FUND-RAISING for June Operations

Today is May 24, 2019 and I have SEVEN DAYS to raise enough funding to pay the bills for this web site (May) and the radio stations (June) which are due on June 1.    Since June 1 falls on a Saturday, I actually have until June 3 which is a Monday.

If you find this web site to be helpful, informative, or otherwise worthy of your support, then I really need you to step up and donate a couple bucks to help out.  You can use your CREDIT/DEBIT card or Paypal via the DONATE Button below.  You do NOT need to be a Paypal member or have one of their accounts to donate; there's a separate option (new) for CREDIT/DEBIT card donations!

Just so you have an idea of how much it costs to have this, some of the costs are outlined below.  It's EXPENSIVE to do this the right way, and I figure I must be doing things right because so many of you come here and keep coming back!

Web Site:

Amazon Web Services (Cloud-based) Master server, Load balancer, additional servers which are "spun up" on high load periods, Streaming audio servers to allow online listening, etc.: $1600

100,000 watt radio stations WRMI: $1 a minute x 120 minutes per show x 4 shows per month, $480.

50,000 watt WBCQ on 7490 and second Transmitter on 5130 (about  the same as WRMI above)  "

Inbound telephone service (Vonage) $118

Fiber Optic Internet lines from Studio to carry the show out: $180

Bumper Music Licensing via BMI, SONY, etc  $275

Approximate total: $3,133

Now, it is a sad reality that tens-of-thousands of people visit this site every day, and fewer than a hundred bother to make a donation.  I don't know why that is, but that's the way it is.  

If every one of those folks donated two or three bucks, this site would be just fine for months!   They don't.

So I am counting on YOU.  Yes, YOU.  

I've had a rough month after my heart attack on April 20, and the subsequent open-heart surgery on April 25 wherein I got a quadruple bypass of four clogged cardiac arteries.  Despite that, I've done shows, updated this site and somehow managed to get through the very real (and often severe) pain that such surgery causes.  I think I've shown, by my actions, that YOU can count on Me.   Now I pray that I can count on you.

PLEASE make a donation.  Every little bit helps.

If you are not of a mind to use online financial transactions, then please MAIL cash, check or money order payable to

HAROLD TURNER   (My legal name)

[Please do NOT write it to "Hal" or to "... Radio Show" because my bank rejects such checks]

1906 Paterson Plank Road  - Apt. 1A

North Bergen, NJ   07047-1902


My fate and the fate of this web site and radio show are in your hands.  


Hal Turner