Iran President Announces Second Phase of Nuclear Non-Compliance: We Will Enrich (Uranium) Beyond 3.67% to whatever level we want

Iran President Announces Second Phase of Nuclear Non-Compliance: We Will Enrich (Uranium) Beyond 3.67% to whatever level we want
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Iran is clearly looking to force a military confrontation over its nuclear program as evidenced by public statements made today by Iranian President Rouhani.

Rouhani announced Phase II of Iran’s noncompliance with the JCPOA: “on July 7 our enrichment level will no longer be 3.67%..... We’ll increase it beyond 3.67% to as much as we want."  The only reason to do that is to reach an enrichment level to produce pure-enough Uranium to manufacture nuclear bombs; there is no other use for such purified Uranium.

This action by Iran is either murderous or suicidal in its intent.  It will not change the world's position that Iran cannot have nuclear weapons and cannot engage in commerce to support itself until it returns to the bargaining table and agrees to inspections to prevent weapons development.  So why Iran is doing this is a mystery.

There is widespread speculation that Iran already possesses actual, working, nuclear bombs, and that Iran is doing this for the specific reason they WANT someone to militarily attack them, so they can unleash those bombs and show the world they are already a nuclear power. 

Of course, their rhetoric over the years included chants of "Death to America" and Death to Israel, "so it seems quite evident who they want to use such weapons against.

Trouble is, if they were to actually DO THAT, the geographic area known as Iran would be destroyed in retaliatory nuclear strikes.

The world appears to be witnessing some sort of maniacal situation wherein a nation is deliberately choosing to engage in actions that cause its destruction.  Is there mental health help available when an entire nation becomes suicidal?

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    Doug Brown · 3 months ago
    These are not normal, nor neutral, unbiased and balanced, individuals. No, these militaristic, contentious, Iranians, in question, are individuals steeped in the secret codices and ancient esoteric meanderings of Shia Islam. Their intent, and there only intent, is in mollifying their Prophet's baser intentionality's, and proving back-bone.
    But Iran is being used as a non-discretionary pawn. God, the God of the Bible, attaches an inevitability, a finality, to all this, and Iran, (unfortunately for them) is in His crosshairs. Why is this? Again, it centers on Israel, the central player, and the entity so many love to hate. The Bible says when all the nations in the Middle East line up according to specific coordinates, and the with specific intent of destroying Israel, then a pre-written game plan automatically gets put into play. It's spelled out in terrible clarity in Ezekiel, chapters 37, 38 and 39. Woe to the nations that attack Israel at this time, as Biblically, they are decimated, but not by the hand of man, but by God Himself.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Joey Paquette · 3 months ago
      Doug Brown - You are 100% correct my friend, and I couldn't agree more with you on that!! Whether people believe it or not is irrelevant, because Bible Prophecy in time, Will come to pass!! I couldn't have said it better myself.