Sub-Stations EXPLODE as Venezuela Tries to Restore Electric


Numerous electrical sub-stations EXPLODED in Venezuela Saturday as the failed Socialist state tried to restore electricity from a blackout which has now gone on for over forty (40) hours.

The photos and video below show the Sido Substation completely engulfed in flames:




UPDATE 1:39 PM EST -- 

A SECOND large electrical sub-station has now exploded in Venezuela and is burning ferociously:





Over 100 people in hospitals are now reported to have died from the power blackout, as their respirators had no electric to help them breathe.

Venezuela's entire Aluminum production industry is DESTROYED.  Plants which melt the raw aluminum to be poured into casts, lost power and could not dump the molten metal.  As the metal cooled, it cracked the smelting vats; which are now just giant hunks of metal that can no longer be used for anything. 

This is permanent destruction of a major industry in Venezuela.  They have no hope at all of recovering without external help. Since economic sanctions prevent such help, Venezuela is unable to bring that industry back online.



If you can imagine what an EMP attack would be like, this is it.

In Venezuela the phones don't work.

The ATMs and banks don't work, so there is no access to money.

The internet doesn't work.

The refrigerators don't work, so the food is spoiling.

The subways don't work, so there is no going to one's job.

The generators are failing at hospitals as staff struggle to keep them going and the patients are already dying. Respirators stopped working and those who needed them to breathe have died. The preemies (infants born early) lost their incubators.

Nobody can get the doctors on the phone.

The transport isn't working, and food is running out.

The water isn't pumping, no water from the faucet. Too bad if you get thirsty.

The schools are all closed.

Much of the staff with the expertise to fix the system have long ago fled the country.

The money that could be used to hire someone from the U.S. or someplace similar, to make the repairs, has been stolen.

These reports describe the terrible conditions in just Caracas — in the rest of the country, the situation is reportedly far, far worse. And yes, the result looks as though it's going to be famine.



(Additional UPDATES Below)

What is taking place in Venezuela can happen here.  Sure, it's less likely since, under our system of Capitalism, companies INVEST in infrastructure to keep their systems running.  But . . . it CAN happen here.   If it does, where does that leave you?

Think about it.   Do you have a generator to keep the food in your refrigerator from going bad?

Do you have spare fuel for that generator or for your personal car/truck?

Do you have shelf-stable EMERGENCY FOOD to use once your refrigerator is empty?

Do you have EMERGENCY WATER stored anywhere?

Do you even have a cheap gravity water filter so if you have to get water from a river or stream, you can filter it to drink?

Do you have a barbecue grill or propane grill to cook on if regular systems all go down?  Do you have a spare tank of propane for the grill?

These are not wild-eyed notions of Armageddon;  it is happening RIGHT NOW in the entire country of Venezuela!

For over a year, this web site has suggested "preps" for folks to acquire so as to be able to survive in an emergency.  Few took that advice to heart.

Now that people of an entire country are without electric, without fuel, without ATM's or banks for cash, without the use of credit cards, without flowing water to drink or cook with . . . a slew of them are already DYING!

Is that the fate you would choose for yourself and your family?  On your gravestone, will it say: "Here lies so and so . . . who died because he ignored the warnings."

BELOW IS A LIST OF SUGGESTED "PREPS"  Get the things you can afford.  Save-up for the things you can't.  But for Goodness Sake, DO SOMETHING to prepare.  




A THIRD Electric Sub-Station EXPLODED overnight in Venezuela.   Around 11:00 PM Venezuela time, the Los Farallones substation in the city of Bolivar, was destroyed as seen in the video below:

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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Charles g Hawley · 2 months ago
    Agree with you Reginald Fischer on your comment about not gloating. Ditto that about Revelation 18 rewarding her double. Always thought Babylon was America. Also read Jeremiah chapters 50&51 Babylon will fall in an hour. All out nuclear attack?????
  • This commment is unpublished.
    GUY DUNPHY · 2 months ago
    The initiating event at Guri dam, was almost certainly a Stuxnet-like virus attack, causing loss of generator control, generators going out of phase with the grid. This _should_ have thrown line breaker with little permanent damage. But it seems the breakers were also disabled by the network attack. Result: massive damage, that even with working national infrastructure would take months to fix.

    Now... That top photo looks like a major cross-country transmission line isolation transformer, in flames. These things have circuit breakers too, and that should not happen. Unless 'someone' fires one bullet into the transformer while it's under load. This is a known vulnerability. Note the concrete wall around 3 sides of that burning transformer. Should have been around all 4 sides. I bet the ones 'blowing up' all happen to be insufficiently protected against rifle fire.

    Those transformers are huge and will be near impossible to replace, given a nationwide infrastructure collapse. This is going to get very serious and deadly to millions. Those in the US/Israeli deep state responsible for this, should all hang. If Trump was aware of and approved this plan, he's suddenly lost all my respect and is now an enemy of humankind.

    Next point - concrete walls protect transformers against bullets. But not against mortar fire. Quite the coincidence that a US embassy employee gets caught at Moscow airport with a mortar round today, isn't it. Way to send a message.

    Industrial civilization is far more fragile than most realise. And if it falls, there will be no going back, for generations. If ever. Don't forget all the nuclear plants, weapons and high level radioactive waste containment sites, that would become weeping radioactive disasters after a technological collapse. Potentially resulting in millions of years of near total loss of life on Earth. The 'Global Warming threat' is a bullshit Globalist hoax, while 'radioactive collapse and mass dieoff' is a real and vastly more tragic threat. Which the demonic Deep State and Elites are bringing upon us with their egotistical, megalomanic stupidity and ignorance.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Frank Brady · 2 months ago
    Pompeo and Bolton are at it again. So much for the President's promise as a candidate to end U.S. regime change operations.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Lynne Smith · 2 months ago
    See Jim Stone's site for explanation. Stuxnet!

    Perps? Well, who wants to see Maduro out???
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Reginald Fischer · 2 months ago
    This is sabotage by the US and probably its partner in crime Israel.

    Don't gloat over what's happening in Venezuela, because there is a God in heaven who balances the scales of justice:

    "Give back to her as she has given; pay her back double for what she has done. Pour her a double portion from her own cup." - Revelation 18:6
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Grim · 2 months ago
    Venezuela is now done as a sovereign country. Due to the huge amount of oil, minerals and other natural wealth they have, it only remains to be seen who will now come in and hi-jack the country. Will it be Russia, China or the US?
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Larry Taylor · 2 months ago
    Thanks for the Venezuela update Hal...