GAZA - Factions announce 45,000 IED Balloons, Promise to ". . . start a war against Israel" Tomorrow . . .

GAZA - Factions announce 45,000 IED Balloons, Promise to ". . . start a war against Israel" Tomorrow . . .

The HAMAS government of the Gaza Strip says it wants peace with Israel. Their operatives from Factions in Gaza announce they have hundreds of IEDs prepared for tomorrows riots along with over 45,000 balloons with explosives and flammable chemicals attached!

Sons of Zawari Molotov Balloon unit says it has prepared 45,000 IED balloons for tomorrow and will launch 150-200 every hour from afternoon prayers.

Some 1,000 rioters are gathering at this hour (1:39 PM EDT) in front of the IDF on the Gaza Strip border, throwing stones at IDF forces who are responding with live fire and tear gas. Seven wounded, one of them in critical condition, and this is only the beginning.

Meanwhile, Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) senior official Khaled Al Batsh following the meeting with the Egyptians “Tomorrow will be a peaceful day , we will gather in massive amounts to show our rejection of the “Deal of the century” and our commitment to breaking the siege."

A Spokesman for Al-Quds Brigades: "The Palestinian people have made a clear and unequivocal decision to end the unjust siege on Gaza and will not be deterred by all the actions taken by the enemy."

Al-Quds Brigades spokesman: We warn the Zionist enemy against bloodshed with Palestinian blood and stress that the killing of civilians will bring only war.

The factions in the Gaza Strip: "If there are any killed tomorrow in the demonstrations, we will start a war against the State of Israel."

(Hal Turner Remark: So there you have it.  Tomorrow is apparently the big day.  45,000 IED/Arson Balloons at the ready to attack Israeli civilians, 50,000 planned protesters, rocks already being thrown at IDF Soldiers and a promise that if any Palestinians (doing bad things) are killed, "we will start a war against Israel."  It is worth noting that the time in Israel is 7 hours AHEAD of the US East Coast, so as you are going to sleep Friday night, things will be ready to kick-off in Israel; you may awaken Saturday morning to a full scale war.)

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    BoldlyReady · 1 years ago
    Folks .....if you REALLY want the in depth part of these news reports

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    Robert A · 1 years ago
    Hey Hal found these gems online which of course would coincide nicely with this weekendd chaos.

    Keep in mind the Russian Defense Forces were spot on about the other ones they warned about.
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    Maria Kneas · 1 years ago
    Hal is giving us important information as soon as things happen. We need his information, and he needs our support. Please back him financially and with prayer. There is no such thing as "free lunch" and that applies to news as well. It costs somebody to do it. If we fail to adequately support people like Hal, then we will have nobody but ourselves to blame when the time comes that we are no longer able to get reliable news.
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      Carl Goldsworthy · 1 years ago
      Going back a couple of hundred years the early political response to people getting information direct by books, then newspapers was banning and censorship.
      So it is with the internet - as Hal has told us.
      I did blog on the "Daily Express" newspaper website.
      The SPOT.IM blog canned me, no reason given.
      It is a private jewish owned company.
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    ARISTOTLE PAPADATOS · 1 years ago
    Let God have mercy on us!