Friday Night Server Intruder Did significant damage to this site

Friday Night Server Intruder Did significant damage to this site

On Friday night, about 15 minutes prior to the Hal Turner Show going LIVE on the radio, a very serious computer intrusion took place, severely damaging this web site and taking the main front page off the net.  IT DID NOT affect the streaming audio feeds at all, nor did it keep the radio show off the radio stations.  

The show aired as normal last night and because the main web site was not available until about 9:34 PM eastern time, I am making a FREE ARCHIVE available HERE   

I also decided during the show, that I would extend the broadcast after it went off radio, and continued to do the show for another half hour, on Internet only.  All of that is included in the free archive linked above.



The motivation for the computer intrusion was made clear to me:  My decision to put most of the content of this web site behind Subscription has not gone over well with some of the freeloaders.  They want what they want, and if I won't GIVE it to them, FREE, they intend to steal it.

Their efforts were detected, and email alerts from the web site's security system did get through containing logs of what they were trying to do, and from what IP's and what proxies, they were operating.   At least two of those Proxy IP's traced back to the Washington, DC / Dulles, Virginia area.  

Overnight, most of the prior content of this site was put behind subscription access.  The free-ride for tens-of-thousands who come here each day, but who utterly fail to make donations or to click ads, is ending.

By May 31, about ninety-nine percent (99%) of this site will be for subscribers only.  I will not longer abide the freeloaders who do nothing to defray expenses, and who think they are somehow ENTITLED to get the information that I put my neck out to obtain.

If you have visited this site in the past, and know, first-hand how information here is often derived from Intelligence Sources the mass-media does not have, then you should choose to subscribe to continue having access.   The price is more than reasonable:  ONE DOLLAR ($1) per week, billed quarterly ($13) by clicking HERE

You sign-up for one year, but you CAN CANCEL EARLIER to avoid additional billing.

I hope you will choose to stay informed and become a subscriber.