REPORTS: British Prime Minister Theresa May to Resign Tonight

Numerous reports are circulating in various circles worldwide right now that British Prime Minister Theresa May will resign tonight over her totally botched handling of BREXIT.

No official outlet is yet confirming these reports, but sources say Ms. May is utterly reviled in Parliament and can no longer buy-off, or coerce, people into supporting her.

Whether she goes tonight or soon matters not; she has fouled up BREXIT so badly, the Tory (Conservative) Party is literally on the political rocks, while big government Labour and the treacherous "Remainers" continue to defy the will of the people who voted for Britain to LEAVE (exit) the European Union.

Stay tuned for updates.

UPDATE 2:26 PM EDT -- Theresa May has cancelled all her appointments.  APPEARS to be digging her heels in and refusing to even see her own government ministers who she was due to meet tonight. Looks like she has buried her head in the sand.


UPDATE 2:30 PM EDT -- "Asked if Mrs May is hiding in her bunker, one government source says “that’s what I’m hearing""