"Meteor" Strike -- Venezuela -- or ICBM? (It does a U-Turn in flight)

"Meteor" Strike -- Venezuela -- or ICBM?   (It does a U-Turn in flight)

There has been a "Meteor" strike in -- of all places -- Venezuela. Video shows the "Meteor" did a hair-pin U-Turn before impacting. Explosions and fires are confirmed. Was this an ICBM warning to Maduro?

Hundreds of reports and dozens of videos are coming in from social media showing a flaming object plummeting to earth with a blazing tail of fire . . . . 

At the site of impact, there are fires, with numerous reports of a gigantic "explosion" sound when it took place:

Social media is abuzz with all sorts of video of the event:



News media in Venezuela is covering the event:


Here's where things get weird.  The same news media in Venezuela is ALSO showing video which shows an object in the sky, with a flaming tail, MAKING A U-TURN . . . 

I am not certain this media outlet is credible, but I provide THEIR posting for your consideration:

It seems odd to me that the most troubled country on earth, where war is likely to break out quite soon, finds itself being hit by a meteor.  Even more peculiar is that THEIR news media seems to be showing that "meteor" making a U-turn before impact.


Video from the impact site shows a series of fires and what APPEARS to be a significant impact trail in the ground:



Could this have been a warning to Maduro to step down because he cannot possibly survive a conflict with the USA?  Could this have been a "test" warhead on an Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM)?

First, let's look at what an actual atmospheric re-entry of ICBM test warheads actually looks like.   The 40 second video below is from a Russian ICBM test where multiple, Independent Re-Entry Vehicles (MIRV) warheads come back to earth:


Now, compare what you just saw to what is shown coming down in Venezuela:

The trajectory, size, speed, and color is the same, with the tails looking different on the Russian re-entry because the sun was able to backlight it all.

Some folks are saying we're looking at an ICBM hitting Venezuela.

Who did it? GUESS.

And folks are also saying it was a probable warning shot.  It hit in a harmless location in the middle of a populated area, right when there's trouble in Venezuela.


Here is another social media video from Venezuela and in it, you can clearly see a different color "explosion" lighting up the sky when it hits:

Finally, about the fiery aftermath on the ground as shown in the video above . . . meteorites generally don't make it to the ground.  They GENERALLY explode in mid-air.   It is extremely rare that a meteorite hits the ground, nevermind hit and cause a crater and surrounding fire.

All these anomalies seem to point to something other than a meteor.   The possibility it was actually a WARNING, cannot be ruled out.

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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Sid Levin · 1 years ago
    Turn was more like a 90 degree turn to the left of course.
    That was an extremely high g turn which would mean a stable orientation/Angle of attack. Speed was at least Mach 5 in final frames due to aerodynamic heating glow.
    Either a re-entering satellite breaking up or one of the new Russian hypersonic maneuvering reentry vehicles.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    byron alblas · 1 years ago
    I do not believe that was any traditional warhead. Between the titanium oxide paint and the ceramic heat shielding there should only be glowing white or orange/red fire trail. Timing is rather suspicious. On the other hand, it could be a failed missile test of the s-300 batteries that have been recently stationed there. With the US not wanting them there how hard would it be for a laser to damage the projectile on launch? It looked like it was going fairly slow, fast for man made but too slow for meteor. I was going to make a joke about it being a Chinese manned moon mission, but, it landed in a very interesting choice of a location. Remember that German telecommunications satellite that broke up over Canada several years ago? My Wife and I grabbed the lawn chairs and some wine and sat outside to watch the light show. Some of the debris did some interesting manouvers just like that, one piece did a real beautiful fluttering and zipped down as a leading edge caught the atmosphere and turned it suddenly. Lots of space junk up there, copper wires make the green flames. Not saying this is it however, What would it take to accidentally re-enter a random defunct satellite at a precise location? You said that many mil-sats have changed orbit, If they have lots on station US, Russian, Chinese... what are the odds of an accidental bumping too of satellites that are not supposed to be there and are designed for not being seen? Just like the tow truck driver who gets to pick up lots of cars at one spot on the highway because it has one particularly interesting billboard and that's where the cars tend to bump, doesn't space junk over a tension area falling into that tension area make sense?