Lawyer Mark Geragos named as "Co-Conspirator" in Avenatti Extortion Indictment

Lawyer Mark Geragos named as "Co-Conspirator" in Avenatti Extortion Indictment

Celebrity attorney and CNN analyst Mark Geragos is the co-conspirator cited in a federal indictment handed down Monday against attorney Michael Avenatti. Geragos is famous for representing clients like Michael Jackson, Jussie Smollett, and Colin Kaepernick.

Avenatti and the alleged co-conspirator met with lawyers from Nike’s lawyers at the firm Boies Schiller on March 19, according to the indictment. The duo said they would release information damaging to Nike unless the company paid them more than $20 million on top of $1.5 million to a client who Avenatti was representing.


Boies Schiller lawyers agreed to record a follow-up conversation with Avenatti on behalf of federal prosecutors, according to one of WSJ’s sources.

In the March 20 phone call, Avenatti again requested the $1.5 million for his client and also sought a lucrative retainer to conduct an internal investigation of Nike.

Avenatti then allegedly threatened that if Nike failed to meet his demands, “I’ll go take 10 billion dollars off your client’s market cap.”

“I’m not fucking around,” Avenatti said in the phone call.

Geragos was FIRED by CNN within hours of being named in the federal criminal case.