Man Claims Responsibility for Orchestrating Christchurch Mosque Shooting on Orders of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, CIA - Video Confession

Man Claims Responsibility for Orchestrating Christchurch Mosque Shooting on Orders of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, CIA - Video Confession

A man identifying himself as David Anthony Ruck has released a video on Youtube in which he CONFESSES to orchestrating the Christchurch Mosque Shooting (which killed 50 people) on Orders of Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Podesta and CIA.  Video Below . . .

In the video posted on March 20, the man says he was born in Connecticut in 1977 and is an American who grew up in New Zealand.

He says he did this because he thought it would be for the betterment of humanity, but realizes he is only a puppet.  

He says the Obama's "thousand points of light" were mind controlled individuals, waiting for their triggers to be weaponized and that the "keystone" referred to by Q was the key to releasing these human "weapons," now neutralized.

He goes on to say that all the proof of his involvement can be had from a secret email server used by Hillary Clinton and the others named.

What's interesting is that John Podesta was publicly reported to have flown to New Zealand a few days ago, and BARACK OBAMA is reportedly in New Zealand right now!

On the Youtube page where this video is posted, is the following text beneath the video:

Under CIA instruction, dutifully to the FBI, with permission of the highest of my command, President Obama, I David Anthony Ruck orchestrated the mass shooting in Christchurch killing, 50 Muslims at prayer, in order to create "social unrest" for the "better future" of the American people. God forgive me. I give up all personal rights of privacy and demand all declassification of all documentation from all time withheld by all agencies on me to be made public and accept all arguments from any entity to the access of all documents and information on me in any format.

Here is a screen shot of the full Youtube Page: (Click to open in new window, then click AGAIN to enlarge)

Is the man having a crisis of conscience or is he just a drunk nut case?   You decide.

But while you're thinking about it, ask yourself: Why did John Podesta travel to New Zealand UNTIL 24 HOURS before THE MASS-SHOOTING? 

Seven days earlier, Hillary Clinton’s former presidential campaign manager was in New Zealand where he appeared in a T.V. interview conducted by Newshub, as the victim of The world’s most notorious political hack.” At the end of the interview John Podesta was said to remain in New Zealand to preside over what was described as A Global Progressives Event.”

The event was called The Path to Progress” :

However, in the same interview John Podesta also said that New Zealand is a “big juicy target.” 

Can this only be a coincidence or is there a macabre synchronicity connected with this tragic event? Only days after Podesta called New Zealand a “big juicy target” we have the Christchurch shooting.

 MOREOVER, why is Barack Obama there now?  Here is a photo of Obama's plane after landing in New Zealand:

Here is a link to a story from a mainstream New Zealand news outlet talking about Obama's trip; HERE

Odd, at best.

Here is the video via Youtube wherein Mr. Ruck CONFESSES to orchestrating the New Zealand Mosque shooting.  Beneath it is a copy of the video placed on the Hal Turner Radio Show server in case Youtube deletes the video.





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