FREE Audio Archive: May 22 Hal Turner Show - Iran War Updates; NYC Schools Tell Teachers "Objectivity" and "Individualism" are "White Supremacist"

Here is a FREE audio archive of the Hal Turner Radio Show from May 22, 2019.  This blockbuster program outlines that war between the USA and Iran has - defacto - already started!   It talks about plans for a MAJOR war within weeks, including attacks on three fronts against Israel.

The show also outlined how the New York City public Schools are telling their teachers that "Individualism" and "Objectivity" are "White Supremacy" concepts.   On this show, I point out that these are small words from the a small man, trying to attack what he cannot understand.  I point out that if non-white cultures and countries were as capable as whites, then THOSE countries and cultures would have the success we have in white countries. . . and the fact they don't shows that WE are better.

Instead of trying to embrace white culture and succeed, people like the New York City School Chancellor are trying to tear down a system because THEY cannot compete in it . . . . it shows that THEY are not good enough!

This was an absolute barnstormer radio show - with topics and views you simply won't hear on regular commercial radio.  Give listen to this FREE archive.   If you like what you hear, please support this show with a donation using the yellow DONATE button at right.