Foreigners EVACUATING Gaza; Israel Deploys ARTILLERY for 1st Time since 2014

Foreigners EVACUATING Gaza; Israel Deploys ARTILLERY for 1st Time since 2014
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Negotiations between HAMAS and the Israeli government over cessation of riots, Arson Balloons and Improvised Explosive Devices (IED's) are not going well.   A delegation from Egypt that is on-scene, is struggling to contain a potential MAJOR conflagration.

As of 4:30 PM Eastern US time, a meeting between the Egyptian delegation and HAMAS Leaders has ended; but no details have been released.

A message from Kataaib Al Mujahidin (Mujahidin Brigades) shows a rather cocky attitude seems to be prevailing in Gaza:

"A message to the Zionist people

They said to you, We will destroy Gaza, to stop rockets. You lost money, your soldiers were captured and your sons were killed but the rockets are still increasing; so who failed?"

Additional army reservists in Israel continue being called up for Homefront Command and medical crews.

Americans, Russians, and other foreign nationals are noticeably LEAVING Gaza via the Erez Checkpoint.  RUMOR among the foreign nationals is that they were strongly told by their own governments to leave Gaza immediately.

More then 500 IEDs were exploded by rioters on the Gaza border throughout the last 72 hours. 

Two rioters blew themselves up by accident on the Gaza border while carrying IED’s to be used against Israeli troops. Both were seriously wounded

Rioting continues.


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    Mark Brandon · 1 years ago
    The Lord has been showing quite a few people that when this war begins in Israel/Syria that it coincides with the appearance of His manifest sons/supernatural army. You can read many very profound prophecies from several of His prophets at