North Korea Sends Coded Message via Global Shortwave


North Korea seems to be resuming its belligerent actions after President Donald Trump walked away from Denuclearization talks with Chairman Kim Jung Un. 

Construction resumed on rocket facilities previously blown up, apparently to make them ready again for missile launches, and now a coded message has been transmitted worldwide via Shortwave radio.

In the past, when North Korea made such radio transmissions, a missile launch or other provocation - like an underground nuclear detonation - came within 48 hours.

To hear the coded message (in Korean and encoded) click HERE.  (Talk starts after 30 seconds or so of music).

The South Korean intelligence service tells me work was taking place at Sohae, one of North Korea's main rocket launch sites.

The site has never been used to launch the type of missiles that ignited Donald Trump's Twitter feed and earned Kim Jong-un the nickname of "Rocketman". But Sohae has been used for five satellite launches - two of which were successful. It has also been used to test some of the engines used in some of North Korea's intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs).

Pyongyang started dismantling the site last year. It was taken as a gesture of goodwill, a sign Kim Jong-un was willing to engage in talks with the US and South Korea. But this work was halted in August when negotiations stalled. Now came testimony from intelligence sources in the South that the North appeared to be "putting back a roof and a door" on the facility.

No big deal, right?


Later that week, satellite images suggested that this was more than a bit of DIY.

The two groups noted rapid progress had been made rebuilding parts of the site.

Later images allowed analysts to conclude that the satellite launching station was once again fully operational.

There was more to come. Arms Control specialist had a team look over satellite images of the North's main ICBM site near Pyongyang known as Sanumdong.

The Analysts said "there's a huge warehouse and it's hard to really monitor all the activity going on. But we could see lots of trucks and heavy vehicles in the parking lot going in and out - those trucks are big enough to hold a missile or a rocket."

Also key was the presence of a train. Usually the rockets or missiles are transported by train from Sanumdong to Sohae.

"We definitely saw a train at Sanumdong in late February. The train has gone today. People are now watching the train station at Sohae," she said.

It is not known what may develop from another North Korean provocation; but all the signs are bad.

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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Ronald Cordova · 2 months ago
    I read that Kim walked away. Not Trump. Had something to do with the break-in at the North Korean Embassy in Spain.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Dave Bero · 2 months ago
    Wow, weird stuff, like out of a movie! Can anyone out there translate it? The music was pretty groovey though! Thanks Hal, for REAL world news. God Almighty Bless!