that organization said that “HIAS continues to resettle the most vulnerable refugees of all faiths and ethnicities from all over the world. In the US we work with local social service organizations around the country to welcome refugees and help them integrate into their communities and build new lives.”
      In 2015, HIAS organized a petition letter sent to the White House urging America to take in Muslim “refugees”—which was signed by at least 1216 rabbis from all Jewish denominations, the Jewish organization proudly boasted.
      Also in 2015, HIAS was one of all the major Jewish organizations in America which publicly demanded that America open its doors to hundreds of thousands of Muslim “refugees”—while at the same time supporting the Jews-only state of Israel which has barred all “refugees” from entering.